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(Minister of Propaganda)
04-28-04 08:40
No 503458
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      Attention dumbasses of the stimulants forum
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No sources means NO FUCKING SOURCES. That does not mean you can just type the name of a source and asterik out two letters and think no one knows what the fuck you're talking about. If I write Micr*s*ft you all know I mean Microsoft. You clueless fuckheads aren't fooling anyone.

It also means do not describe the packaging. If there is only one source in a 'small yellow bottle with a blue label', then it probably wouldn't be too fucking hard to figure out what that source might be, now would it.

I really can not understand why you are compelled to blow your own sources. Considering that you are scavanging shit from the hardware store and pharmacy because you either don't have the balls or the smarts to get it from a chemical supplier, I would think you'd do everything conceivably possible to protect the identity of the very few sources you do in fact have.

Now go about your business and shut the fuck up.

Thank you.

Post 505186 (Phlegm: "RE: Attention dumbasses of the stimulant", Stimulants)

Edited by Wizard X

Threads with pictures of YOUR active drug synthesis will be deleted.

Thread will be deleted for your security, because there is no need to show pictures of active drug synthesis. Remember this, while your here trying to learn the skills of drug synthesis, there are also NARCS posing as Hive users looking for anything that can be of use to identify YOU!

Although, the Hive takes ALL reasonable steps to protect your anonymity the responsibility ALSO REST with you.

If you read it in a FAQ, it must be true.

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