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Law and Order  

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09-23-04 01:22
      DXM, and other things
(Rated as: no sources!)
(Hive Addict)
09-23-04 01:35
No 532768
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      chem selling private eyes?     

just out of curiosity, how did you "run a check on them" and discover their true identity?

Ph # 954-287-0023
09-23-04 01:50
No 532774
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      just follow the instructions     

just out of curiosity, how did you "run a check on them" and discover their true identity?

Just follow the instructions, perform a whois request for that domain and follow the instructions to the godaddy whois request, from there you will find what peth has stated.  I would not myself order anything from anyone that only offers DXM, caffeine, and aspirin, as the only products for sale.  Actually I would never order any of the aforementioned products at all, wink



     Unipolar Mania, It's good for life... laugh
(Hive Bee)
09-23-04 12:15
No 532824
      no sources...     

...sound familiar?
09-23-04 12:17
No 532825
      why suspect?     

I'm not really sure why this site would be suspected as LE -- All the chemicals listed are legal OTC pharmaceuticals in both Canada and the US.  The owner could just also run this website part time to make a few extra bucks and also work in an investigative firm that does background checks or something.

Really, if LE wanted to bust someone for making illegal drugs, they'd sell RP or I2 or Ephedrine or Pseudo or solvents or Safrole or any number of things which are actually reasonably controlled and not available in the convenience store arounnd the corner.

And, as has been said, please don't post sources. mad
(Of Counsel)
09-23-04 14:53
No 532846
      Private investigation??     

Paranoia strikes deep
Into your mind it will creep
It starts when you're always afraid
Step out of line, the man'll come--
And take you away...

Who do you expect it to be run by?

Monks? Precursor Suppliers of America, Inc? Clandestine Chemists Unlimited?

mostly harmless
(Hive Bee)
09-29-04 18:43
No 533776

God it's getting hard to just talk...

Right, sorry, didn't come to mind since I wouldn't recommend anyone use it as a source...

I guess I was into the interesting things that turned up on WHOIS, and not the fact it was a "source."

Submitted domain for legal action, err...nevermind. ;)
Careful who you reprimand, it could be your judge/prothonotary.


Reality is a crutch for those people who can't deal with drugs!
(Hive Bee)
10-27-04 06:54
No 538062
      dxm polisterex granules     

can be sperated from syrup and then crushed. this is pretty easy using wire mesh. DXM polisterex usually a time released agent seems to act quicker when the granules are broken.


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