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Hello, and welcome to this NBC sponsored web site!! Here you can learn how illicit drugs are made and in the process, learn a little something new about yourself you may have otherwise never knew! Within this site you will find the key to happiness! Within minutes of trying this program, you can literally be making millions of dollars out of your tiny 1 bedroom appartment!!

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"When I first joined the hive, all I knew how to do was grow marijuana and mushrooms. Recently I have grown a wart on my genitalia. In any case, I have learned to synthesise GHB, MDMA, MDA, Crystal Meth, 2CB and more recently, DMT !! All without ever completing one college, or even high school chemistry class! Go Team Go!! - DeeMT

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It's as easy as 1,2,3 thanks to NBC!!! Please send your desired user name and password, along with $100.00 cash money to:

The Hive
P.O. Box 77247
Washington DC, 20013-8247

We are very anxious to hear your success story! Please join our elite team and make the world, and your wallet, a better place.

All memberships are subject to approval. The 100.00 fee is strickly for the application to be reviewed by customer service agent Unobtainium.

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