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09-28-04 19:22
No 533609
      building a better system     

Swim has recently discovered a special type of pvc will also work with all anhydrous ammonia related setups.  The material isn't cheap, some beleive it better than stainless steel.  It is a material called cpvc or corzan pvc.  It has any chemical application that comes to mind also.  I have seen it used also with Chlorine gas,highly caustic substances and more.

Corrosion resistant pressure pipe, IPS sizes 1/4" through 16", for use at temperatures up to and including 200°F. Pressure rating (130 psi to 1130 psi) varies with schedule, pipe size, and temperature as stated in Harvel Plastics, Inc. engineering bulletin (Product Bulletin 112/401). Generally resistant to most acids, bases, salts, aliphatic solutions, oxidants, and halogens. Chemical resistance data is available and should be referenced for proper material selection. Pipe exhibits excellent physical properties and flammability characteristics (independently tested flame and smoke characteristics- ULC,1993). Typical applications include: chemical processing, plating, high purity applications, hot and cold potable water systems, water and wastewater treatment, and other industrial applications involving hot corrosive fluid transfer.

There is more info as to specific chemicals located in this website.
 Swim was dreaming of running a stainless steal nipple from annie tank(tilted sideways..chilled) to Cpvc adapter to ball valve and connecting another peice of cpvc piping to valve and configuring pipe design to run into rxn vessel.

Whats the opinon on this idea
09-30-04 18:11
No 533931
      the site listed gives stabilty ratings at...     

the site listed gives stabilty ratings at temprature above 70 f. i would have to think that cold would comprimise psi ratings, i know that polybutyl is extreemly sensitive to cold, PVC also but not to the same extent.i would like to know the same about this stuff, assuming AA may bee passing thru this tube as you imply. the site also states that threading decreases psi ratings by 50 pecent... i dont see an adhesive as having the same resilient properties as the Cpvc- like standard pvc cement. pvc cement usally leaves that film on the pipe that can bee scraped or disolved by chem-tool, the clear or blue cement, both. would solved polymers present a problem in a rxn?...heheheh. if only a section of the tube was utilized without threads or cement in a lightly presurized enviro, it could bee very helpful. good
09-30-04 19:07
No 533937
      RE: A.A     

As of now there are some places who incorporate the use of cpvc in there Anhydrous ammonia applications ( I.E. Water Treatment facilities). 

To state about  pressure , I beleive you said threading decreases predictabliliy of some of the pipes characteristics.  All Swim has ever 'seen' is glued cpv that were used, however I would not try to use threaded with some applications.  There is always that possibility of leaks.
10-01-04 20:40
      Its all good itd called stainless
(Rated as: redundant)
10-04-04 18:06
No 534403

Well , I suppose s.s is also applicable to acids as well.  The point for me introducing this into the thread was not for a.a alone.  It has alot of diversity.
10-04-04 18:17
No 534404
      im not discounting the usefulnes of this ...     

im not discounting the usefulnes of this product by any means... i have thought of several uses besides AA, like a butane "cylinder" for bud extractions, ghetto vaccuum rig, ect.,ect. i just wonder, a standard PVC tube is like.?..say 75 cents a foot. whatdya figure a foot of this stuff is? ill bet you cant even get a foot, probably like a 25 foot minimum... Is it avail. OTC?laugh
10-04-04 19:45
No 534413

Yes it is otc from anywhere who sells pvc, generally.  It is more than pvc but given it handles alot of abuse so to speak. However, it is only available in 20 ' sticks.  All in all it depends on what application your applying this to.  I think Geez had a good one in a thread about homemade lab equipment.  However if at all possible I think chemistry should be conducted with the proper equipment.  If Possible, however if it gets the job done correctly swim has no problem improvising when needed.

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