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Discussing the Chemistry of Brain-frying Compounds
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The Hive is a discussion board with several moderated forums covering the whole area of the chemistry of mind-altering compounds - psychoactive substances like MDMA or ecstasy, but also mescaline, bananadine, 2-CB, DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, formalin, LSD, or (most importantly) methamphetamine.

Many of these substances are subjected to strong legal restrictions in most countries. It is in your own responsibility to chew on your local laws and to apply for the proper permissions. Important: these permissions should be scanned in JPEG format and mailed to the site administrator prior to registering as a new user.

Most if not all of the information discussed here can be found in public libraries, patent registers, or free internet sources. The Hive merely provides it as a compact collector's database.

You may find information as well as misinformation about hazardous, poisonous, or explosive chemicals and methods. All information is given only for those who have the theoretical background, the practical experience, the proper equipment, and a valid permission. As stated before, you will have to apply for permission by contacting your local law enforcement agency before your access to the database will be granted. Any accidents or legal problems are not the responsibility of this site.

After you have acquired your valid permission you will have to register a username by sending a 'Letter of intent' to the Board of Administrators. All you have to do is to send a valid form of ID (eg. a copy of your driver's license), followed by your chosen nickname and a valid email address to which your password will be sent.

Additionally, registration would give you access to internal forums, to the site-internal emailing system, to a broad control over page layout and fontstyles, and to the email forwarding and notification functions. You will also receive a free 'Hive Bee cap' and 'I Am A Drug Cook' T-shirt (XL) (please be sure to specify whether you want the T-shirt for males or females), in the mail within 14 working days.

Before posting a question you should use the Hive 'Search' engine or search the sites given at the bottom of each page and on the 'search page' - most questions have been asked before. Beginners in the field of chemistry are suggested to start posting in the Newbee Forum. Basic questions regarding the manufacture of methamphetamine using match books and iodine tincture will be answered by the moderators using the aforementioned internal email system.

We can offer you a high standard of privacy, albeit complying to current Departement of Homeland Security regulations. The connections between your computer and this server are fully encrypted and no unnecessary information will be stored on this side. Please bear in mind that we have to protect ourselves against possible terrorist activity. All users are strongly suggested to use an Real American patriotic email service like America Online or Hotmail. For more information about your anonymity and privacy in these troubled times go to The Departement of Homeland Security.

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