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(Chief Bee)
06-05-00 17:24
No 13988
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      It is forbidden to post sources in this forum!     

You are not supposed to post names and addresses of chemical suppliers in this forum. If you do that, they will become publicly known, and may stop selling to individuals, or they may be busted BECAUSE they sell to individuals. Posts which includes sources by name will be deleted. It is also very forbidden to try to sell things in this forum.
(Hive Bee)
06-06-00 01:45
No 14171
      Re: It is forbidden to post sources in this forum!     

Not to sound like an upstart or anything, but what about suppliers of other things -- glassware, plasticware, thermometers, pH testers, gel-caps, herbals, etc...  things that anyone can already get and a large slice of the populus might be interested in.  Also what about OTC sources?  And what about sources of things that ONLY sell to individuals, and probably have tons of business without bees, like hobby shops that might supply nitromethane?
06-06-00 02:29
No 14197
      Re: It is forbidden to post sources in this forum!     

I think we all know what he means. Also, even though I believe strongly in free speech, keeping quiet will advance our cause much further than giving out sources. One bee getting what they need is better than ten ordering from that source and getting investigated.

By exercising free speech you are actually stifling it; because the more sources disclosed the less powerful our movement is and the less voice we have(and the less chance that we'll ever really be given 1st amendment rights back).
06-06-00 02:45
No 14206
      Re: It is forbidden to post sources in this forum!     

So, StraightEdge, maybe if we become completely complacent, we'll get all our rights back....!

Just kidding, I understand you. It's just a lose-lose situation, and I really hate it.

(Hive Bee)
06-06-00 03:22
No 14229
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      Re: It is forbidden to post sources in this forum!     

I know this from first hand...DO NOT post suppliers addresses on here, it will only cause you grief!!
If you really want to know where to find something to dream about-- try investigating what the chem is used for and apply that to where you may obtain it...
If you still need help, find a fellow hive'r and ask in a private message!!!

06-06-00 04:34
No 14259
      Re: It is forbidden to post sources in this forum!     

Yeah, I know what you mean, and I'm really not one of those hypocritical assholes that says we should only do something when I like it. I wish we could have free speech and it kills me to say that we shouldn't. I mean, of course we can have it, you can go ahead and give the names of all your suppliers, but it will just hurt us. And besides, it's not thoughts or opinions that are being censored, it's just kind of like the news censoring done during a war. And we are at war.
06-06-00 05:12
No 14277
      Re: It is forbidden to post sources in this forum!     

yes we are
06-06-00 09:00
No 14344
      Re: It is forbidden to post sources in this forum!     

It is a shame that this topic is even discussed...a little common sense, respect, and general knowledge should have kept most bees in check..
(Hive Bee)
06-06-00 16:19
No 14422
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      Post deleted by MethGn0me     

(Hive Bee)
06-06-00 18:28
No 14465
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      Re: It is forbidden to post sources in this forum!     

Rhodium, I've been saying these for 3+ months.  Even using abberivations, or saying i have a source email me should be banned.   Cause since we know most likely the dea is reading here, or some agency, they'll email you as well.  Like I said about 4 days ago, if you have a source that you want to share, or you need a source, email people you know or trust and do it that way no need to post a question or a comment that you wont get an answer to, or will get the wrong people sending you messages/email.

Use the fucking search engines!
(Hive Bee)
06-06-00 20:09
No 14490
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      Re: It is forbidden to post sources in this forum!     

Hi bd!

Yeah, main credit should go to you as well for keeping on the back of this problem all the
time. Really. I think at least four bees have made themselves crystal clear in this forum.

So again, I agree: No public posting of sources, only trade sources with bee-ple you trust
and only via PM. Everyone else is gonna

bee gone

as Stoni put it so appropriately.

Show devotion to this place, our admins and loyal bees are not working and posting their asses
off to experience the same fate as DMT WBB.

Long live the HIVE.


-- phaidon, son of apollon

I scorched the Earth, now what do I do tomorrow?

06-07-00 01:03
No 14606
      Posting Sources     

"It is forbidden to post sources in this forum!"

It is pretty hard to argue with that.
Here's the problem:

If you are not lucky enough to know/trust anyone else on the Hive, then to other people on the Hive, you might just as well be the DEA.  Plus, you have no way of knowing if anyone else on the Hive is the DEA, either.  So what can you do?  You can't just ask people for help, since as far as they know, you are the cops.  Not only that, you can't share information that _you_ might have, for fear of harming suppliers and other Bees by revealing it to the wrong people.  Is there any way out of this bind?

