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Tryptamine Chemistry  

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(Hive Bee)
07-14-04 01:20
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      Process for Isolation of Indole Alkaloids
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I ran across this British Patent which hold great promise for Isolating Indole Alkaloids, from dilute solutions. In particular it allows for isolation of Ergot type Alkaloids with a great reduction in the amount of solvents required, especially from culture broths of Claviceps. Could also be useful for isolating DMT, and other Indole substances:
Patent GB1374343:
07-14-04 02:14
No 519274
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      Saving solvents     

Hey now,

 I would have to say thats some of the most impressive research Ive seen in a while.Thats going to save barrels of solvent.tongue

The bus came by,and I got on.Thats when it all began. -GD
07-14-04 21:50
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      Sorry, but I do not undestand how the double...     

Sorry, but I do not undestand how the double bond of lysergic acid could withstand the iodine without I2 addition. Sounds bogus...
(Hive Bee)
07-17-04 02:07
No 519815
      Ergot Alkaloid Iodine Experiment
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The following quickie experiment was performed:

1) 10 ml of liquid media from Claviceps paspali fermentation was filtered through paper and Millipore 22 um syringe filter into test tube. The fermentation media contained approx. 1 gram Lysergic Acid Hydroxyethylamide per liter, and additional minor ergot alkaloids, as verified by UV light, DABA test, and Spectronic 20 spectrophotometer.
2) Iodine reagent made by dissolving 150 mg. Potassium Iodide in 20 ml DH2O, followed by 100 mg. Iodine. A few drops of ethanol were added to assist in dissolving the I2. Mixture shaken, then filtered through .22 um syringe filter.
3)Approx. 5 ml of the orangeish-greenish-yellowish Iodine reagent pipetted into test tube of ergot fermentation media. Tube shaken for 5 minutes then left to sit overnight at 20 C. in dark.
Results: 24 hours later, a fine precipitate was found in the media. Precipitate consisted of  a fluffy almost fibrous type which tended to swirl off the bottom of the test tube.
Precipitate was filtered off, and DABA test indicated presence of ergot alkaloids.

Comments: The patent in question that started this thread was filed in numerous countries by Richter Gedeon corporation in the early 1970's. Richter Gedeon was one one of 2 major producers of ergot alkaloids in Eastern Europe during that time. (based in Hungary) I felt that a company of their stature and limited financial resources and circumstances, aka the Iron Curtin, would not bother to spend the money and effort to file patents unless there was something "real" behind it. From my limited test, apparently this is the case.
The enduring problem with obtaining ergot alkaloids via liquid culture fermentation has not been yield. Using various strains of ergot alkaloids obtained from ergot sclerotia, virulented and mutated, yields from fermentation run from 1 to 10 grams per liter of media. However, isolation of the alkaloids normally involves extraction with large quantities of volatile solvents such as Chloroform, DCM, Ether, etc. Phase change extraction procedures have their own "demons" as expressed in the patent sited.
I do not, at this time, even pretend to know what the Iodine precipitate found is, or have an explanation for its formation or the chemistry involved. However, many papers have been submitted with regards to various tests, isolation procedures, etc. utilizing Iodine to form "complexes" of various sorts:
Medline (PMID=11128273)
Medline (PMID=1678622)
Medline (PMID=11338771)
08-22-04 17:11
No 526783

That is a very interesting Patent. Thanks for posting.

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