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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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    Can I use HTML in my posts? Which Markup tags can I use instead for smileys, color, links, or images in my posts?

How do I post special characters like micro, ä or °?

What software are you running?

What are the system requirements to use this board (cookies, referer, proxies)?

I want to see more (or less) posts per page.

Why are the column titles on the threads overview pages clickable?

Why are there exclamation mark icons (Own posts) after some thread subjects?

Why are some reply counts bold or between dashes?

Why do you ask for two email addresses?

Why should I register a username?

Can I change my username? Can I delete my account?

What are 'Wrong logins' and how do I reset them?

How long will private messages be kept? What means 'Messages deleted soon'?

What is bad and good karma? What is a rated post?

Why can't I see the molecule images?

What is the meaning of UTFSE, SWIM, and other abbreviations?

How do I post pictures?

Can I upload files or images?

When does my user title change? Can I have a custom title?

What is a digest?

What is a the security certificate of this site?

Why can't I post to a forum?

Why can't I edit my post?

What are .djvu files and how can I view them?


  Can I use HTML in my posts? Which Markup tags can I use instead for smileys, color, links, or images in my posts?

No, HTML is disabled. But if Markup Language is enabled in that forum ("Markup is On" on the posting page) you may use that instead. Then the following tags are available:


[red] red text [/red]red text
[green] green text [/green]green text
[blue] blue text [/blue]blue text
[orange] orange text [/orange]orange text
[black] black text [/black]black text
[white] white text [/white]white text
[yellow] yellow text [/yellow]yellow text
[purple] purple text [/purple]purple text
[#ffcc00] RGB text [/#ffcc00]RGB text
[b] bold text [/b] bold text
[i] italic text [/i] italic text
[u] underlined text [/u] underlined text
[sub] sub [/sub]script or: [_] sub [/_]script:  sub script
[sup] super [/sup]script or: [^] super [/^]script:  super script
[pre]preformatted code (fixed font)[/pre]
preformatted code (fixed font)
[*] list entry: 
  • list entry (markup code must be at the beginning of the line)
[sm[]ile]: [smile] (invisible & empty tag [], e.g. for posting markup tags)
[hr] or: [-]
[center] center text [/center]
center text
[date] 06-21-24 [/date] and [date][/date]recent addition (06-21-24): and later added
[utfse] search word [/utfse]UTFSE for "search word"
[quote] quoting text [/quote]
quoting text

[ 177849 ]Post No 177849 or:
LaBTop: "FIRST READ for MEMBERS new and old!" (Newbee Forum)
[url] [/url]
[url= ] Hive [/url]Hive (
[img] [/img]
[upload] 1234-test.gif [/upload]
[medline] 12120787 [/medline]Medline (PMID=12120787)
[doi] 10.1016/S1387-3806(02)00746-7 [/doi]DOI:10.1016/S1387-3806(02)00746-7
[wikipedia] The Hives [/wikipedia]Wikipedia: The Hives
[patent] us 3914812 [/patent]Patent US3914812
[mol= MDMA ] CNC(C)Cc2ccc1OCOc1c2 [/mol]
[mod= MDMA ] CNC(C)Cc2ccc1OCOc1c2 [/mod]
A1[/td] [td]A2[/td]
B1[/td] [td]B2[/td]

  How do I post special characters like micro, ä or °?

Go to to find the HTML character entity name for your special character.

Here are a few examples:
ä = ä
Ä = Ä
ö = ö
å = å
° = ° (there is a button for it on the posting page!)

There are also greek letter entity names, but many browsers do not support them. Please write alpha, beta, gamma, or micro instead (or simply use the markup buttons on the posting page).

Theoretically you could also go to a special character list (e.g. in MS-Word) and copy and paste it into your text. But please be aware that other users with different operating systems, browsers, or fonts may not be able to see your special character correctly.

We strongly recommend to write out the character name or to use the HTML entity name.