  The Hive is such a wonderful thing, I have so much respect for the ideal behind the Hive... to educate, to help, to spread the knowledge so those fucking morons can NEVER crush it out...  but it seems that the pigs have brought the hive to its knees, when it comes to sources... I could go off on a rant about how much I hate the U.S. fucked up drug policy and the idiot robots that enforce it.... fuck it.

If you do know/trust other people on the Hive, then the Hive becomes irrelevant, since you can tell them personally!  I know the acquisition discourse is still useful without information about suppliers, but it seems a lot of the point was to help people find hard-to-find stuff, rather than discussing various OTC supplies or best prices on lab equipment...  this is work that individuals can do on their own, by putting in a little time and effort!  Whereas finding a good supplier on your own, without any help on where to look, that seems to be a lot harder.

So either way, it seems the Hive is useless!  (to help people find sources, I mean!)

So my questions are these:

1) Suppose one doesn't know anyone else on the Hive.  is there any way at all for the Hive to safely help that person find good sources?  For instance, suppose this person started messaging or e-mailing others on this Board, and begging to learn about a good place to buy _____.  What reason would anyone have to trust that person?  If most Bee's reply and try to be helpful, then won't the cops take advantage of this?

(I am in this situation, BTW, of not knowing anyone else on the board, yet being curious about good sources... I don't want to start messaging everyone and begging them, since, why should they trust me?  And yet, what other option do I have?)

If it is true that there is no safe way of revealing sources to strangers, is it at least possible to give pointers on how to conduct one's own search?  I mean, How did the experienced Bees, who know of good sources, find out about them?  If it involved work and research, that would be really heartening b/c I am willing to do as much work and research as it takes.  But if it was through luck and word-of mouth, if the info was passed on through friends (or through the Hive, before it became so watched)... that's discouraging, since those things can't be reproduced. 

hoping there's an easy answer...  but not expecting one :(
06-07-00 03:49
No 14672
      Re: Posting Sources     

yeah that is true..... but you do know Rhodium, don't you? You can trust a person if you read thru a lot of their posts and make a decision about them. Just think about it for a long time before giving out a source. Or even ask a long time bee about the person and what they think about them.
06-07-00 14:07
No 14899
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      Post deleted by Rhodium     

06-07-00 14:23
No 14910
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      Re: Posting Sources     

scarmani and others: it is really easy to be part of the group. Hang around, post useful stuff, act like a good bee and finally people will share their sources and information, once they know that you aren't a complete asshole. Don't expect to come here as a stranger and have all the sources you ever wanted handed to you on a silver plate. Interact with people and they will interact with you. Become a respected member and nobody will withheld information from you.

(Hive Bee)
06-07-00 16:27
No 14941
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      Re: Posting Sources     


Why are you always quicker than me? Anyways, I wanted to say something similar.


The Hive is our community, for the discussion of chemistry and pharmacology
and other academic-y of psychoactive compounds. Show that you're into sharing knowledge
and wisdom, and don't think that this is a place to get info on how to get drugs, easily
and quickly. This is not the case. The acquisition of compounds is not the main objective here.

So, as Os said, behave well, contribute to discussions, show bee-ple that you value our com-
munity. One day, you'll bee a trusted bee. Everything takes time. It's not different
for anybody. I, myself, have found some bees in particular to be very trustworthy and
they are those bees I communicate with and share information which might not bee appropriate
publicly. Make bee-friends, then the door will open.

(Can someone come up with a nicer word than bee-friends? Like similar to bee-ple? I can't.

Off into a better future...


-- phaidon, son of apollon

I scorched the Earth, now what do I do tomorrow?
06-07-00 21:08
No 15019
      Re: Posting Sources     

Thank you for your advice, Osmium and phaidon...

I will do my best to learn and contribute to the hive :) 

I guess, lost in all my anxious questions, was the big "thank you" and the huge amount of respect that we newbees owe to the people who have actually put the time, effort and risk into getting this knowledge, and who then have the generosity and wisdom to share it...  thanks.  (that sounds so inadequate... what you have done is so incredible, it leaves me without words to say...  when I first stumbled across the hive, for a few minutes while I was realizing what it was, all I could say was "holy shit", and then I started reading post after post joyfully...  well, anyway, I forgot to say this earlier, but thank you, so much, for what you guys and gals have created here.  it is wonderful.)
(Hive Bee)
06-08-00 00:58
No 15116
      Re: It is forbidden to post sources in this forum!     

yeah, ok, got that big fella,
but, how do you plan to deter idiots from posting these anyway?

