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09-24-04 16:58
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      Chemical Reagent Calculator v2.5 Software     

Hopefully this is of use to some, get it while it's available..  And I have not personally used this prior to ten minutes ago (installed and tested links and softwares functionality prior to posting links)..


CHEMICAL REAGENT CALCULATOR v2.5, is a tool to assist laboratory technicians and scientists in preparing chemical reagents and solutions. This program will calculate & instruct you in how to prepare: Molar solutions, by using built in atomic weights. Percentage solutions from stock solutions. Anhydrous solutions. You can print out the instructions for your desired solution, as well as a label to fix to your preparation. You will find the program extremely simple to use with minimal training required. Keygen file password:

Software download is trialware and available from the maker via this link:

Keygen - registering utility - DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR USE IF YOU LACK A LEGITIMATE LICENSE TO DO SO *end of disclaimer* File password is  :^)://
(Hive Bee)
09-24-04 19:26
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      My Norton antivirus says that one of the ...     

My Norton antivirus says that one of the keygen files is a trojan (crack.exe). Otherwise the true keygen program (inside the 2nd zip) works and does not seam to be infected.

Also I found the “EniG. Chemistry Assistant” much, much better for similar purposes and it also contains a loot of useful chemical data and a calculator: Post 481689 (wareami: "Calculating moles software", Chemistry Discourse). Unless there is something I did not understood, the above program (that can’t even parse chemical formula by itself) is not worth installing.

“The real drug-problem is that we need more and better drugs.” – J. Ott

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