How do I post pictures?

There are different ways to post pictures to this board:

- Upload files to this board (see below: File upload).
- Upload files from your computer somewhere else on the web. To store your images on the net you can use free webspace providers, e.g. Geocities.
- Link to the images on the web by enclosing their web address with the [img][/img] markup tag (e.g. [img][/img]).

The picture file must not exceed 1.9 MB, otherwise an error message will be displayed instead.

Can I upload files or images?

Uploading files to this board is possible. Jump to the Upload page (the links can be found on the posting form and in the Private Area). Then upload a file or an image from your computer or a web location to this board.

The following restrictions are in place:

- For using this function you have to be logged in.
- The upload of audio and video files, of executable files, and of compressed files has been disabled.
- The maximal file size is 10.0 MB.
- If you don't link to a file it will be deleted after 2 days.

You can then link to uploaded files in postings and private messages by enclosing their name with the [upload][/upload] markup tag (e.g. [upload]1234-test.gif[/upload]).

Additionally you can make an uploaded image your profile picture by simply adding the upload filename to the Picture field on the Edit Basic Profile page.

The upload of audio and video files, of executable files (including the MS-Office formats), and of compressed files (including the OpenOffice formats) has been disabled. The filetype check does not depend on the filename, so changing the extension doesn't help. You could however upload MS-Office or OpenOffice documents as .html files. OpenOffice files can also be decompressed (e.g. using WinZIP) and uploaded.

What software are you running?

At the Hive we are running our own proprietary software. The system is based on an ancient WWWThreads release from 1999, but not much of the original code has survived.

The current WWWThreads software (now renamed to UBB.threads) can be purchased at A free alternative is the phpbb software package (

From 2003 on our software has been developed by under the name . In 2022 this one-man company was bought by Honeywell and the package was renamed to Them. Shortly before they become bankrupt in 2023 they sold the board which now carries the following copyright notice: Powered by Overheated Green Peas V. 3.04, © 2020, Weapons of Mass Instruction Research Society Europe. All rights reserved.

What are the system requirements to use this board (cookies, referer, proxies)?

In general this board works well with any recent web browser like Mozilla, Opera, Netscape, Konqueror, or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

This board uses an encrypted connection between your computer and our server (which is indicated by the links beginning with https://). Your browser must have SSL enabled to use this protocol. Alternatively you can click the "No Encryption" link on the main navigation bar to use an unencrypted connection.

Cascading style sheets (css) are used for the page layout. If you are using an ancient browser like Netscape 4.7 you may experience strange white spaces between the layout elements. This is just a cosmetical problem which does not affect the functionality of this board.

You have to enable cookies to use this board. They are used for the session management and will be removed from your system if you click the "Logout" link at the very end of your session.

Sending the referer has to be enabled in order to view posted images, to send private mails, or to post messages.

JavaScript just adds some minor functionality like timezone detection, focusing of text input fields, or checkbox selection. If that is of minor importance for you, you can switch off JavaScript in your browser preferences.

Java has to be enabled only if you want to view embedded molecular structures inserted by the [mol] markup tag.

We encourage you to use an anonymous proxy server to access this board. However, you have to take care that your proxy does not filter cookies and referers. For more tips about anonymity and privacy go to The Hive Security Check.

To solve any problems related to old browser versions simply install a recent webbrowser (e.g. the free and outstanding Mozilla which is available for a broad range of operating systems).

I want to see more (or less) posts per page.

You can change the number of posts to be displayed per page by editing your profile. You can set this from anything between 1 and 99 posts per page. When you first sign up this gets set to 20 posts per page.

Why are the column titles on the thread overview pages clickable?

On the thread overview pages of this board you can click Subject, Poster, Views, Posts, and Last Post in the title bar to change the order in which the posts are sorted and displayed. If you click on Subject once, it will display posts by Subject in reverse alphabetical order. If you click it again it will display posts by Subject in alphabetical order. Poster, Views, Posts, and Last Post work similarly.