Do you have some kind of policy on this? (I dont know, maybe prevent them from logging on with their Username for a week etc.?) the punishment of offenders is up to you, I would not like to be in your shoes though, as they will whinge / bitch / scream etc that you (& others ie. Hey_Man) are cops / nazis / various styles of Fascists etc.

Perhaps you should run a poll of some description, to decide what steps should be taken, (this way you can guage the support of Bees for various actions) but it has to be stopped, if all the sources are blown, then where the fuck will we be?

Alice D25

"Trust in God, but tie your Camel" [Arab Proverb]
(Pimp Master)
06-08-00 02:43
No 15165
      Re: It is forbidden to post sources in this forum!     

they will whinge / bitch / scream etc that you (& others ie. Hey_Man) are cops / nazis / various styles of Fascists etc.

Do you really see 14 year old behavior bothering us? I'm not loosing any sleep over it. I think an important part Rhodium neglected to point out is the fact that this decission was made by Administrators of multiple related sites and sources. Option #1 was to remove the Forum entirely, option #2 was to leave it read only, option #3 was to assume that we can all police out the morons and some information with out the need to post specific names can still be obtained. We are all working in one direction, those too stupid to work with us are working against us and will be axed, too many idiots thinking they know best in their clueless little minds get to many people busted and to many places shut down.

What more of a policy do you want, don't fucking post sources. What part of that is confusing you?

06-10-00 08:44
No 16166
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      Re: Posting Sources     

Buck up, scarmani.

There is always hope. Besides, a major benefit of the hive is learning the skills to critically evaluate what is and is not a good source. I spent a major part of my pre-hive time using all the various search engines out there and actually found a few nice sources ('though someone giving you a link to a source's webpage is the sweetest).

More and more organizations are establishing a net presence. I can only think of one that doesn't (can't tell you which one 'cause...well, you know). Seek and you shall find. Hell some people even put up sites that tell their favorite (keyword=)suppliers.


Hope I'm not out of line...again.
(Hive Bee)
06-14-00 07:57
No 17256
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      Re: Posting Sources     


~Hocus Pocus~
(Hive Bee)
06-14-00 19:41
No 17439
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      Re: Posting Sources     

Dope Amine!

What's your problem with my nick?


-- phaidon, son of apollon

I scorched the Earth, now what do I do tomorrow?
06-15-00 02:22
No 17539
      Re: Posting Sources     

Whats everybody Looking at stop looking at me!
06-16-00 11:31
No 18055
      Re: It is forbidden to post sources in this forum!     

i toatly agree but how would 1 go about finding chemicals from if he / her dont ask some 1
06-28-00 02:42
No 22269
      Re: It is forbidden to post sources in this forum!     

Who can bee trusted? Suppliers that have catered to us, and I say that figurativley,
have often been the man's chief witness in order to save themselves. Can the rhod
links be trusted???. IM am very leary.

Balance and Moderation KEYS to the complexities of LIFE
(Hive Bee)
06-28-00 13:35
No 22402
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      Re: It is forbidden to post sources in this forum!     


What do you refer to by Rhod links?


-- phaidon, son of apollon

I scorched the Earth, now what do I do tomorrow?
(Hive Bee)
06-28-00 18:42
No 22480
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      Re: It is forbidden to post sources in this forum!     

I think he means the links to chem supplies and otherwise on Rhodiums page...and no, don't trust anyone until you verify their trustworthyness for yourself.
(Chief Bee)
07-05-00 13:40
No 25056
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      Re: It is forbidden to post sources in this forum!     

I don't know if you can trust any of the supplier links on my page. They are there for reference only. It is up to you if you want to trust them or not.
07-05-00 22:29
No 25213
      Re: It is forbidden to post sources in this forum!     

"Common Sense" Laughable, no such thing among ANYONE who would converse with TCP/IP over a publically accessible, easily monitored network. Hell, I'm sitting here listening to my cheepo 20 dollar (clearanced from RS ;) scanner to my neighbors discussing everything from HE to sources for SPECIAL beezwax over their well-known-as-insecure cordless phones (one neighbor right now has left baby monitor on and I hear Puff The Magic Dragon... no, not the song <G>

Reasonable Paranoia, yes, but NOTHING about our sensibilities could or should be thought of as "Common"
07-23-00 00:52
No 31881
      Re: It is forbidden to post sources in this forum!     

Damn, is this so hard?
08-06-00 17:22
No 37277
      Re: It is forbidden to post sources in this forum!     

