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08-13-04 09:56
No 525229
      New possibilties of Bee's neogations?     

While I'm sittin here in front of our nice world I ask myself why not to set up a hive couch irc channel, with access only for bees....I not it is not sure at all, but for jokin' and unserious conversation it would be enough in my opinin...due to the fact that no one who wants 'to stay as secure and anonym as possible' has to go there in...but for those who only want to talk a little it would be a much more effecive way to do so....and at all it was only a spontaneous thought of mine...

talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk
08-13-04 10:03
No 525230
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      Anonymous IRC
08-13-04 10:41
No 525235
      one question     

this iip is it also a client? as you've got to know that I never tried irc before...and it would be kind of u if you would explain to me where i can read what i need and how to configure

You say over, Nothing is Over until We decide it is
08-13-04 12:50
No 525247
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      Invisible Chat     

This is a reincarnation of the original IIP project. Metropipe have taken it and will probably incorporate it into a commercial service at some time.

Normally you install a local IRC client and configure it to talk to a central IRC server somewhere. With IIP, you install a proxy for the IIP network on your system and configure your client to talk to that. It's a bit like running a JAP proxy, only for IRC instead of browsing.

Messages are decrypted to plaintext on the IIP server, messaging is anonymous but you still need to be careful. You can run an encrypted IRC plugin to avoid this.

Get the IIP client from here

After downloading and installing. You need to replace the node.ref and isproxy.ini files with the ones from here:

Then run the iip proxy and IRC client. Configure the client to talk to, typically by typing '/server'. Now you are connected to iip as an IRC client. Specify a nickname and join a channel in the usual way.
08-13-04 12:58
No 525248
      how original!

He always lied while on the earth and now he's lying in it
08-13-04 15:26
No 525270
      more of such guys are needed ;-)     

Thanks a lot for explaining me the whole thing so exacte...

The world needs more of those people...those who give you a little hope...

so far...

Der Wald geht bald....-...
(Chief Bee)
08-13-04 15:46
No 525271
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      Chat Room / IRC Channel     

Post 282443 (hey_man: "Re: hive chat room", The Server Room)

The Hive - Clandestine Chemists Without Borders
08-13-04 16:14
No 525275
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      "Re: hive chat room"     

With IIP, encrypted connections are forwarded through a series of private and public relays to the central IRC server and vice versa, with all the right nods to traffic analysis. It is similar to Freenet in that the IIP proxies themselves can act as relays: the more relays the better the anonymity.

The Client's IP is hidden.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't be careful if using it.
(Hive Bee)
08-14-04 15:37
No 525407
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      Post 282443 <-- more bees need to read this     

Post 282443 (hey_man: "Re: hive chat room", The Server Room) <-- more bees need to read this shit. All the time ppl ask me for aol names and icq numbers and all. I wonder how many bees actually agree to give out their names and numbers.

"Drugs and akahol have ruiinnned my life..." -Tyrone Biggums
(Hive Bee)
08-16-04 14:19
No 525744

Would that invisibleIRC MagretThatcher metioned protect one from those scriptkiddies, i absolutly agree that a hive chat would be compromising im just interested personally since i remember chatting to be quiet funny sometimes.

The only purpose of your life may be to serve as a warning to others
(Hive Bee)
08-16-04 19:22
No 525782
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I think IIP goes some way to protecting you. Firstly, nobody can get your IP address to launch direct attacks against your machine. Secondly, the DCC file sharing protocol is not yet implemented, and this saves you from some related exploits.

That said, many of the IRC clients are really poorly coded, with buffer overrun vulnerabilities etc. Watch out for mirc particularly. I'd go for a plain and OpenSource client like chatzilla that comes with the Mozilla suite.

In *nix, you can take some steps to protect your machine in case the client gets exploited. This is difficult with Windows.

Are you, or have you ever been a Liberal? YES / NO
08-16-04 21:19
No 525793
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This probably belongs in the server room, but can anyone
find some reason why using IIRC would bee dangerous? I
mean, how could anyone reveal your identity unless you
said too revealing stuff?

You'll never get to heaven if you're scared of getting high
(Hive Bee)
08-16-04 22:08
No 525798
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      IIP risks     

Weeder, I think the risk is through a vulnerability in the IRC client.

Previously buffer overruns from things as simple as a nickname over 128 characters long have allowed arbitrary code execution etc. Someone could use this to install a trojan or reveal your IP.

Are you, or have you ever been a Liberal? YES / NO
(Wonderful Personality)
08-16-04 23:55
No 525810
      no chat     

why using IIRC would bee dangerous

Not IRC is dangerous but history shows that what bees talk is very often a danger to themselves and others.
Unavoidably as it seems.

A chat function integrated into the board-software although possible is technically not feasible as Osmium has already to much overhours for reading your PMs - the monitoring of the "private" chat would exceed the HIVESĀ“s budget by far even if Stonium helps as she did in previous times.
(this is of course based on plain guesses, crystal ball magic and the information retrieved in a ceremony which did cost me my forelast virgin....)

so near, so far......
(Stoni's sexual toy)
08-17-04 00:07
No 525814
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      It's also utter bullshit.     

It's also utter bullshit.