Xp is something completely different. Clicking it expands the threads on that page so that you can see all single posts in there. If you click it again it will return you to the collapsed view. Be warned, this function can result in very long pages. Clicking on the thread icons instead will expand one thread at the time only.

Why are there exclamation mark icons after some thread subjects?

Exclamation marks (Own posts) are printed after thread subjects on the threads overview pages if you have replied to this thread previously. A highlighted exclamation mark (Own posts) indicates that you have started that thread or that there are unread posts after your last reply.

You can hover over the exclamation marks for a short explanation (similar to many other elements and links on this board).

Why are some reply counts bold or between dashes?

A bold reply count on the forum overview page indicates that there are up-rated posts in this thread.

If the thread spans more than one page you can jump to the first or the last page by clicking the left dash or the right dash, respectively.

Why do you ask for a two email addresses?

The real email address is used for email notifications and forum subscriptions and to email your password. The other is what other users see when they view your profile. We realize that some people don't want everyone to know their normal email address, but we need to know it in case you want to subscribe to a forum or if you want to have replies emailed to you.

For this reason you can give us your real email address that only we will see and you can provide a different one for the general public.

Why should I register a Username?

Most forums are open to unregistered visitors. However, for posting you have to register a username by clicking the 'Register' link at the top of the pages.

All you have to do is to fill in your nickname and a valid email address to which your password will be sent.

Additionally, registration would give you access to internal forums, to new posting indicators, to the site-internal e-mailing system, to a broad control over page layout and fontstyles, and to the email forwarding and notification functions.

Can I change my username? Can I delete my account?

Sorry, usernames cannot be changed. To become known under a new name, you need to delete your current account and register a new name and start over from scratch.

To do so go to the login page and login with your username, your password, and the 'Delete my account' box checked. After a verification page your wish will be submitted to the administrators, which in turn will delete your account manually during the next days.

What are 'Wrong logins' and how do I reset them?

Every unsuccessful login attempt is counted for every username. After reaching a certain number of these 'Wrong logins' a stepwise increasing period of time has to elapse before a new login can be attempted.

This is to protect you password and your account from being compromized.

Once you are logged in you can see that 'Wrong login' count in your private area. You have to logout to reset the counter.

How long will private messages be kept? What means 'Messages deleted soon'?

Currently private messages are kept for 56 days until they are purged from our system. Early enough before this happens you will get a warning message in you Private Area. This 'Messages deleted soon' will show you the number of messages which will be deleted during the next 4 days and the next 14 days. Additionally those messages are highlighted by red or bold dates, respectively.

What is bad and good karma? What is a rated post?

This site uses a moderation scheme where moderators are able to rate exceptionally good or inadequate postings and the posters accumulate good and bad karma points depending on this rating. Here is how it works:

The reason for a post rating is displayed with every rated post (e.g. "Rated as: excellent" or "Rated as: offending"). A downrated post is displayed with its title only, but can be accessed by clicking the post title.

Depending on that rating a user can earn good or bad karma points, which are counted separately. The bad karma points decay at a rate of 1.0 points per day, while the good karma stays as long as the post doesn't expire. If the bad karma exceeds 1.5 points a user is banned from submitting any postings until the bad karma drops below that threshold.

To help you judge other users you can see their good and bad karma in their user's profile.

Why can't I see the molecule images?

Molecules or reactions can be displayed by using the [mol=molecule name] SMILE-code [/mol] or [mod=molecule name] SMILE-code [/mod] markup tag. In order to use this feature you have to follow the following steps:

1. Enable Java (which is not JavaScript) in your browser.
2. Enable the 'Use Java applet' option in your display preferences.

A Java applet of 185 KB will then be automatically loaded from our website to display the molecule.

What is the meaning of UTFSE, SWIM, and other abbreviations?

