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(Hive Bee)
09-30-04 02:11
No 533819
      Tartaric Acid Confusion     

My head is spinning from the confusion over the type of Tartaric Acid to use to isolate LSD.
None of the LSD synth procedures specifies WHICH Tartaric Acid one should actually use to do the final crystalization of the LSD.  I assume that the Tartaric Acid one should use is the
UN-NATURAL version; i.e. D (-) Tartaric Acid
and NOT the Natural L + Tartaric Acid.
Am I correct?
(Hive Bee)
09-30-04 02:45
No 533826
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      tartaric stereoisomery     

D-(-)-l-tartaric acid, the unnatural or unusual stereoisomer.

Post 506241 (Rhodium: "chirality of otc tartrate salts", Tryptamine Chemistry)

Post 511856 (Rhodium: "the freebase should be used", Stimulants)

Or you could've consulted TiHKAL about it...
(or, as an encouraged researcher, you could verify it this way: crystallize the salt using one stereoisomer of tartaric acid, and crystallize everything left with maleic acid... - then TASTE some... you should be able to distinguish rather sharply between d- and l-LSD... wink)

09-30-04 21:42
No 533955
      black vs white filter     

you can do it backwards can't you? like, separate off the L as freebase and then you have the D as tartrate (or vice versa), like the one to separate meth isomers. If the choice is between the two, either would suffice as in the process one goes to freebase the other as chiral salt. i may be jumping in on something i don't know enough about though (lsd isomers)
(Hive Bee)
09-30-04 21:50
No 533956
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Yes, that's what I was trying to explain...

But better convert the freebase to a salt, too - it is not very stable in its free form I think.

"crystallize the salt using one stereoisomer of tartaric acid, and crystallize everything left with maleic acid..."

And I think d-(-)tartaric acid crystallizes more easily than natural tartaric would.


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