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(Hive Bee)
08-19-04 01:54
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      Kirby vacuum bags as filter paper?     

I know someone that has a Kirby vacuum and on the vacuum bags it says these bags utilize Kirby's exclusive "Micro Magic Particle Arrest Technology" to trap bacteria, dust mites, and other dirt particles down to 0.01 microns. So then I started thinking that this might be a good source of OTC high quality filter paper. I cut one of the bags open carefully and there was seven really thin layers of this "Micron Magic" paper. There seemed to be enough paper to make a decent amount of filters if all the layers where used by themselves. These bags are not that cheap when you get them from a Kirby store, but I see some real good deals for these bags on a major action website most of the time... and considering the amount of paper you can get from these bags it seems well worth it... if it works well as filter paper that is. I haven't used them for filtering anything yet, but SWINM is going to filter some RP solution through these soon and see how it goes. Maybe someone else can try these before I do and report your results also.

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(Hive Addict)
08-19-04 04:46
No 526237
      there are millions of options when it comes to     

there are millions of options when it comes to filter paper.... but that does not sound to bad...

Only problem i can see with it is that with as you said, 7 layers of paper, if some solid material passes through one layer and is caught by one of the other 7 how are you going to get it out?
With 7 layers of coffee filters or 7 layers of normal paper you can easily seperate the layers and scrape any solid material from them seperatly.
But with the bag the layers are connected? if so then any material which passes the first layer may be lost.... and if your filtering your NP after a gassing run that wouldnt be to much fun....

Try it, tear apart the layers and see if any has come through to the next layers and tell us how hard it is to recover the solids and yields of solid compared to normal filter paper.


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(Hive Bee)
08-19-04 21:00
No 526334
      Yeah... the seven layers that lined the bag...     

Yeah... the seven layers that lined the bag could be separated. I don't know if they're all like that though. Also, I've seen Kirby sales people with buttloads of large one layer "Micron Magic" paper circles for doing sales demonstrations... I wonder if those are for sale to the public anywhere (they might have to be obtained via the ole five finger discount wink) cause if this paper works well these large circles would make some sweet filter paper. I'll have some real filter paper soon so I can compare the two.

Crank is part of this complete breakfast.
(arrogant bee of the day)
08-20-04 09:14
No 526438
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      Re: Kirby vacuum bags as filter paper?     

Kirby vacuum bags as filter paper?

I use Dyson.

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09-16-04 13:51
No 531607

Yeah mines a dyson too, too bad its no vax :: amount of dh20 on the floor, it would be useful ;)
Just go to maccas, get some paper towels *serviets = serb n viets* *shrug* :: they work as good, if not good enough, just pile 2 or 3 on eachother, but they've worked as good as filter paper for me though.

- Martian_A
(Hive Bee)
09-27-04 04:20
No 533343
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Paper towels are the shit! Handy Towels or whatever brand, most as good as each other, couple together work great because they not slow as fuck like coffee filters. The price is not the same filtering quality of course, but if time is an issue they are great. Only thing is the soak up lots, so gotta wash them with lots solvent if what you want is soluble...


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10-24-04 17:24
No 537488
      satin sheets to lie on     

no, but really, try your basic cotton sheets.  one goes a looooooooong waaaaaaay!!!!!!!  swis uses these almost exclusively with great results.tongue edit(martha stuart sheets of course!)

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(Hive Bee)
10-24-04 18:19
No 537493
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      coffee filters (the cheap ones)     

I usually use small coffee filters (without any fancy micropores, the cheapest stuff available!) and stuff three our four. Perfect for vacuum filtration, as they already come in a flat, round shape, not folded...wink

(BTW for filtration of very fine particles, good old diatomaceous earth provides excellent results if I want the filtrate, not the solids...)

(Hive Bee)
10-24-04 22:24
No 537532
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      dont wipe your ass with it though     

Plain unbleached cheapo toilet paper works well.  Doesn't absorbe as much as paper towels...

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