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  Intrinsicality   New   Last post   Posts 
  New posts General Discourse  The Hive, drugs, pharmacology, and related topics   59762   11-14-04   41984   
  New posts The Server Room  Discussions about Computers, Internet and Security related issues   13087   11-13-04   13091   
  New posts Law and Order  New & old laws, customs, drug detection, recent busts and legal advice   11236   11-14-04   11242   
  New posts The Couch  Politics, sex, fun stuff and other B.S.   194466   11-14-04   87587   
  Basic Chemistry & Techniques   New   Last post   Posts 
  New posts Chemicals & Equipment  Construction of lab equipment, sourcing, and extraction of chemicals    37514   11-14-04   36351   
  New posts Newbee Forum  Forum for clandestine chemistry newbees    50454   11-14-04   46782   
  New posts Stimulants  Amphetamines, iodine, red phosphorous, pseudo-ephedrine, and the like   68028   11-14-04   50495   
  Drug Related Chemistry   New   Last post   Posts 
  New posts Chemistry Discourse  Discussions about general chemistry   32577   11-14-04   30812   
  New posts Methods Discourse  Discussions on established methods of drug synthesis   30052   11-14-04   18375   
  New posts Novel Discourse  Novel synthetic routes to psychoactive materials   17438   11-14-04   9505   
  New posts Tryptamine Chemistry  The chemistry of tryptamines and ergolines   6843   11-13-04   6295   
  New posts Serious Chemistry  Advanced synthetic methods and chemical theories   3001   11-14-04   2060   
  New posts Russian HyperLab     5987   11-14-04   5957
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