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Chemicals & Equipment  

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09-21-04 13:06
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      Getting Equipment.     

SWIM wants to know if it would be wise to get his friend to "Borrow" some equipment from the science lab at his school, and if so what equipment should SWIM be looking for to begin simple activities with.
(Hive Bee)
09-21-04 14:13
No 532492
      Sounds like a stupid idea.     

Sounds like a stupid idea.
Basic glassware doesn't raise any suspicion unless it's very large, so why not just buy some? The school probably need it's equipment.
09-21-04 15:37
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      I see your valid point and agree, SWIM might...     

I see your valid point and agree, SWIM might have to find a source elsewhere, what basic stores have glassware?
(Hive Bee)
09-21-04 17:24
No 532524
      While bees don't condone thieving from school...     

While bees don't condone thieving from school chem labs, if it must be done keep it to overstocked supplies and glass that no one will miss.

eg, ph paper, ring clampslaugh, small beakers, thermometers, boiling stones, TLC plates, and those wonderful little sample jarswink.

Nonos usually include reagents, solvents, and that large and attractive 500 mL 3-neck flask sitting in the
(un)locked cabinet.

Often times as a student there will be extra 'crap' in your drawers that can vanish without anyone noticing.

Also, because when you break glassware in a college chem lab you usually have already paid for it, the amount just gets deducted from an account or some similar setup. Theres been many times when I have debated "breaking" a condensor or some other coveted piece of glass. The hustle is easy, just break something similar in shape but insignificant and exclaim "Oh! My poor condensor!" You have to clean up the glass pay for it, but the transaction is unscrupulous and goes through the school, and you pay cost(or close to it). Somewhat of an unorthodox approach to aquiring glassware, and theres not really anything morally wrong with it, from Swimb's pov.wink

Use common sense and you won't have anything to worry about. Bee patient and opportunities will eventually reveal themselves. shockedsmile

-MB out

Pot is fun.
(Hive Addict)
09-22-04 07:11
No 532648
      As a student you have no chance of getting...     

As a student you have no chance of getting into the chemical store or equiptment rooms without looking suss or being watched.
Only teachers and laboratory assistants can do this without too much attention being drawn...
Even so at schools they usually dont have many of the equiptment you want so any loss is noted and looked at as they dont like to replace anything, in classes they count in and out materials and chems, also if you "break" anything they look at it and make sure the glass is thrown away (OH&S stuff).

So schools are a bad idea for anything apart from beakers and alike common items but all of which no supplier will give a sh*t about selling to you.


Its just my opinion, but no-one listens to me anyway, and rightly so...
(Hive Bee)
09-22-04 07:40
No 532659
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in classes they count in and out materials and chems, also if you "break" anything they look at it and make sure the glass is thrown away (OH&S stuff).

Back in undergrad chem days, we had to sign equipment in/out and surrender your Student ID.  And as A_C said; they make sure something is truely smashed up and disposed of properly.  That said, you can get lots of high purity solvents, simple glassware, and a host of other nifty lab stuff.  Alternativly, you may want to volunteer to help pack/wash up - exposing you to a world previously 'behind locked doors'

Depending on your country though, there are lots of ways to aquire equipment.  Remember general lab-suppliers may stock everything but there are lots of industry specific suppliers that stock something.  Spreads the web and makes the puzzle harder to piece together.
09-22-04 07:59
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      What basic equipment would SWIM be looking...     

What basic equipment would SWIM be looking for??
Just a simple list?
(Hive Bee)
09-22-04 11:42
No 532684
      Re: What basic equipment would SWIM be looking     

What basic equipment would SWIM be looking for??

Depends on what you want to  do with it.

09-22-04 18:46
      jackin equipment...
(Rated as: Definitely Dumbest Post of the Week!!!)
(Hive Bee)
09-23-04 00:05
No 532749
      >yeah, stealing is wrong, but so is the...     

>yeah, stealing is wrong, but so is the clandestine manufacture of phenethylamines

Apple's and Oranges, two different kinds of "wrong"

I'm not dissing you, but that type of karma has a way of coming back around.

