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09-29-04 04:04
No 533712
      OTC morphine from poppy seeds - GOOD!     

Hey, as you all have probably read/heard about people making a 'tea' preparation from poppy seeds (OTC grocery store type), because apparently morphine is washed off of the seeds I would assume, and goes along with the lemon juice/water that you used in the preparation, to make a tea.

My question is: can the water from the tea be evaporated off? So that there is left a morphine/opiate powder... that may be snorted (for better opiate buzz)?

I mean... imagine eating your heroin rock instead of crushing it and then snorting... -it's not nearly the same buzz. I know because i've had to do it before when the cops tried a bust...

I've never heard of this being done before, (making the tea a powder), unless of course, boiling the tea to evaporation would harm any opiate molecules...?

Please help here people- as this sounds like a very nice and easy OTC breakthrough...
09-29-04 04:51
No 533718
      Let me also add that...     

Let me also add a piece of information that will make this whole post more relevant:

A bag (500g) of poppy seeds can be had for a few dollars at the grocery store. By estimates made on, these same seeds may contain anywhere from 20mg-200mg of morphine...
(Hive Addict)
09-29-04 06:11
No 533727
      No Fun     

Hate to tell you this but someone has researched this
and found the seeds have nothing.A small amount of opium
not morphine can be had from the old pods.
Then a weak opium tea made from that.
It also must bee from the somniferum family of poppies.
09-29-04 10:57
No 533740
      no good idea ...     

im sorry that i have to tell you that buying poppies
is not the right way to go cause : 1: the poppies do not contain alot of opium , 2 nd the people will recognice if u buy more than a average amount ....
3 i heard of people making that tea that consuming it is a rather stupid thing to do cause they ended up with
aching heartbeat and vomiting , couse of the inpredictable content of opium.
So if u want to have morphine order alot of seeds online
( papaver somniferum ) an plant them .
(Hive Bee)
09-29-04 14:52
No 533751
      A couple years ago I tried this     

I made a tea from about 500g's of gocery store poppy seeds, this was a couple years ago.
I used the lemmon juice method, and it got me pretty sick, mostly vomiting.
I do know that whenever I go for a drug test, they ask me if I ate any poppy seed foods like bagels. This may indicate something worth exploring, but then why hasnt a more experienced bee done anything with this.

Viva la insurgents!!

(Hive Bee)
09-29-04 15:43
No 533757
      Some friends of mine have lot experience with...     

Some friends of mine have lot experience with these
supermarket poppy seeds.
Of course it depends on the trade mark and the charge number and best before date.

So the more milky yellowish the extract is the more
potent it will be.
Evap. to a solid gum gives a stinky mass that is
not acceptable for snorting.
Besides it seems that too high temps are destroying the

The buzz of the extract isn`t as clean as a pure morph one
but definitly a good opiate high depending on
the amount and concentration.

I bet there´s a way to extract only the morph with
some non polar. Although there would be some other
solvated shit in it but a further cleaning method
could solve this problem.

200mgs per 500g poppies sounds not bad.
Yes it was only profitable on a very large scale
but if one has found such a potent production line
he/she should give it a try.
(Hive Bee)
09-29-04 18:12
No 533769
      Trying to extract any alkaloids from poppy...     

Trying to extract any alkaloids from poppy seeds is a waste of money and time. Even the most potent poppy pods have roughly 1mg of morphine for every 1gm of poppy pod plant material. The only use for poppy seeds is growing some nice poppies. winkcool

Crank is part of this complete breakfast.
09-29-04 18:44
No 533777
      There's no point denying... it's a FACT     

There's no point denying that there is morphine in poppy seeds. Why do you think that drug testers would even ask about whether you ate poppy seeds? This is not a myth- it's a fact. Morphine and opiate alkaloids are contained on the shells of poppy seeds from having contact with the other parts of the pod.

It's a FACT- there's no point in denying it, especially when you haven't done enough reading on the subject.

