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09-16-04 16:44
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      How to make scopolamine?     

Hi, please tell me how to make scopolamine or give me some links...laugh
(Hive Addict)
09-16-04 17:05
No 531639
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      Route to Scopolamine.....     

Try reading this

Post 407243 (dombo: "Can this be synthesized?", Newbee Forum)

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(Hive Bee)
09-17-04 03:27
No 531725
      This thread     

This thread may be helpful to you. Post 84899 (Nocturnal: "D. stramonium/bell***** alkaloids", General Discourse)

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09-19-04 09:10
No 532117
      What about extracting it ?     

If you want some scopolamine, it can be more easy to extract it from Datura or Brugmansia (very common plants) or any other plant from the Solanaceae family. The mix of alkaloids will also contain atropine and hyoscyamine, but I think you can separate them by chromatography.
(Hive Bee)
09-19-04 10:22
No 532126
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      scopolamine butylbromide     

One could possibly convert the quaternary butylscopolamine bromide to the tertiary scopolamine.
 Butylscopolamine bromide (aka Buscolysin) is an OTC spasmolytic and it could be found in any pharmacy (at least in my country).

 BTW, Romik, leave this on the shell after you synthesise it.

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