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11-09-04 04:23
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      XP Journal Viewer/Acrobat Problem     

When clicking a link to a PDF file on the Internet, a new window appears -  Adobe Acrobat begins to load (Acrobat start-up screen is visable)then I run into a problem.  Windows Installer starts up and attempts to load Microsoft Windows Journal Viewer. Journal Viewer does not load and and a window appears stating that the feature I am trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable.  It asks me to manually input the path for the installation package "MicrosoftJournalViewer.msi" when I attempt to cancel out of this, XP sits in a retard cycle which can only be terminated by pulling the plug on the computer. 
(Minister of Propaganda)
11-09-04 04:46
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      Google: Approximately 2 seconds

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