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(Hive Bee)
09-06-04 05:54
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      HELP! Wiped out a partition     

The other day I installed BootStar as my boot manager in order to prevent the default windows boot manager from trying to boot into an old windows installer. For the past several months I've had my programming projects residing on a virtual partition (W:\) on my second hard drive. This partition is now gone (along with X:\, Y:\, and Z:\, which were all empty), I only have C:\ (primary drive) and E:\ (main partition on old HD). Windows drive manager shows empty space at the end of my drive, the E:\ partition does not take up all the space on the drive. Is there any way to manually restore my partitions and get my data back or am I fucked? I have a backup of my projects from about a week ago but I'd still really rather not lose the work. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Better loving through chemistry.
09-06-04 09:17
No 529867
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As long as the data on that partition hasn't been altered
you can just re-create that partition as long as you
specify the exact same place for the partition to start.
I've done this in the past with linux's version of fdisk.

"seriously thishomo internet shit needs to stop" -mcrandom
09-07-04 10:21
No 530098

There are heaps of programs out there to help you. Like mentioned as long as you haven't actually written over the top of the data your okay. NASA was able to recover data from a HDD that blew up in a space shuttle and fell to earth. You shouldn't have any problems at all :D Do a quick google and you should find heaps of stuff, if you have trouble PM me (i work in a computer shop and have heaps of programs for this).

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(Hive Bee)
09-10-04 02:33
No 530577
      I did the same thing once.     

I did the same thing once.  I used Powerquest lost & found.
09-10-04 05:47
No 530596
      Trenchcoat: have you tried "fdisk /mbr     

Trenchcoat: have you tried "fdisk /mbr" in a cmd box?

There is a backup of your mbr somewhere.
09-10-04 11:27
No 530623
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Why would he want to remove his Master Boot Record?

"seriously thishomo internet shit needs to stop" -mcrandom
09-10-04 16:34
No 530660
      You are correct Weedar.     

You are correct Weedar. "fdisk /mbr" only restores the loader not the whole mbr.

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