Now... let's focus on ways to refine this method and make it better. Granted, you may have bought a bad stash of poppy seeds from your grocer, but most the time, according to reports, the most popular poppy seed from the store is the right one.
(Hive Addict)
09-29-04 19:04
No 533779
      Yes it is true actually.     

Yes it is true actually. If you buy 1010 seeds maybe you can get 0.1 g of morphine out of them. Now start refining the method.

09-29-04 19:12
No 533780
      Thank you jsorex... that's the right attitude!     

Thank you jsorex... that's the attitude that'll soon have morphine a common OTC drug for a while until the DEA pulls poppy seeds from the shelves of our local stores.

Sure, it might take a nice amount of seeds, but they are so cheap it doesn't matter.

Now we need to start with a few simple questions and find some answers. To refine this method, there are steps that talk about seeping (water just below boiling point i assume) and boiling. Now would boiling actually hurt the morphine/opiate molecules? Is that why steeping is called for? At what temp are we talking here would hurt the molecule?

I will personally dedicate all my spare time to making this work, and refining a super method that will make this one of the most popular threads here at the hive, and one of the newest most popular OTC chemistry procedures.
(Hive Bee)
09-29-04 19:33
No 533784
      Here spammer, look at this one: Re: opium...     

Here spammer, look at this one:

Re: opium poppy garden

Tried it myself once but screwed it up, i guess it should work if there is enough morphine in seeds, even if the method describes it for straw.
Was very sceptical first myself but learned to know many people who use this seed tea besides other opiates, so i guess there must be something at it.
good luck.

- Beware of the Morphail Effect! -
(Hive Bee)
10-02-04 02:43
No 534097
      From what I know codeine is very temperture...     

From what I know codeine is very temperture sensitive.
It says don´t go over 80 C here.
Don´t think that morphine behaves any different.

But one could skip the so called "steeping" if much
less water is used. approx. 250ml for every 250g poppies.
After filtration there should be about 150ml left because
some water is soaked by the poppies.
Just make sure that all poppies are covered with water.

Making a solid piece from it doesn`t make much sense
to me. Snorting it is nasty. Don`t even think one sec
about shooting crazy
So there`s only the option of swallow.

AND the much more interesting:
 exraction of the morphine
which could be done from the water extract.

I always wonder why so many poeple here think
that these poppies are absolutly impotent.
Have you tried it on your own?

Many poeple including swim have made nice experience
with them.
Tiny pupillas and scratching till bleeding blushwinkare symptoms that can`t lie.

It always depends on the trade mark and production line.
If the water extract isn`t dark milky yellowish
but kind of transparent bright yellow then it`s impotent.
Maybe I gonna upload some nice pictures here.
Of course it has been a long time since swim drank that tea
because of it´s nasty taste
but the idea of extraction the holy morph makes
swim thinking more about it.

Even if 100mgs morph per 250g seeds were in it
(that is absolutly reality) the 50 cents and
a little money for a destillable solvent would make it

So hey SPAMMER I`ll try to do my best
in helping you finding a way for cheap OTC Morph.

And for everyone else here who is interested or
can`t believe that there`s really morphine in it.
Try to find some friends in your country (in other forums
they will be) and let you teach about what TradeMark
and "Best before day" to buy.

Even the small production number on the back or somewhere
else is important to indentify a potent package of poppy seeds.

So I hope there are some more interested guys out there.

I`ll bet we all will find some
(Hive Bee)
10-02-04 04:35
No 534104
User Picture 
      This does work. SWIX bioassay:     

