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(Hive Bee)
08-22-04 19:07
No 526793
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      Crack/serial needed for shadowscan 2.07     

Hi guys, is anybee familliar with a program called shadowscan, by redshadow/melcosoft? SWIM urgently needs a crack/serial code for it, if anybee knows where such a thing may bee found.

Buying the program is not an option, as the company appears to have gone out of buissiness, I can'n update the program nor buy it, as the russian site that used to sell the program no longer is in operationcrazy


Kids, say NO to the DEA!
08-22-04 20:23
No 526800
08-24-04 19:43
No 527118
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      if it isn't on above site try: ...     

if it isn't on above site try:

DON'T open the AWI.exe file (delete it), then copy the other file to the dir you where the program is, and open the file.
09-07-04 10:21
No 530099
      or try... if none of the above dont work

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