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Serious Chemistry  

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(Hive Addict)
07-27-03 10:40
No 450130
      Future amphetamines and a little Purple Jewl     

The potency of 4FLaminorex is known.  What if some one was to put a flourine on the phenyl ring of 4 Methyl aminorex.

Could one assume that it would have a similar affect on the drugs anorexic acitivity that occurs when methcathinone is Halogenated?   4Bromomethcathinone is active oraly and works at the seratonin and norephenidrine receptors and not dopamine receptors at a 1-3mg level 2.5mgs giving a +3 experience that lasts about 3 hrs.TeeHee Very similar to 120mgsMDA.  ALmost competely identical to 150mgs OF PMMA.  I believe all the halogenated amphetamines and PMMA  metabolize to the same thing which I suspect is a 4OHR.  The PMMA experience is very similar.     

The Aminorex analog with the flourine at he 4 position and a bare phenyl group is supposed to be 15,000 x as potent as 4 MAR. 

WIth that heavier atom, on that position would it be safe to think that position of the flourine would lie in the same spacial space as the alpha methyl group of a amphetamine?

Would it be worth a try to put a halogen in that position on regular methamphetamine to try to alter the activity?

Then he waved his hands and tomorrow was different.

Start thinking more like a chemist and less like a criminal
(Hive Adickt)
07-27-03 11:00
No 450135

Is it a fact that 4-btomo-catione is that active ??
(Hive Addict)
07-27-03 11:12
No 450137

I donn't think your going to find any refs about human anorexic activity of it though mabyee.I'm pretty sure that human tests of such compounds was banned before the first synthesis of methcathinone any way. There are refs though of halogenated amphetamines. Activity decreses in respect to the atomic weight of the 4 substitution.

WIth the aminorexes though the substitution is on the oxilone ring. It goes in decreasing activity order from flourine to methyl. DO we think it would take it further by also applying a substitution to the ring??

Start thinking more like a chemist and less like a criminal
(Hive Adickt)
07-27-03 12:26
No 450145

Beilstein gave no hit's. Do you have a reff/link ???. To mee it's strange that bromocat would bee so active.
(Hive Addict)
07-27-03 12:56
No 450148

My friend did this without any prompt by ref.  He postulated that it might work after seing articals about halogenated amphetamines.  Then he did it.  I will talk with him soon and see if i can get his notes.  Just wait. ANd methcat is active as hell any way so long as the person making it knows what they are doing.  Bromo meth is even bettertongue
What about the aminorex substitution idea?

Start thinking more like a chemist and less like a criminal
(Hive Adickt)
07-27-03 13:00
No 450151
      Aminorex is a dopamin agonist right ?     

Aminorex is a dopamin agonist right ? Iff so i would expect more power, 'just' longer life. Usual it's the 5-ht agonist who0 gain from methylation/bromination/ect at the p-position.
(Chief Bee)
07-27-03 14:53
No 450164
User Picture 

As both 4-bromo-amphetamine and 4-bromo-methamphetamine are serotonergic neurotoxins (utfse for details & refs) I would stay away from 4-bromomethcathinone...

The Aminorex analog with the flourine at he 4 position and a bare phenyl group is supposed to be 15,000 x as potent as 4 MAR.

According to what FMAN theory? As 4-MAR is noticably active at ~15mg, are you implying that this could be noticed at about one microgram?
(Hive Addict)
07-27-03 17:10
No 450181
      I'll find the aminorex ref     

I will find the aminorex artical.  I found it a while ago.  It had all the oxilones from the "future of synthetic drugs of abuse" document.  I think it was the artical that the author of that document was quoting.  It has all their activities as tested in lab rats.  I agree that the lighter halogens  might have toxic affects but the flourinated ring derivitives that i personaly desire have been found to be without toxic affects in rats. I'll dig up the refs. 
Think though that not much toxicity is going to happen at 2.5mgs compared to the dosage of that would induce toxcicity with halogenated amphetamines.

If the pattern was consistant with regular halogenated amphetamines, when aminorex was flourinated on the ring then it would not be a dopamine antagonist any more but a seratonin and norepidernie antagonist. this would completely change the drug giving it more of an Mdma like quailty.  This is exactly what it does withthe bromomethcathinone.

Start thinking more like a chemist and less like a criminal
(Hive Bee)
07-27-03 18:23
No 450197
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Very similar to 120mgsMDA.  ALmost competely identical to 150mgs OF PMMA

150mgs of PMMA, imho and to the opinion of friends who tried it, causes only unpleasant effects, no euphoria at all but fits of severe headache and personally I think that comparing this to the effect of 120 mg MDA is like comparing the cheapest bisulfite-loaded clochard wine to a bottle of champagne.

A Dream Within A Dream (
07-28-03 03:13
      Your pmma was impure
(Rated as: misinforming)
(Chief Bee)
07-28-03 13:45
No 450380
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I agree with Vitus, only that in my experience I got some nice effects at first, but later it turned into a headache and other unpleasant effect. I have a pothead friend though, who likes to take a 100mg PMMA and smoke a lot of weed on that, so let's just say that the effects vary from person to person, but for a large part of the population, the effects are not of interest.

Also, as the psychoactive effects tend to be relatively weak compared to the blood pressure increase it gives, there is always a risk that people ingest too much in their quest for bliss, and may experience heart problems. It is a too small safety margin with this drug for it to be suitable for the general population, regardless of if you like the drug or not.
(Hive Bee)
09-06-03 13:51
No 457461

Has n-MethylAminoRex been synthesized and bioassayed?

Make Drugs - Not War!

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(Chief Bee)
09-09-03 00:19
No 457797
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      N-methylated aminorex analogs     

Are you thinking of 3,4-Dimethylaminorex or the simple 3-Methylaminorex?

As far as I know, the N-methylated homologs are more toxic and less active (with N-methylation, you lock the imine/amine tautomerism):

Post 354971 (Rhodium: "PPA synthetic routes + 3,4-DMAR Note", Methods Discourse)
Post 233539 (psychokitty: "Re: Mechanism", Novel Discourse)
(Hive Bee)
10-28-03 21:53
No 467382
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      Aminorex Analog References     

The following paper doesn't state anything about 4-fluoroaminorex potency but does give the relative potency of p-chloro and p-fluoro aminorex as 2x and 4x that of aminorex, respectively.

"...A series of 2-amino-5-aryl-2-oxazolines was found to have potent appetite suppressant activity.  Methods of synthesis, chemical behavior, and structure-activity relationships for these compounds are described..."

It also gives the possible authors for that more extensive paper mentioned above (aminorex-analog-activities as tested in lab rats.)

"As in the case for anorectic activity, the CNS and cardiovascular effects of these aminooxazolines were found to vary significantly with changes in structure.  The results of these studies will be reported elsewhere in detail... [J. F. Gardocki and J. Yelnosky, manuscript in preparation.] ...  The anorectic activity found for several of these compounds in rats has been substatiated in human beings."

a large clump of other PDF's (oxazoline / anorexigenic related) with varying degrees of relevance is here:

stop, drop & roll
07-31-04 23:31
      Perfect Library
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