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(Hive Bee)
09-15-04 02:37
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      xylene confirmation     

swim has a product called xylene, on the front.

but looking at the bottom, its says contains hydrocarbons, xylene, and benzene.

swim knows that xylenes refers to a group of 3 benzene derivatives which encompasses ortho-, meta-, and para- isomers of dimethyl benzene,

but benzene?

has swim got 100% xylene?, or good enough for a water less acid base and post reaction work up of e/i/rp? as it says contains hydrocarbons, xylene, benzene (like that with the comma)

if not will this fuck up as my non polar solvent?


(Hive Bee)
09-15-04 04:24
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      Dude, benzene is nasty carcinogenic ...     

Dude, benzene is nasty carcinogenic plagueified shit, it is however, still non polar.

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(Hive Addict)
09-15-04 05:26
No 531395
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      benzene blues     

Go ahead and use it Jemma.wink

Benzene is in petrol, also, and anyone is allowed to handle that stuff..

Pest for hire, P.M. for details

09-15-04 10:09
No 531432
      Re: Dude, benzene is nasty carcinogenic ...     

Dude, benzene is nasty carcinogenic plagueified shit, it is however, still non polar.

And despite this, you're more than happy to contemplate playing with carbon tetrachloride or worse, flourine gas, phosphines, and so forth... not a flame, but you should perhaps have a think about relative risks...  Benzene is perfectly safe if handled with moderate care in a decent fume hood.

As to the original question, benzene and xylene are likely interchangeable anyway, so a combination of the two, for this purpose, shouldnt cause a problem that I can see... "hydrocarbons" would likely mean alkanes that boil at roughly the same range as benzene or xylene, which just means it hasn't been thoroughly purified... however, for an extraction it should be fine.  All of the three are non polar, so it should be all good.  If you're seriously worried, you can always try a small scale work up to be certain.

(Wonderful Personality)
09-15-04 11:18
No 531439
      You have technical xylene with the usual ...     

You have technical xylene with the usual impurities from the production process. All are nonpolar and so this product is ok for use as solvent.

No more health risk than with any other aromatic hydrocarbons, gasoline is much more toxic, with or without benzene.

so near, so far......
(Hive Bee)
09-15-04 22:50
No 531504
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      Fogged, for my idea with the carbon ...     

Fogged, for my idea with the carbon tetrachloride, it would have been PERMANENTLY sealed within a glass container, and mounted in a housing, it would never have been released in any form.

As for the rest, I wouldn't advise anybee else to do those sort of things, unless they had exactly the right information and training to do it, what I do involving my own safety, and only my own, is, ergo, my own buissiness.

Likewise though, not intended to flame.

Non omnis moriar, tenebris ะน clarior
(Hive Bee)
09-15-04 23:05
No 531506
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      A Good Whiff of Xylene     

Will have no affect on your life expectancy, but a whiff of fluorine or phosphine will.

Are you, or have you ever been a Liberal? YES / NO
(Hive Bee)
09-18-04 15:23
No 531994
      It wont on yours but maybe on the kid     

you're tryuing to have.
There are question about xylene being teratogenic. So I would advise not sniffing xylene for a while before trying to have a kid. Thats unless you would like to have a 3arm kid...
09-19-04 22:32
No 532219
      xylene effects     

Its vapors notoriously give me bad headache that sleep and only sleep is able to heal.

And xylene is not freely exchangeable with benzene. First it has relatively high bp, making it quite a poor non-polar solvent (and making benzene quite a good one). Second, it is readily attacked by electrophiles (two methyl groups activating the ring)

Also note that xylene is lighter than water, which might bee an advantage sometimes but for the most part isn't.
(Hive Bee)
09-19-04 22:32
No 532220
      A three armed kid could be used as a nifty...     

A three armed kid could be used as a nifty stand.
No but actually, if any solvent is bought OTC, it should be distilled anyways, as byproducts/impurities could range anything from metal salts to other aromatics.
Purify purify purify! It's not that hard to safely distill xylene/toluene. Can you not gas in DCM, it's non polar, already fully chlorinated so it would be unreactive, and its nontoxic, and it's otc with a single distillation, honey_badger. Pm me if you need hints for a place to source it.
09-23-04 18:16
      there is BENZENE and BENZINE and i have a...
(Rated as: misinforming)
09-25-04 23:20
No 533180
      benzene is the specific compound C6H6....the...     

benzene is the specific compound C6H6....the word benzine used to refer to a "straight run" petroleum distillate fraction boiling between 80 and 130 degree celsius which includes the light gasoline and naphtha days it seems as if this naming protocol can be ignored though some texts will explicitly tell you benzene is not benzine
(Hive Addict)
10-08-04 02:24
No 534887
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      emperical results     

thanx babe, WELL NOTED.

just encase any beez are going to try the same thing and brand etc here are my results..

results are the stuff works fine for a np, swim did the dry acid base after a turps soak and mek wash on some gakked sudo and all came out okay.

impurities or not it worked, swim still needs to use the stuff for a final work up though.
no more sacred laws

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