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09-27-04 07:02
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Whats one pay for Iodine Crystals in pure form ??, or does it vary from country to country ??, swim is from Oz and will not relieve his source, but dont want to get ripped either 500g bottle ???? any suggestions wouldnt be $2000 for it unless your desperet would it..frownfrown

(Hive Bee)
09-27-04 07:21
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      Well it all depends, black market or legit...     

Well it all depends, black market or legit source?
From a legit source ive seen 500 grams sell for bout $200 here in oz
But if your buying it black market stylez... well then i guess your up for any price.

$2000 is frkn expensive IMHO

Your an individual just like everyone else.
09-27-04 08:27
No 533364
      $275 from Vets or Horse Stables trainers 8-)...     

$275 from Vets or Horse Stables trainers cool $2000 that depends on how much its worth to you, and how much your making at the time, or if it can be brought else where , but if he's the only person you know with out beeing noticed, then ask your self weather if its worth it or not, my advice theres no amount of money put on for making it safe, and beeing un noticed. coolcool

I Am A Information Junky.. Knowledge Is Power
(Hive Bee)
09-28-04 01:43
No 533493

bout 100-120aud for 1/2 kg mailorder ive heard

09-28-04 07:27
      No Sources!!!
(Rated as: no sources!)

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