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09-11-04 00:10
No 530722

So I've finnally had it with the constant battle to rid my pc of spyware and adware, and I was wondering, if I had the money, could i sue these basterds? I paid for that harddrive
space and other system resorces used to run that crap, how can they use it without my consent.

None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free. Johann Goethe
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09-11-04 00:16
No 530724
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      you gave your consent     

You generally give your consent without your knowledge. Adware and spyware are programs that you either install or that get installed with other programs that have a EULA which you agree to even if you don't read it. They are annoying but they are not illegal like viruses.

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09-11-04 02:22
No 530759

How Do I install somthing without my knowledge, for instance, this bargain buddy thing, I never consented to install it and i havent installed any software or agreed to any EULAs.

None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free. Johann Goethe
(Minister of Propaganda)
09-11-04 05:06
No 530787
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      Whether you like the answer or not     

it's still the answer. Do you expect anyone to believe you have a virgin install of Windows and never installed a single program on it? Bullshit. You'd have a pretty useless and expensive paperweight that you can play solitaire on if you did. You probably had to install software from your ISP just to get on line and post here.

Post your running processes list and I can probably pick out whatever media player, P2P client, or instant messenger service you downloaded that installed that other crap.

Milk rots your brain.
(Hive Bee)
09-19-04 20:23
No 532202
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      How your computer picks up spyware     

If you download and install freeware, you had better read the long, boring ULA carefully before you click "yes" to do the install. There is usually mention of it there, buried in complicated legalese. I've found that these days, if a freeware program isn't advertised to be free of spyware, it probably contains it. More people probably pick it up from file sharing programs like Kazaa than anywhere else.

(Tip: If you want to use Kazaa, search until you find a copy of Kazaa Lite. Someone doctored it to remove the spyware. It can be found at

Another source of spyware is webpages that get you to download it. If you get a pop up window that asks you if you want to "install and run . . . ", be sure you don't click "yes" if it's not something you set out to download.

You won't have any problems if you don't let one of these slip by you. Just in case, install a copy of Adaware or one of the other free spyware cleaning software packages, and let it do a scan of your system once in awhile.

(One Man Show)
09-25-04 00:55
No 533040
      Download Firefox and Lavasoft's Adaware and...     

Download Firefox and Lavasoft's Adaware and pay more attention from now on!

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(Hive Bee)
10-06-04 17:02
No 534696
      If you must use windows...     

adaware works wonders. If you can snag a copy from the web somewhere, remember to update the reference file. Firefox is much better browser alternative, and thats what I use on all of my linux boxes. I can only assume its windows counterpart works just as nice. But, Mac OS X and Linux pretty much immune to those buggers. Not to mention you never have to worry about the latest worms or trojans... Blehh... Seriously think about an alternative OS, it cures all of the spyware and adware issues, the annoyances of windows, and its a much better computing experience IMHO.
(Hive Addict)
10-21-04 20:47
No 537011
      adaware and search and destroy don' t cut it!!!!     

Akk, neither of these get the goods..  I got's spysweeper which found 23 items these other two missed.. i sweep daily..  It also found the U.S. Postal Service's little goodie, "I-Spy" which is a back door they installed when i bought some e-stamps!!! 

 Even SpySweeper is not foolproof..  to really truly clean it out... after spysweeper I run  "wintasks" . This truely wonderful program pops up a window with all the processes running on your computer.. as you hit each process in the list, it pops up a window telling you what it is.. so you can tell window's systems processes from that nasty background spyware running.. It will also show you all hidden windows associated with the programs, and the dll's being used.. once you have the .dll that launched the spyware, change it's prefix to .dll.old (so u can recover) then search the registry and delete all references to the spyware dll, usually a launch on startup is in there..  This is how you bare bones to the silicon, clean up the box..

  I had a popup that was launching shit I could not for the life of me stop.. none of the progs did it.. finally used winint and got it ( a purityscan product, that bastard should be shot), and sent a bug report in..  Now I know for sure that i'm spyware free..

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(Hive Bee)
10-21-04 21:53
No 537025
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      Giants Anti-Spyware is the most effective...     

Giants Anti-Spyware is the most effective single application for spyware detection/removal. Its not freeware though.

Edit: Here is a link to a test of several anti spyware tools

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