..we've got to help each other out Cause this is how we all survive..
09-23-04 17:47
(Rated as: off-topic)
(Hive Bee)
09-23-04 18:10
No 532875
      It wasn't deleted, although it should be.     

It wasn't deleted, although it should be. Click on the subject line and you will see the whole post.
10-01-04 12:27
No 534023
      Apples n Oranges?? Chains n Cages!     

If I'm reading (assuming) into that right, you agree with many other ANTI-freedom people with the below comment:

>yeah, stealing is wrong, but so is the clandestine manufacture of phenethylamines
Apple's and Oranges, two different kinds of "wrong"

A CRIME needs a VICTIM/damaged party.  Somebody HARMED.
I.e. theft, rape, murder, vandalism, etc.

That's a pretty simple concept though many can't comprehend it.

WHAT YOU CHOOSE TO CONSUME, think, READ, and believe (to name a few) are NOT crimes. 

Though, especially in the States, people & government are of the belief that others lifes should be stripped of freedom in order to 'protect us from ourselves'.

Think of the many different government rules people are jailed/prosecuted for, including the excellent example of drug possession/usage. 

You having NO FREEDOM or choice to consume what you wish, for any reason you choose (recreational, medicinal, food substance).

Rather governments (ultimately, people) are doing your the favor of ?protecting? you from yourself.. Right? 

Though, I guess the many laws are not to protect us from ourselves.  How could they bee?  For if wee should mess up and break that rule we are horrificly punished, tortured, caged for years, etc.

Myself, I'd prefer having freedom!  And suffering any consequences as a result of my choices.  Today being an wonderful example having seen the dentist.  I CHOSE to consume ridiculouse amounts of candy bars in younger years 6-15 a day, AND failed to brush/care for my teeth, and as a result I lost a few teeth, and rcvd over 20 cavities.

Should I write or demand my government outlaw sugar and candy bars?  They're not healthy but rather negative.  That it was freedom is!  Not ppl imposing their beliefs of right and wrong upon others.

beee freee! :)

10-01-04 20:28
(Rated as: ALL CAPS)
(Hive Bee)
10-03-04 05:05
No 534238
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      ,the act of making drugs might not be...     

,mindbaby the act of making drugs might not be wrong, but the chems, that many people flush down the sink, is wrong. So don't tell me that some of us don't do that, at one point of time,even swig, who tries to be compet. Safe, has slipped up.
(Hive Bee)
10-03-04 21:12
No 534317
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      Yeah but I agree with mindbaby     

There is most definitely a difference. Stealing is WRONG, it is a crime and you shouldn't take what is not yours. Clandstine chemistry is a different thing altogether - just because they tell us we can't do it, doesn't mean it is wrong. It is just 'against the rules'. But stealing is actually violating someone else. It has a victim. I guess clan chemistry can have victims too in a sense, but I still think it is a different thing from the other.

However having said that, if you are going to steal out of necessity (couldn't say I never have, cause I have...) taking supplies from an institution is IMHO much better and more acceptable than taking from an individual. Still not right and not a good thing to do, but at least its not personal then.


Reality is just a crutch for people who can't handle drugs...
10-04-04 00:59
      Tweekers with morals, I love it hahaha!!!
(Rated as: insignificant)
10-04-04 02:04
(Rated as: flaming)
10-04-04 18:05
No 534402
      i knew somebees would 'fess up.     

xaja... i feel the same way. in my dumbest post of last week, heheh, i was talking bout swik taking some of the SKOOL lab equipment, not the fellow bee who taught you how to make honey. i can justify taking RP,PdCl,I2,silica gel,sodium, magnes, and even the freekin test tubes from skool for three reasons: 1 it doesnt take an ID to gank lab stuff and 2 the skool isnt my friend (well, in a literal sense it isnt)and 3 it is free! it isnt going to stop people from leaning chem, it will stop them from a Wacker lab at the worst. but shit, fedex will deliver a new pack next week.
i do think stealing is wrong. i would never take from my friends.i would never wish harm on anyone, but if you took a Vigorex from your buddy, i hope the shit blows up in your face. if you got it from school, well its kinda cool knowing jeb bush helped fund this honey adventure!wink

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