SWIX partook in a nice cup of tea about 2 months ago. Yeah get big bag from supermarket or bulk food store or wherever, take juice of 2-3 lemons (don't really need much) and mix whole lot up in a bucket. Let it sit for a while, stirring every few minutes. After half hour filter out seeds. Water a milky colour. Evap by boiling until amount will fit into two cups. Two people drink one cup each. After half an hour you will know what I'm talking about... cool Its ok, SWIM is regular opiate user and would put the dose at about 40mg per person (80mg total) but I'm told this varies with the origin of the seeds. If you have a morphine/smack addiction it will hold you for a few hours, my junkie friends tell me. Also I think there is other alkaloids in there, maybe thebaine/ibogaine? Dunno I'm not very knowledgable on naturally occuring opiate alkaloids, but the hit feels strange, definitely not just morph and codeine. Quite pleasant overall, but mildly nauseous and slight headache, for SWIX anyway. But SWIX would do it again... Also, lemon juice seems superior to citric acid or other acids for making the alkaloid dissolve. Who knows why but those in the know tell SWIX it the way to go....
Unfortunetly this has been a popular method lately, around these parts anyway, and the authorities are now aware of the issue. So it could get a little harder to get them eventually.


Reality is just a crutch for people who can't handle drugs...
(Hive Addict)
10-02-04 11:07
No 534143
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      Cheap - Lifetime Supply     

Hmmm, can't believe I missed this thread. Nausea, vomiting, scratching til bleeding? Sounds like par for the course. So is this Swim's CHEAP - Lifetime supply?

Maybee evap it at a low temp down to two cups, fine filter and then set it aside and forget about it for a couple weeks? So is it more like opium or morphine? Can it bee dried to a powder and then mixed with a leafy substance and smoked?

I can see Swim building UP a poppy seed tolerance and then the pig fuckers removing it from the shelves, to send Swim out amongst the wolves to spend all of his hard earned money. On second thought, probably not because our govt sure has spent alot of time in Afghanistan to accomplish absolutely nothing...right?

Do you think that Swim could dream just once and the desire will fade like most other novelties? Thanks fellas, Swim is no stranger to watching water evaporate. smile

So much for sobriety
(Hive Bee)
10-04-04 16:48
No 534399
      it aint oxycontin     

As an opiate user I have never scratched until I bleed or seen onyone bleed from an itch. Just an itchy nose mostly.

What methods are you going to try? There are lots of ideas to get started even with ghetto kitchen ware.
A long soak could replace a boil.
Try pulling with slovents other than alcohols, acetone.
Seems like a low Ph is a good extraction environment...but has anyone tried a high Ph?
Try evaporating the tea?
Maybe ice water like in chromics ice water codiene exctract.
Many other things to try
Of course if you got the glass, a distillation could help.

Now whats all this talk about lot numbers on the package.....any info on that would be nice.

Viva la insurgents!!!

10-04-04 18:51
No 534408
      this reminds me of something i saw at ...     

this reminds me of something i saw at it said if you take enough banana peels... come on! even if there was some residule opium base on every 100th poppy seed, whats the point. according to equivalency statistics, the poppy tea would be about as powerful as say, darvocet? for all the trouble, you could go get signed up at the methadone clinic and get really fucked up. ill bet that you could only do this once, maybe twice before your tolerence required something like 50 lbs of poppy seeds. it sounds about as labor intensive as the kids who scrape matchbooks for the red phosphorus... i hear they make crack or pcp from the matchbooks? if any bees have a link...laugh
(Hive Addict)
10-04-04 23:29
No 534449
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Erowid has some information on this extraction using alcohol and negative results when smoking the resultant tar.

10-05-04 10:05
No 534518
      try smoking     

have you try to smoke poppie numb oh yea! the feeling is nice (oc)never try (morph) never try (pop)try feels great
mix with cig roll up  time heals all
10-05-04 10:14
No 534519
      All these posts confuse me!     

Now, i dont know abow other newbees, but all these posts kinda got to me so this might bee a little insignificant but.....

People in NZ call it "Supermarket Methadone"

Only drink 3 cups of tea made with 250grms seed if you have no opiate tolerence otherwise you will get the symptoms described previously (vomiting, heartbeat thing ect).

Maybee vaccume stripping of our solvent is the way to go to prevent thermal decomposition?