If you fucking teenaged dumbasses want to chat with each other, why don't you let the most narcish one of your bunch set up their own server and join it? What you propose is nothing new, and in the past several 'rock stars' and assorted other people have participated in that shit. I went there exactly once, using a public computer and the sheer amount of douchitude displayed in that chat was amazing. I guess it must be tempting to waste all that time on your hands in some silly chat place posting smartass *MJFIEND takes another bong hit* comments.
The herd sure enough needs a thorough thinning so go ahead with your plans. I'm all for it.

BUSH/CHENEY 2004! After all, it ain't my country!
08-17-04 06:56
No 525857
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      oh shut up     

You're just angry beecause the channel was moderated and
you didn't get voice.

weedar sets mode +m
08-17-04 07:00
No 525858
      he's right     

chat is just sooooooo lame.
(where's hey_man, when you need him?)

He always lied while on the earth and now he's lying in it
08-17-04 20:42
No 525951
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      give it a break     

different forms of chat enables people to communicate in
real-time, I know several computer technicians that have
used IRC to gain knowledge from other technicians while
at work. And what about the social aspect, your assumption
that only potheads and other "stupid" (in your eyes) people
will use it is false. I bet GC_MS has quite alot to

Can I get axx d00dz?
(Hive Bee)
08-18-04 01:09
No 525979
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      touchee weedar!     

Chatting is a different way of communicating to posting to a forum or emailing. It is important and takes nothing away from the hive.

I think anonymous chat is just about practical.

Are you, or have you ever been a Liberal? YES / NO
(Wonderful Personality)
08-18-04 01:20
No 525984
      Weedar, HIVE IRC-chat existed in the past and...     

Weedar, HIVE IRC-chat existed in the past and it showed up that ppl - not only potheads and tweakers whoo are mainly annoying - cant handle it. Even the most stable persons showed to have weak moments and this can very fast end in an disaster on chat.

And Osmium is right on the point: It is not a task of the board to run an IRC-chat. If you want one - start one. Who wants to join may do so and who not may stay out. But considerations regarding legal aspects of running a board like this show very fast that it is NOT POSSIBLE that a chat is organized or supported or anyway assoziated with the board.

I would love to see the Couch-potatos spending their time on a chat channel - be assured. Please go and open one. Dont ask for silver spoon feeding - do it!

Osmium called for a thinning of the herd. The person started to talk this way was thinned outa the herd himself. If there is a principle hidden behind this happening there is new hope now.

Addon: I wish NOBODY what happened to Spitball, not even Osmium. Fate will find other ways to get him the forced sabbatical he calls for when talking about "thinning the herd" I hope. For him.

so near, so far......
(Hive Bee)
08-18-04 02:45
No 526005
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      Sorry, my post was unnecessary     

I agree with all the stuff about IRC chat. IRC over IIP just provides a means for 2 parties to chat anonymously.

Are you, or have you ever been a Liberal? YES / NO
08-18-04 15:03
No 526085
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I see your point Orgy, and I don't demand a Hive chatserver

I just want Osmium to admit that chatting on-line isn't
inherently evil. With moderation (you know what kind)
it can bee a great way for people all over the world to
get to know each other or to get fast responses to
questions. Sometimes writing posts or PMs is a bit
difficult, compared to real-time conversation. I think
you know what I

And don't tell me the mods here don't communciate through
some sort of IM or chat network.tongue

You'll never get to heaven if you're scared of getting high
(Bizarre pHomme de Terra)
08-19-04 02:35
No 526210
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      inherrant evil:     

weedar; get over it.
it IS inherrantly evil.

2 years from now, you can ask your girl-friend about the inherrant evil of chatting.
08-19-04 10:44
No 526279
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That's not fair, women just don't understand..frown

Maybe Os is a .....
09-09-04 05:18
No 530447

We're taking just as much risk talking on this board as we would be in an irc room. If someone wanted to root and scan IP logs and ddos an opponent, I'm sure they could if they were so inclined. Everybody is vulnerable to an extent you just have to take care of yourself and watch your back. Back when I was playing The Sims: Online we had an IRC channel and I met alot of friends and exchanged information that quickly sent me to very high and wealthy positions on the game. It's not a very good example but it's an example none-the-less. I don't play the game anymore but I still maintain contact with those friends I met through IRC. Not once did I get Dossed or "0wned" or have my true identity revealed by anyone because of IRC, and I did some pretty nasty things to some of the people on the Sims.
10-12-04 05:22
No 535471
      what do you want anyway?     

the hive and all that it stands for is not a social club but a forum for the discussion and advancement of phychoactive chemistry A chat zone sounds an awful alot like a social club to me, and personally i think that there is a little too much 'social club character' to the hive already. its great to be cool and all, but really people, dont forget what we are about. I know that people need to have and express character and originality and everything, but making illegal drugs illegally in your house is not something to fuck around with, and chatting with other self-proclaimed drug chemists sounds an awful lot like fucking around to me. i mean, whatareyougonnado? meet in a fucking park and give eachother candy and go for rides in eachothers big black cadillacs? as long as drugs remain deadly-illegal then those drugs will be primarily drugs of buisness, and buisness and pleasure form a two-phase liquid system. to extend the metaphor, these two phases are slightly miscible but the principle remains the same: if you wanna chat, go do it somewhere else. all that you need has been posted in this forum. cut The Couch too.

do you concur, doctors?
(Hive Bee)
10-29-04 05:53
No 538451
      doktor_alternate, i'm going to have to ...     

doktor_alternate,   i'm going to have to disagree somewhat.  sure we're all here for the same reason, but i'll bet some of us stay because, like it or not, this is a sort of a social club

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