First of all, REMEMBER THIS- here on this forum, the people
you think you can trust are the ones you should not!
 NOW, I'm gonna Reveal a great source for Ephederine that all can use! Simply GROW  it! The Ma-huang plant from China
contains up to 5% Ephedrine and is basically a weed. Here in
the US we have a cousin to Ma-Huang called Indian Tea. (look
up ephedra in a botanicals guide to get pics and the several
US names.)
 Indian Tea only contains about .5 to 1% ephedrine. It grows
wild EVERYWHERE in the SouthWest deserts. Extraction is done
with only water. Now look at your options!
 You can roam the desert for weeks gathering a ton of Indian Tea or you can grow 20 Acres of it in arid areas saying its Herbal tea without much suspicion.
 Upon harvesting (lets say 1000 pounds) and drying, you would then run it through a mulcher into a plastic portable
swimming pool filled part way with water. After soaking for
a week or two, remove the water and discard the debris. If you have a hundred or two of water and live in a hot area,
simply put it in the now empty plastic pool and let the sun
evaporate most of it over the next week or 2. When you get
down to 5-10 gallons, you can then filter and evaporate the
remaining water to yeild 5-10 pounds of ephedrine!
 Easy to do, no one to rat you off and no one will catch you
if you use some common sense. Remember, this is considered a
weed by everyone in the US and has no value to anyone. A hippy or Indian collecting it for herbal tea will not be suspected most of the time and its certainly legal to do.
 This method is a pain in the Ass, Takes time, but SAFE!
If you live in High Desert or Arid, Hot areas, you could
simply plant several acres thus yeilding several tons per
acre. I'd start an herbal tea company and bag up & sell half the crop to various herbal stores, etc. if I lived in
a semi-populated area to cover my Ass just in case. I'd guess you could harvest 2-4 tons per acre of cultivated crop. Thats 4000 to 8000 lbs of raw tea per acre. Now if you plant a small 10 acre patch, thats 40-80000 lbs.
.5 t0 1% yeild is 200 to 800 lbs of ephedrine. Now THAT
should keep ya happy and busy during the Fall season!
 DO NOT try importing Ma Huang plants for starters! Customs
won't let em in and you'll get a nice secret DEA jacket!
Do like the old West Coast pot growers did. Keep breeding for better yeilds/potency year after year! This stuff grows
wild everywhere in half the United States. It is the only source that can be revealed here.  enjoy ---- Stay Free!
In The Wind-
01-19-01 04:25
No 83661
      Re: It is forbidden to post sources in this forum!     

Holy shit! Thanks outlaw!

Don't go checking into my record, but if you do, she swore she was 18.
02-02-01 15:17
No 170761
      Re: It is forbidden to post sources in this forum!     

Well, we all know that this capitalist society operates on the basis of free enterprise, and of course, stealth and ingenuity.  What you don't know won't hurt you, unless you don't know the right information.  That is why the Hive and the Lycaeum exist, to give a foster-home for all of the pseudo-necessary and necessary things to know about drugs and the drug culture.  The most important thing to remember about any substance, controlled or not, is that use of a substance (or substances) requires adequate safety precautions before administration.  Always maintain the correct dosage levels, and never get your ass caught!  At least, try to stay clean anyway.  If you're gonna rat somebody out, just make sure you're willing to pay for every consequence.  Many people cannot see the most obvious things around them, which is too bad, since our congested traffic systems in our most heavily populated urban centers just goes to show how people have no long-range views of what's going on around them.  I prefer to drive defensively, and that is why I've never been in a traffic accident, thank God.  If you know a good source for something, and you think you can make a quick buck or two, I'd suggest going for it.  The world may as well end tomorrow, for all of the 'useless' information that just goes around and around on the 'net about what synthesis is good for what, etc. etc.  We have pretty much everything we need in the right libraries, if you know where to look.  It is better to be educated about things than to be uneducated about them, I suppose.  HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY 2001!
(Hive Bee)
02-03-01 23:17
No 170989
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      Re: It is forbidden to post sources in this forum!     

i agree with os,,,,, only after you have been here a while will people start to trust you,,,,, and if you have something they need and they have something you want will they take a chance on you,,,, then word will get around you're not a pig and good people and then you can get alot out of the hive,,,,, just keep your mouth shut about what deals you do here on the hive.

 1st rule of the game: there are no rules
02-10-01 01:17
No 171837
      Re: It is forbidden to post sources in this forum!     

