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Serious Chemistry  

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08-09-04 19:28
No 524457
      Re: Organic Reference Works on CD     

Fortune is strange. How many of you end the day saving $7,995.00? And it happened to me!!!!!!!
 Ever heard of The Combined Chemical Dictionary On CD-ROM? Maybe you have read Post 399621 (Rhodium: "Organic Reference Works On CD", Serious Chemistry), maybe you have not. Frankly, I haven`t till now. The reason to read exactly that post was that I accidentally found the archived


Release info:

Supplier - Team Eat
Prog Type - Chemistry
Language - English
Release Date - 07/18/2003

Cracker - Team Eat
Protection - Serial/Keyfile
Difficulty - Guess! :)

Packager - Team Eat
Format - bin/cue
Compression - m5e
Archive Name - eatccd61.rar
No of Disks - [15MB/40]

Requirements - Win9x/ME/NT/2k/XP
Retail Date - June 2003
Price - $7,995.00
Website -

Release Notes:

The CCD on CD-ROM provides all entries formerly available on one or more of the following discs:
coolDictionary of Organic Compounds (246,000 compounds)
coolDictionary of Natural Products (177,000 compounds)
coolPharmaSource (38,000 compounds)
coolDictionary of Inorganic and Organometallic Compounds (101,000 compounds)
coolDictionary of Carbohydrates (22,000 compounds)
coolDictionary of Analytical Reagents (14,000 compounds)

Acurate chemical names
Searchable chemical structures
CAS Registry numbers
Molecular formulae and weights
Physical properties, including melting/boiling points dissociation constants
Hazard and Toxicity information, including flash points and LD50 data
Concise bibliography

Instalation Notes:

1. Unpack and burn - on 800MB/90min CD - or mount image.
2. Install it (press continue when asked).
3. Replace the main exe with the included cracked one.

That`s all. Have fun using it! :)

 That`s the general info about it. Now maybe you`d like to know the link?
It`s here (

 And now, please do me a favour. My INet access is limited and I won`t be able to download the whole archive until the next month. So, please, post some words after you d/l and install it.
(Hive Addict)
08-09-04 20:01
No 524463
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      That link is dead, like     

That link is dead, like  (for me anyways) ...

(Hive Addict)
08-09-04 20:07
No 524465
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      Link to Organic Reference dictionary....     

After 30 minutes of trying I concurr with psyloxy , the link is faulty, and it would be nice to have if fixed as I have interest in downloading the software. I hava a Mac system , I wonder if it will work?

Edited by java: I guess  Mac OS won't be able to open this....too bad!

Requirements - Win9x/ME/NT/2k/XP
Retail Date - June 2003
Price - $7,995.00
Website -

Just hold on to the thread...that keeps us going
(Hive Bee)
08-09-04 21:08
No 524475
      Java it mostly like work under VirtualPC , id...     

Java it mostly like work under VirtualPC , id also like to get a copy of this, but it's a dead link.
08-10-04 06:58
No 524585

OK, this one is strange. The link is not dead for me (I`m always trying my links before posting them). Actually I`ve already downloaded the half of the archives. I`m sending a post to their forum and when someone replies I`ll post the answer here.
08-10-04 07:17
No 524586

I`m sorry but seams to be invisible for you all. Don`t worry till Xmas i`ll upload it somewhere else and then it`ll be downloadable from all over the world. You are welcomed to suggest servers.

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