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(Hive Bee)
09-19-04 21:31
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      The Best Speed Tweakers Ever

This is the Internet/Network section where we host the best and the most complete Internet/Network tweaks ever written. Unlike many other one-fits-all Internet Tweaks which mostly don’t work because every system is unique and different, CyberTweaks are customized for your exact OS, system and connection type. All of the CyberTweaks (now including Dial-Ups) includes our Breakthrough Tweak NABT© (Network Adapter Buffering Technology) that boosts your Network performance by assigning maximum buffers possible to the Adapters together along with proven TCP/IP settings such as Rcwin, TTL and others.

I've tried many speed tweakers and nearly all of them don't work well. Some don't even work at all or even make your connection slower. I have a fairly fast connection (for cable that is), but after I installed this the speed of my connection increased substantially and that was with the free one. I’m not into buying software, but these are well worth the money.

Crank is part of this complete breakfast.
09-21-04 18:31
No 532533
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      Re: It is also very important that after you...     

It is also very important that after you reboot in preparation for the new installation, that all running non-essential processes be completely shut down including any Antivirus Software running in Realtime-mode by using either the Task Manager or the Ctrl+Alt+Del command.


(Hive Bee)
09-22-04 03:56
No 532631
      That's common for a lot of software and ...     

That's common for a lot of software and provides for a smooth install.

Crank is part of this complete breakfast.
(Hive Bee)
09-22-04 15:56
No 532707
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if you use an OS that's actually secure, you should at no point have to take down your firewall. at worst you'll have to allow certain traffic to tunnel on certain ports, but you should never have to disable the firewall. from this perspective, lilienthal (reference to alfred, the righteous author?) has made an excellent point.

as far as any "speed tweaking" is concerned, i can only say this: every product like this that i've tried falls into the category of "useless crap" on my computer. provided you've shut-off all the non-essential services on your box and don't have hella crap between you and the hard-wired connection to the internet (phone or cable jack), i can't see how things can be much further optimized. maybe if you play 1st person games online and having a ping of 24 vs. 25 ms really matters to you, i can't see how software could possibly speed things up very much.

if i'm totally off-base, someone plz enlighten me as to the value of "speed tweaking" programs in terms of real numerical quantities (latency reductions, bandwidth "increases", etc.). most of this stuff is constrained by hardware, not software, last time i checked.

i followed a link on that original page you linked to and found something that i find to be acutely funny:

3d Traceroute - [2004-09-20 | Freeware | 1.2 Mb | Win All | 27714]
A full blown three dimensional traceroute program.

does "full blown" mean that it blows? it sure seemed that way when i tried it out. ;)

torture for sure, too pure to inure, a chaffeur charlatan orangutan

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