Anyone looking for chemical suppliers can see CHEM SOURCES USA.  Available in big libraries
(Hive Bee)
09-18-01 08:35
No 214684
      Re: It is forbidden to post sources in this forum!     

Jeez, what part of "NO" don't you get? Do you want the narco-swine staking out every auto-parts supplier that sells vacuum pumps?  A large part of clandestine chem is beeing resourceful! Think ,think, think of other fields that might have a needed item, do some research on the web or library or in the Thomas Register. Sure, leads are nice between trusted friends, but if you're smart enough to do chemistry, you're smart enough to ferret out equip and supplies. If yer not, you shouldn't be needing supplies in the first place! Looselips lick tits, i mean sink ships. Bee general when giving advice on procurement, i.e. say 'hobby shop' not "Rockin' Rhodium's Chemical Bazaar on coolio street in downtown Detroit".shocked
(Hive Bee)
09-26-01 22:12
No 217469
      Re: It is forbidden to post sources in this forum!     

  This Q has been well answered, but just let me add, for the uninitiated, that home chemistry is much tougher than lab chemistry, due mostly to the improvisation necessary in equipment and supplies, as well as the need to recycle chemicals. It requires a good deal of skill, intelligence and resourcefulness.  Resourcefulness requires intelligence in a fairly linear relationship, so if one is smart enough to sucessfully complete a synthesis, one should be smart enough to aquire needed materials.. If one aint smart enough to  come up with the requisite materials & equipment, one shouldn't be attempting complex chemical syntheses and should stick to hydroponics or moonshine. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule and sometime sources dry up, but such is best for the occasional tough-to-acquire "missing link", rather than fairly common/easy to make stuff. Some of the simple  things people can't seem to come up with on their own  is rediculous and shows either stupidity or laziness, neither of which are traits of the successful chemist. If ya cant aquire, say, 18-crown-6, acetonitrile, ferric chloride,etc, thats one thing, but if ya cant come up with methanol, toluene(or equivalent), or mineral acids, go back to school before ya get hurt. I do have a simple, 18-step synthesis for dihydrogen oxide if anyones interested.
  my 2cents, Bz138
09-28-01 05:04
No 218035
      Re: It is forbidden to post sources in this forum!     

i.e. say 'hobby shop' not "Rockin' Rhodium's Chemical Bazaar on coolio street in downtown Detroit"

yeah, leave Detroit alone.

One piece at a time..and it didn't cost me a dime.
11-11-02 16:12
      whats the reason for the rules
(Rated as: incomprehensible)
(Hive Bee)
11-11-02 16:25
No 378712
      My God!     

What have you been smoking?shocked

Catalytic hydrogenation freak
04-21-03 08:00
(Rated as: insignificant)
11-03-03 02:13
      I agree with Bozakium.
(Rated as: no sources!)
(Chief Bee)
09-07-04 10:53
No 530105
User Picture 
      If you doubt that posting sources is a bad idea...     

Lab supplies go to the highest bidder:
A brief analysis of clandestine methamphetamine laboratory supplies and methamphetamine precursors being sold on ebay®.

Borngasser J., Journal of the Clandestine Laboratory Investigating Chemists Association 14(2), 8 (2004)
____ ___ __ _

“One-pot” methamphetamine manufacture
Person EC, Knops LA, Northrop DM, Sheridan SP.
J. Cland. Lab. Investigat. Chem. Assoc. 14(2), 14 (2004)

Editor’s Notes:
Presents an evaluation of an Internet recipe. Note that JCLICA is a law enforcement restricted journal.
Contact: Washington State Patrol, Marysville Crime Laboratory, 2700 116th Street NE, Suite P, Marysville, WA 98271.

The Hive - Clandestine Chemists Without Borders
(Hive Addict)
09-07-04 14:45
No 530123
      That's hilarious!     

Borngasser! What a name for a forensic chemist!laugh

fear fear hate hate
(Hive Bee)
09-18-04 22:44
No 532049
      don't be a heat score     

just search for chemicals etc. yourself. You may be burning you own bridge.
11-08-04 02:16
No 540305
      Hi Rhodium & all fellow bees.     

Hi Rhodium & all fellow bees.  I am a new bee and do respect all the rules imposed here as the rules are made for the saftey an well being of all fellow bees.  However, if a fellow bee came across a known 'bad source' that would jeopardize other fellow bees (esepcially new bees), would it be appropriate for fellow bees to name those 'bad sources'?
(Comandante A)
11-08-04 04:10
No 540337
User Picture 
      Contact a moderator     

Contact a moderator via P.M. and ask them.


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