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The Couch  

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09-28-04 01:40
      I propose a challange
(Rated as: wrong forum)
09-28-04 01:44
No 533494
      I am going to spend the next week     

researching new articles at the finest school library in the States to see if I can put some of you brainiacs on the right path.
(Hive Bee)
09-28-04 02:08
No 533496
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President of the Iraqi Chemical Weapons of Mass Destruction Development Society
09-28-04 02:27
No 533497
      I Propose You Use The Fucking Search Engine !!!     

If you're really good in the science library, you should find the route mentioned in Post 379220 (Protium: "Synthesis of Safrole from Phenol", Novel Discourse); since that is what you're looking for wink Considering that it seems you couldn't find this post, it seems rather unlikely that you will ever bee able to navigate the stacks laugh


Chemistry is our Covalent Bond
09-28-04 11:34
      We will see about that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Rated as: insignificant)
(Hive Addict)
09-28-04 12:57
No 533551
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      Methylenedioxybenzene .....step I Identify     

1,3-Benzodioxole (Methylenedioxybenzene)
Formula: C7H6O2
Elements: Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen
CAS Number: 274-09-9
1,3-Benzodioxole (Methylenedioxybenzene)


and other interresting derivatives....

Synthesis of some Derivatives of Methylenedioxybenzene (with W.H. Perkin jun.), J. Chem. Soc., 1926

It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees...Emiliano Zapata
(Hive Bee)
09-28-04 15:44
No 533570
      Re: I have written much harder papers on ...     

I have written much harder papers on protein synthesis.  Would you like to talk about the understanding of protein folding and protein aggregation, and related diseases?  I would hate to give you some free insight on Alzheimer's, Mad Cow, ALS, Huntington's and PArkinsons disease.  Is this above your head?

Don't you think you should then be able to find a procedure to sythesize such a simple molecule as 1,3-benzodioxole by yourself.

Create a cost effective way to make methylenedioxybenzene (1,3-benzodioxole) from chems the average guy can guy at an affordable price.

You say we should find a way to make benzodioxole from chemicals any average guy can buy. Come on! Have you forgotten that you have written papers about protein synthesis. Now, that does not seem average to me. Don't be lazy, get your ass to the nearest library and do some studying.

(Hive Bee)
09-28-04 16:21
No 533576
      The Avg guy??     

Personally I wouldn't want the "average guy" making MDMA or any drug for that matter, the average guy is stupid, drives a large SUV spotting a W'04 sticker.  The average guy is obese and has no understanding of chemistry. (Please
No you want and what we already have are proceedures to make MDMA from basic starting materials, the only problem is the more basic the starting material, the more reagents are required to manipulate the molecule into what you want.

But honestly with any understanding of chemistry, one could easily formulate a theory, UTFSE.

09-28-04 21:10
      I was trying to make people think.
(Rated as: insignificant)
(Hive Bee)
09-29-04 01:20
No 533680
      the average guy?     

the average guy is bare-foot and has no plumbing.

(i'm a stickler for the facts)
(Hive Addict)
09-29-04 03:55
No 533710
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      Can't a bee get a break?     

I've seen about as many lastchances as I've seen Opportunities knocking...
But this is the first time I saw a lastchance knocking back on the Opportunities they passed UP 5 timestonguelaugh
As if opportunity begs you for one lastchance!wink

Now Lastchance...I'm giving you one last chance to tap(not knocksmile) into the resources here, that combined, likely could author a whole Library with the advancements of all their study that would supercede the info you would limit yourself to by boasting about prior accolades & acclaims and settle for at one measily library.

As an aside...I wouldn't challenge Lugh or many other genius minds here until you've done your homework on those you're challenging.

You can lead a bee to college, but you can't make him think!smile

If the shoethrows fits...Ware Itout

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