If we can then get the codene out with an ice water wash/some other extraction and get it pure enough then we can do this -

and it becomes fesabil (sp) to make Morph/Heroin in personal amounts. But thats being a bit dreamy i think.
Much easier to just drink with juice (satchay powder juice added to extract)IMHO.

Now i think abut it, i once saw (on the net), an extraction of dried pods and seeds (allready harvested) with H2O which was boiled down to a gummy resin and administered rectally, they reported bioactivity so mabee low heat (<100C) wont harm the opiates?

BTW- itching is a common allergic reaction (doc in hosp told me), i get it from all opiates and the hospital will only give me pethadine now.

"Everythng is becoming everything again....oh no.."
(Balanced Ego)
10-05-04 10:45
No 534524
      get your diction straight!     

people, poppy tea is tea made from the poppy-pods! always has been.
just because you make tea from the seeds out of desperation doesn't mean
that it's poppy tea. we've enought confusing dictions already, no need
to add another one!

"And you for sure cant read nor write assembler, idiot." - orgy.
10-05-04 19:19
No 534569
      this is getting a little far-fetched...     

in regards to: and it becomes fesabil (sp) to make Morph/Heroin in personal amounts...
  from this site i have already seen the yeilds for large scale herion production. say about 500-700 grams of tek out of a kilo of morphine... how many poppies do you think it takes to get that base? an acre? 5? ill bet the best you could do with this is washing about 150lbs and cooking that down and maybe, if the moon is full, you would end up with a teaspoon of shitty cough-syrup.
itching is a common allergic reaction (doc in hosp told me), i get it from all opiates
this is common amongst everyone. the body treats opiates as an allergin, causing a release of histamine. most professional herion addicts know this, remimber the deaths in texas:OD by combo of herion and diephedrinhydramime- benadryl. if you take benadryl while on ops, it stops the itching and you stay fuckedup longer beacause of the anti-HISTAMINE properties of benadryl. if you are familliar with the world of pain mang., there is a med called hydrozine(drug name)/ Vistril?vis-ter-il. it is an opiate intensifier/anti-histamine.does the same thing, but better.
mabee low heat (<100C) wont harm the opiates
from Master Rhodium's site:1.00 g. of codeine and 3 g. of pyridine hydrochloride was placed in a bath at 220°C...from review:codine to morphine (sorry, after 2 years i still dont know how to post links:( )
so apparantly heat wont do to bad. what the fuck am i thinking! i almost forgot that i banged herion for six years! i used to boil the shit outta big tan vinnigar-stank rocks of raw tang and it never effected the quality, i know cause ive banged with cold water too- no difference whatsoever- so i would have to think that heating moderatly is acceptablesmile
(Hive Bee)
10-06-04 13:23
No 534675
      poppy seeds production     

scratching till bleeding
-hey this was kind of a joke.
the little smiley should show this.laugh

What I meant was strongly scratching
like from a good Heroin dose.

Here in europe the poppy seeds producers
get their poppies from different locations.
So this is the reason why some are potent
and some have absolutly no effect.
Even the same producer could get his poppies
from different countries. 
This is what I wanted to tell with "production line".
And the different production lines could be indicated
by the "best before date"

poppie seeds from south countries like turkey
seems to be good. And I´m not talking about
their poppies production for the pharma industry.

Poppy seeds from Hungary as an example have no effect.

Dope_amins oxycodone synth from rhodium
tells something about heat is bad for opis.
"Heat is bad for opiates, but I have not found that letting it cook at 80-90°C for 30 min to be terribly detrimental."
(Hive Bee)
10-06-04 18:14
No 534710
      Hm, just swim's experience: he made poppy tea...     

Hm, just swim's experience: he made poppy tea (from straw, pods, and so on) by boiling the plant material as grounded as much as possible for at least 1, better 2 hours brimming over, adding some water from time to time and evaporating the excess water at full heat after filtering, too - his tea always worked great, around 20 pods and straw = better than a ~25$ hit brown. so swim never came to the idea heat could harm the morph. but who knows, he never tried it with lower temps ...

