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(Hive Bee)
09-10-04 11:00
No 530622
      Chemical Abstracts Papers Needed     

Can anyone post a copy of the following Chemical Abstract papers:
CA 75, 77110 - 1971
CA 54, 14288 - 1960

Thank you in advance!
(Chief Bee)
09-10-04 15:20
No 530648
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      CA 75, 77110 (1971) = CCCC 27, 1590 (1962)     

One of them is excerpted in

LSD From Lysergic Acid - Method 5
CCCC 27, 1590 (1962) (Cerny and Semonsky)
cf. CA 75, 77110 (1971)

To a suspension of 13.4 g dry (I) in 800 ml dry dimethylformamide (DMF) in a 2 L vacuum flask at 20ш, add a solution of 8.9 g N,N'-carbonyldiimidazole in 250 ml DMF and stir at 20ш in dark for one-half hour. Add a solution of 4 g DEA in 50 ml DMF and let stand two hours at 20ш; then twenty hours at 5ш. Evaporate in vacuum to get LSD. Can purify as above or dissolve residue in 2 1/2 L 2% tartaric acid; extract with ether and discard ether. Filter, basify with NH4OH and extract with a 9:1 solution of ether:ethanol. Dry and evaporate in vacuum to get LSD in 81% yield.

When Googling for the authors above, I found my own site: with ref #3 being Cerny, A. and Semonsky, M. Coll. Czech. Chem. Commun. 27, 1585 (1962)

The Hive - Clandestine Chemists Without Borders
(Hive Bee)
09-11-04 02:17
No 530756
      Thanks Rhodium     

But...believe it or not, I was looking for the original Cerny and Semonsky paper because I suspect that there are errors in the formulas in the Michael Valentine Smith book's formulas!
That is, I question the molar amount of Diethylamine that is listed in Method 5. In Formula 5 it states to use " 13.4 g dry Lysergic Acid and 4 gm Diethylamine", which equates to about 5.7 ml DIE; However, in Patent US6476199, which also uses the N,N- Carbonyl Diimidazole method, they start with 4.0 gm Lysergic Acid and use 15.2 ml Diethylamine, which is .15 mole or 10x the molar amount of Lysergic Acid. Which formula is correct??
09-15-04 00:49
No 531350
      The Requested Chemical Abstracts     

The requested available abstracts wink Unfortunately, CA 68 36323W (1968) from Post 531203 (Bubbleplate: "Wanted : LSD References", Novel Discourse) is an inaccurate citation, no such article was found in the first half of Chemical Abstracts of 1968 crazy

CA 75, 77110 - 1971

CA 54, 14288 - 1960


Chemistry is our Covalent Bond
(Hive Bee)
09-16-04 02:51
No 531555
      Is It Possible to Post The Links without .DJVU?     

I have NEVER been able to open or look at any "Dejavu" files - all I get is endless downloads of pages and dead-end file associations.
Is it me or????
09-16-04 10:20
No 531597
      Deja Vu Problems     

Is it me or????

It's probably your semi-functional and outdated browser; the link works fine with up to date browsers wink As far as Deja Vu, see Post 218955 (Antoncho: "All DejaVu programs may now bee downloaded", Tryptamine Chemistry) & Post 494604 (Lilienthal: "DjVu Files (better than PDF)", General Discourse); additionally Irfan View now supports Deja Vu, which means there's a way to convert a compressed Deja Vu file into a much bigger Imaging file, for OCR purposes cool

Chemistry is our Covalent Bond
(Hive Bee)
09-16-04 11:42
No 531600
      Thanks Lugh! I'm A Lizard Techie Now     

The Deja Vu files load faster, easier than PDFs! Good stuff.

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