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(exotic beauty)
09-18-04 05:48
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      program running     

this problem is driving me crazy.

i am trying to load an old program on my thinkpad. it comes with an earlier version of quicktime. it seems intent upon only using the earlier version included with the program.

fine. however, whenever i attempt to install it, it gives me the message that it has detected that quicktime is running and that i must close all quicktime apps before it will completely install.

i opened the task manager and closed all programs and attempted to install once more. same message. wthell?

so then i uninstalled all quicktime versions on my computer (i thought) and tried to install the program again and it says the same thing!

what in the world is the problem? i mean, beside my belief that i can actually operate a computer?

the message verbatim is this:

a program or control panel which uses QT appears to be running. installation cannot continue until you exit all programs using qt.

where is this almighty qt i can't find?

ps- and, would it really hurt computer programmers to be more polite when composing these error messages that people receive?  gee whiz.


Janie's Got a Gun
(Hive Bee)
09-18-04 12:19
No 531971
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      You could try running 'enditall' or try ...     

You could try running 'enditall' or try searching for the handle with 'process explorer' and disable the running process (quite handy when a file is locked by an unseen process).

Fuck the creationists - MC Hawking
(Hive Addict)
09-18-04 18:02
No 532011
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      Background tasks...     

I really wish I could help solve this problem...I looked for some surface info surrounding the cause and came up empty.
Karl's advice is sound and something I would try.
If you don't have process explorer you can download it here.
Lugh turned me onto the proggie when I was having problems!

Many background proggies are phone home types and won't show in running processes. Some aren't phone home but the mime/filetype settings might give some clues.
If a filetype is being called, the program, you would think be loaded a listed as running unless it's using a RUNDLL or RUNDLL32 service. Then you won't see the program but you'll see those instances running. They are Run dll as service/program calls.
I would check the preference settings In quicktime player
You want to disable QT task in the systray next to your clock.
Open QT Player and go to edit on the menu bar
select preferences...from dropdownmenu(DDM)
select QT preferences not Player Preferences.
Select Broswer Plugin from DDM
Uncheck "Quicktime system tray icon

Then go to Update Check in the DDM
If the software you are trying to install is a quicktime plugin or runs with should select "Update and install addition QT software".
Uncheck "Check for Updates Automatically".

If that doesn't work...I'm stumped.
Look for the RUNDLL instance and disable and see if that works if all else fails to see if QT is calling a dll!
Keep us posted

You Laugh at me because I'm different
I laugh at you because you look the same
09-18-04 22:46
No 532050
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startup in Save mode (F8), then install.  In Save mode all tray programs are not running. LT/

(exotic beauty)
09-21-04 15:38
No 532509
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      got it!     

thanks everyone! it seems as if i learn just about everything i know these days at the hive.

scary? you decide. wink

i read through everyone's advice and decided to try labtop's first since it was the one that seemed the quickest and least likely i would be able to screw up. 

and it worked!  apparently, starting up in safe mode does seem to prevent all the unnecessary processes from throwing my goal off kilter.

you guys are smart little monkeys aren't you?!

thanks again.

seeking refuge out of the u.s.

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