- Beware of the Morphail Effect! -
(Hive Addict)
10-08-04 09:37
No 534942
      so to sum up this thread the seeds have no...     

so to sum up this thread the seeds have no (noticable) narcotic content, its when you grow the plant (from the seeds) and use the pods where the narcotic content comes in?

So if i go buy some poppy seeds from the market and grow the plants and score the pods as per i can get myself some opium (post production method as it says on and further down the track if i like some morphine, and if even more keen some herion?

Is that correct or am im reading into this topic wrong?


Its just my opinion, but no-one listens to me anyway, and rightly so...
10-08-04 17:54
No 534972
      ApprenticeCook that is correct...     

ApprenticeCook that is correct... the seeds have little to none of the raw, unprocessed opium "gum" remaning after being harvested from the pods.
its when you grow the plant (from the seeds) and use the pods where the narcotic content comes in?
i beleive the implication of this post stops at the seed. the bees in this thread simply make a tea out of the seeds harvested from the inside of the opium poppy. the seed are coated in opium gum- the "precursor" of herion manf. before the seed are packaged, they are usualy rinsed to remove the sticky coating and packaged for sale. i guess that some brands are a little less rinsed than others. this doesnt mean i beleive that this is worth-while; i dont doubt that there is residue present, just not enough to make your eyes constrict even
The following is an analogy to help everyone understand why i think this thread should bee abandoned:Law enforcment once made a statment in the 90's that upwards of 80% of the money- not including 1s or 5s -leaving Miami from banks had traces of cocaine residue. so what if you took a hundred bucks into First Miami National and got change in 10s. then you took the 10s home and rinsed them in ether. then you dried the bills and return to the bank. this time you trade the 10s for five 20s and so on and so on... after a while, the saved ether/bill wash could bee distiled off and you can scape the kilo out of you RBF. you could get coke for free! get the fuck outta here! do you see how ridiculus that idea sounds... why dont we just steam-distil eugenol from clove ciggarettes? im sure eugenol is in there some where!
So if i go buy some poppy seeds... further down the track if i like some morphine, and if even more keen some herion?
Theoreticly, yeah, sure. But actully, no. look at the amount of gum base needed to make morphine. now look at the amount of morphine base needed to create the diacetylmorphine. the yeilds decrease dramaticly as the process advances. morphine only comprises about 10% ot the raw gum. from rhod's site:The opium yield from a single pod varies greatly, ranging from 10 to 100 milligrams of opium per pod. The average yield per pod is about 80 milligrams. The dried opium weight yield per hectare of poppies ranges from eight to fifteen kilograms. It takes 13 kilos of opium gum to produce 1.3 kilos of morphine base. for each pound of morphine base you get 11 ounces of unrefined/unclean heroin. ... do the math and then just go to the doctor and get a script.tongue
(Hive Bee)
10-08-04 23:59
No 534986
User Picture 

Most brands of seeds are washed which makes them useless. But there are some available, in my country at least, that are not and do work.

But yeah big effort to get high. Is fun to try once kinda thing, got SWIX whacked, but not sort of thing worth doing regularly or on any large scale. IMHO anyway.


Reality is just a crutch for people who can't handle drugs...
10-09-04 02:31
No 534994
      Well SWIM dont mind the effort, 2mins walk to...     

Well SWIM dont mind the effort,

2mins walk to store and back, 8 bucks
10 min washing of seeds,
10min drinking,
4 hour high.

works every time, SWIM has never got seeds pre washed - it takes flavour from the seeds and bakers wont use em.

at 7$ a kg at the place in NZ thats nation wide.

so if i get a dose off 250grms, let the dose be X.
4X in a kg.
Dammit i cant do this without knowing how much an approx dose is,
4X/10 = ammount of morphene in a kg of seeds. Let this be Y.
68.75% of our morph weight will be the weight of our Diactyl. (11/16*100=68.75)

so Y * 68.75% = our yeild from 1 kg of poppy seed. Let this be A.