We are maintaining a huge list of chemical abbreviations, unit conversions, and Hive slang. Just go to the Links page and click The Hive Abbreviations.

UTFSE is the mantra of the Hive, and said to anyone posting simple questions that have already been answered repeatedly in the past, and can easily be found by searching our comprehensive database, containing hundreds of thousands of posts written during the last years. UTFSE is short for "Use The Fucking Search Engine". A link to the Search engine is always visible at the top of your screen.

SWIM is short for "Someone Who Isn't Me", sometimes meant literally, sometimes used to protect the integrity of members posting about performed procedures, as to not incriminate themselves (the actual value of this practice remains questionable). Some members also substitute the last M with their username initial, giving rise to SWIR/SWIW/SWIT among other things.

When does my user title change? Can I have a custom title?

Your user title, which is displayed on each of your posts, changes automatically when your total posts reach a certain number:

0  -  24 posts:  Stranger
25  -  49 posts:  Newbee
50  -  499 posts:  Hive Bee
500  -  posts:  Hive Addict

Beside that the moderators can assign you a custom title, usually to honor your contributions to this site. But be forewarned: asking for a custom title usually doesn't result in what you've wanted...

What is a digest?

Digests are summaries (or FAQs) covering a certain topic. They should contain many site internal and external links and literature references. A digest will be maintained by its author (without editing restrictions), but moderators may change the maintainer. There is no reply to digests, they consist of a single post. Instead digests can be up to 100000 characters long.

What is the security certificate of this site?

The fingerprints of the current Hive security certificate are:

SHA-256: A3:D5:4B:93:D0:AB:D8:C0:B6:AB:1D:F4:E9:07:D4:75:66:31:0D:88:08:16:E3:CF:4D:8C:2F:FC:69:2D:65:F2

SHA1: 7D:BA:58:DB:F6:18:A8:A4:DC:1C:FE:41:2A:1A:36:F9:F7:53:00:78

You can check if your browser is currently using the same certificate by comparing the fingerprints. In Netscape, Mozilla, or Microsoft Internet Explorer simply click the small padlock icon on the bottom of the browser window.

Why can't I post to a forum?

There could be several reasons that you can't post a message to the forums:

- You are not logged in.
- You have only read and no write privileges for this forum.
- After registration you are in a 'quarantine' for 1 day.
- You cannot reply to old threads after more than 1 year after the last post as a relatively new user.
- You cannot reply to a digest.
- You have been banned from posting.
- Your browser, your firewall, or your proxie server blocks the 'referer' string. Check the Hive Security Check page for more infos about the 'referer'.

Why can't I edit my post?

There could be several reasons that you can't edit your own posts:

- You are not logged in.
- The edit time window of 1 day after posting has elapsed.
- The thread has been locked.
- Your write privileges for this forum have been abandoned.
- Your bad karma is too high (just wait until it decays below the posting threshold).

If it should be of utmost importance for you to edit an old post, please contact one of the moderators of the respective forum by private messaging (click the 'Forum information' link on the forum page for a list of the moderators of that forum).

What are .djvu files and how can I view them?

DjVu is an open file format for scanned documents similar to PDF (including a text layer). But in contrast to the PDF format DjVu content downloads faster, displays and renders faster, looks nicer on a screen, and consumes less client resources. A typical full-color, letter-size or A4-size page at 300 dpi takes only 50 KB!

In order to view DjVu documents under Windows you have to download and install the free DjVu Browser Plugin from LizardTech Inc. Unix users have to use the browser plugin from the free and open source DjVuLibre package.

Please follow these links for more information:

DjVu Zone FAQ: A site devoted to the DjVu user community.
LizardTech: Free Windows browser plugin and commercial DjVu suite for Windows.
DjVuLibre: Free and open source package for Unix including plugins, decoders, encoders, and utilites.
Any2DjVu: Free online conversion tool. Convert your scanned, PDF, or PostScript document into DjVu online through a web-interface.
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