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Hive Links

Recommended links to databases and other sources of information

Security Check The Hive Security Check Check your current IP and other informations relevant to your online-security and read tips to improve your anonymity and privacy while using the net.
Chem-Tools The Hive Chem-Tools Periodic table, online molecular weight calculator, and molecular weight to formula tool.
Abbreviations The Hive Abbreviations Alphabetical list of chemical and physical abbreviations, unit conversions, and Hive slang.
Erowid Erowid Encyclopaedic website covering every aspect of psychoactive substances.
Lycaeum The Lycaeum Erowid's little sister...
Rhodium Rhodium Extensive collection of links and procedures, a must for every Hive user.
PIHKAL PIHKAL Chemistry and human pharmacology of psychoactive phenyl-ethyl-amines, by Alexander & Ann Shulgin.
TIHKAL TIHKAL Chemistry and human pharmacology of psychoactive tryptamines, by Alexander & Ann Shulgin.
Organic Syntheses Organic Syntheses Home of the famous Org. Synth. Coll. Vol.
Google The best general internet search engine.
    Search Google (e.g. 'hive mind-altering'):
Scirus Scirus Scientific internet and database search engine.
PubMed Public Medline Access (life sciences abstract database).
    Show PMID number or search term (e.g. '12120787'):
DOI The Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is a unique identifier for digital documents, e.g. scientific articles.
    Jump to DOI document (e.g. '10.1007/s002650050476'):
esp@cenet International patent search and retrieval.
    Show patent number (e.g. 'US3914812'):
US Patent Office
United States Patent Office US Patent search and retrieval.
    Show US patent number (e.g. '3914812'):
ChemFinder Database of chemicals (User: Password: thehive).
    Search Chemfinder (e.g. 'salvinorin A'):
Wikipedia The largest encyclopedia of the world and everybody can contribute!
    Search Wikipedia (e.g. 'The Hive (website)'):
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