So lets set the dose at 20mg. (20/Y)* 7 = price for one dose of H not including reagents.

How much do you think will be a good amount for X?

This would not be very cost effective at all i think.
Better to go buy a whole heap of codine containing OTC pills.

(BTW i went for a joint (of tobacco) down by the river after reading this thread and along the way i saw four 2.25L bottles FULL of washed poppy seed in someones trash)

"Everythng is becoming everything again....oh no.."
10-10-04 18:21
      why not just extact codeine from medicine, and
(Rated as: redundant)
10-10-04 19:35
      why not...
(Rated as: redundant)
(Hive Bee)
10-27-04 05:59
No 538055
      I love this subject.     

over at we actually consumed poppy seeds and posted the urinalysis report. perhaps thebaine is metabolized into oripavine and then this affects the body as well. whatever. there is morphine and codeine plus a mix of other opium alkaloids in poppy seeds. and they are specifically exempted from federal control. a navy webwsite posted actual chemistry, in which I figured around 5 milligrams of a mixture of codeine and morphine per hundred grams. that cnn be a decent amount of opiates in a twenty pound box. this can be very cheap. we have used these seeds to come off of morphine/methadone. the seeds vary in potency from literally Nothing to actually being VERY potent. one batch two years ago being incredibly potent, so potent that extreme dysphoria was experienced if consuming more than 50 grams of seed. some recipes call for POUNDS of these seeds. the semen of the underworld if you ask me. I have come off a 3 year run on the seeds. those with no experience should consume them before claiming that they are alkaloid free.

(Hive Bee)
10-27-04 06:11
No 538056
      urinalysis report.     

I will contact the person who posted the urinalysis at opiophile, as we started a new phorum and scrapped the old....the people at the clinic refused to believe that my freind was not using pharms. he has a prescription for buprenorphine now, and the DR was told that he had only a poppy seed habit. a DR who wrote a book on opiates once told me that in Portland in the 70,s and 80's that a wholistic alternative to methadone  poppy seeds, were off the record alternatives. as these seeds are federally exempt from control, they remain one of the only tools that opiophiles in the methadone free state of IDAHO have when interrupting opiate tolerance addiction. no methadone=desperation=crime.pathetic. pathos. will the opiophile survive? we will see.................I buy the seeds and if anyone questions me I bring up my italian heritage, as these seeds were one of the staple seed sources of the old world, try one of the 8 most important seed oil sources. many recipes call for them. cans of poppy seed paste are on major superstores shelves.

(Hive Bee)
10-27-04 06:18
No 538058
      navy website.     

the navy used to post the chemistry findings they came up with when testing seeds used in muffins on Navy ships. this so they could set the levels that would decide just how much morphine in the blood would be acceptable. SO the navy actually spent money to allow sailors to consume a KNOWN OPIATE. and just how much endogenous morphine content is too much? this I do not know, last time I tried I could not come up with this Navy report, though I am sure the incident the precipitated the study is still retrievable. these seeds are great. I can eat them raw. mixed with peanut butter is fine. mixed with juice and swallowed whole has a colon cleansing effect. viva la seed.

(Hive Addict)
10-27-04 08:40
No 538079
      mixed with juice and swallowed whole has a...     

mixed with juice and swallowed whole has a colon cleansing effect

Total over-share....

Its just my opinion, but no-one listens to me anyway, and rightly so...
10-27-04 21:48
No 538161
      mixed with juice and swallowed whole has a...     

