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(PVC-Analog Taste-Tester)
09-23-04 22:07
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      Freeing-Up Space On "C" Drive ?     

I'm hoping to free-up a shit-load of space on my C drive.. Here is the info on C, D drives:


used space:14.9GB
freespace: only 107 MB ! !


used space: 7.98 GB
free space: 87.0 GB

  I want to first get rid of un-needed space on the C drive, and if it requires more space, I want to see what kind of junk which doesn't show-up in the "add/remove" box shows itself. I have Ad-Aware, EZ-FireWall, Registry Mechanic, Spy-Bot, blah, blah, but I still can't locate the shit that's been clogging-up my C: drive.

  Transfer: I want to transfer some of my heavy files to the D: drive.. How do I go about doing this without ruining short-cuts??tonguecool

Love My Country, Fear My Government
(Minister of Propaganda)
09-23-04 23:55
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      Just delete anything in the system folder.     

Your D drive should be partitioned about 6 more times.

Your C drive probably has a shitload of cached files in  temp directories, and a few system archives which windows will make before you make a critical update. They are hidden files so you can't see them unless the folder is set to display them.

You also have to actually empty your recycle bin. If you've never emptied it before, than everything you've ever deleted is still sitting in there.

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(arrogant bee of the day)
09-24-04 09:07
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      Right click "My Documents" folder...     

Right click "My Documents" folder and then click "move".
Move it to D drive whereever you like and then see how your sizes are.
Then I would defrag both.

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09-24-04 09:29
(Rated as: hazardous)
09-24-04 09:33
      go to C:\mymotionpictures and delete S.W.A.T...
(Rated as: insignificant)
09-25-04 00:41
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for files bigger than 10,000 Kb. (Start, Find on a Windows system). LT/

(PVC-Analog Taste-Tester)
09-28-04 03:32
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Thanks folks. Yup, I regularly kill temp files and empty my trash. Guess I could alays uninstall programs from C and reinstall on D.

Love My Country, Fear My Government

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