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(Official Hive Translator)
05-17-02 08:03
No 309856
      A brief history of HyperLab in English     

Oh my sincerely beeloved six-legged friends!

Many of you will bee probably surprised when opening The Hive main index page to see there a forum with most of the messages in it written in an intelligible gibberishsmile (BTW - bee sure to change the pages' encoding to Win-1251 if you want to autotranslate them). So i feel it to bee my duty to give you some background info on what we are, and how we came to appear here, at The Hive.

HyperLab forum is a Russian forum of clandestine chemistry, in many ways analogous to The Hive. It was originally created in year 1998 as a part of a larger project dedicated to psychoactive substances, (

After a short period of time the creators of encountered major legal problems, caused by the fact that providing information on drug sythesis was (and still is) illegal in Russia. So the chemical section of the site had to bee dissected and removed from its current location to a new address, and a new host - namely, the notorious There it stayed for some time - and then the Lycaeum's crash came - many of you probably remember that grievous time, when the most significant part of  the world's underground psychoactive lore ceased to exist for a month, including the Lycaeum itself, The Hive, Rhodium's archive, HyperLab, and many othersfrown

Scattered and lost in the dark without any guidance (the moderator of HyperLab at the time had been out of business for some time due to heavy personal problems), the remnants of us, Russian Young Chemists (a term analogous to 'the bee') gathered under the roof of a free forum service at, existing as a part of another Russian clandestine chemistry site,, created and maintained by Chemical_Brain.

That free forum, although having done an excellent job in keeping us together and continuing with our work, had a horrible drawback: total insecurirty. Not only it was not fully under our control; all the IPs of the posters were actually laid open there, so any curious pig wouldn't have a least bit of a problem finding any of us. Of course, this was partially circumvented by our using proxies, but nevertheless such measures still couldn't provide us with an acceptable degree of safety.

Some recent circumstances, about which i won't go at length now, has made the need to do something about it really urgent. So i rushed Rhodium, asking them to let us in. And the Chief Bees, may their golden hearts bee eternally blessed, agreed to do that - for which all of us, the Young Chemists of HyperLab, shall always bee infinitely grateful to them!

So The Hive has beecome our new home now.

Our community is much, much smaller than The Hive - it, at best, has about two dozen members. But these are the tried and true people, of high intellectual potential. Over the years of our existance we, i dare say, made some interesting contributions to the world of clandestine chemistry - the most important (but not all) of them have been translated into English (mostly by me) and submitted here to the Hive. And so it shall ever bee.

Well, that's it for now - i hope for a warm welcome from you smile. Whatever questions and/or wishes you have that i could help in, feel free to ask here or PM me - i am always at your service, and so are the rest of us here, at HyperLab.

Sincerely Yours,


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