mixed with juice and swallowed whole has a colon cleansing effect
good to know, cause they sure aren't for getting fucked up. i was really unhappy to see this thread back at the top of the list. it takes away from actual chemistry discussions that may bee helpful. if poppy seeds were a viable source of morphine, then 1)the hippys wouldve known and 2)they would bee outlawed in the US. But guess what, my dad was a hippy who lived in san fran on asbury in '69 and hes "never heard such bs" (actual quote) and you can walk into any piggly-wiggly (not naming a source, just for example) and buy bottles full of poppy seeds.
look at all the work that goes into gakkin' pills these days. if poppy seed were a primary precursor- like say ephidrine- then the fedral govn would come up with some kinda "poppy-wash" (heheh) to keep the kids safe.
as for failing a drug test... narcan will fail a drug test. does that mean narcan will get you fucked up? no. it does the opposite if your already dope sick. is narcan a good precursor for opiate manufacture? probably not or it would bee more difficult to aquire (i have several bottles myself- when you do the dirt...ya neva no)i think ill read around and find out how the test can bee triggered...
it defenatly isnt a gar-ron-tee that each little poppy seed is a piece of heroin waiting to bee cooked out!laugh
(Hive Addict)
10-28-04 13:36
No 538324
      your right.... Think this thread could be...     

your right....

Think this thread could be closed about now.... someone?

Well as a final note, just grow the fuckin things and harvest the sap as per info....

Have fun.

Its just my opinion, but no-one listens to me anyway, and rightly so...
(Hive Bee)
10-28-04 23:43
No 538377
      the last word     

try living in a state where methadone is illegal for awhile, then the alkaloid content of these seeds may impress you. I share this information cause I have seen good people with legitimate pain complaints end up dead or commit suicids rather than deal with THE PAIN. I am not condoning people to go out and get involved with opiate research, merely posting relevant experiences with a food source that has helped me shake the control states ultimate control over my opiate intake. Ill shut up about the poppy seeds from now on dont worry with one last suggestion, dont take "daddy's" word for anything when it comes to poppy seeds, either try the product yourself, or remain silent on the subject. B-I-O-A-S-S-A-Y can deliver some interesting perspectives when talking and walking the herb path. PEACE

(Hive Bee)
11-01-04 19:55
No 539106
      the FINAL last word...     

just found this and thought it would put this thread to rest.
Oregon State Police Crime Laboratory,Springfield. J Forensic Sci 1992 Jul;37(4):1158-62
Oregon's perspective towards ingestion of controlled substances focuses around driving under impaired conditions. To determine the influence of the residual opium on poppy seeds to impairment, seven volunteers each ingested 25 grams of poppy seeds baked into bundt cakes. Urine samples were screened by EMIT using 300 ng/ml cutoff levels. All of the urine specimens were found to be opiate positive shortly after consuming the cake; however, after administering a series of standardized drug recognition evaluation tests, no subjects were found to exhibit symptoms of opiate impairment.

(Hive Bee)
11-02-04 08:39
No 539192
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      Why don't you believe???     

They do work!!!  A bunch of beez (SWIX included) have posted about getting a reasonably strong effect off seeds, and yet other beez insist that we must bee making this up. Why would we do that? Xaja has been a Hive member for half a decade now, nearly since the beginning. And Xaja ain't about to start making shit up. mad

So maybe you don't like it or it doesn't do much for you. Doesn't mean you have to try and discredit the thread.

What? The Land of the Free? Whoever taught you that is your enemy! - Rage Against The Machine
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11-03-04 01:30
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      in all fairness..     

And Xaja ain't about to start making shit up.
i know, your a very well respected member at the hive and for good reasons. i didnt mean to threaten your/any other bee's reputation, for that matter. they did eat almost an ounce of seeds and nothing. in all fairness, they were baked into a cake. maybee the heat fucked it up...
just to make peace with myself, im getting some poppy seeds at the piggly-wiggly this week to see for myself. if it works, i will submit to all the mighty defendants of the majestic poppy seed and admit i suck monkey
i have to admit i have a high psycological tolerance to smack and the like, but i will bee objective.

Don't you think if I had something intelligent to say, it would bee in my post?
11-05-04 16:12
      As I said some posts before it definetly work...
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(Balanced Ego)
11-05-04 16:25
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you can also get your nicotine fix by smoking ashtray dirt.

11-05-04 22:09
      now check out my post in the general forum
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