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(Hive Bee)
09-30-04 17:16
No 533922 quiz question - trivia     

If you want to add a site to the directory you need to sign up.
Then 'they' make you do a quiz (not sure where they're going with this quiz; possibly to educate the supplicant in the ways of their particular format).

Anyhow, this is one of the questions that I saw (they're offered in a pseudo-random fashion).

Apparently has a fair amount of clout.
12.  Wally has a site that provides instructions for making methamphetamine, a drug that is illegal to distribute, manufacture, or use without a prescription. Is this site OK to list in the Zeal-LookSmart directory?
 Yes. He is helping people set up a legitimate home business.
 Yes. As long as the site doesn't tell visitors where to buy these drugs, it's OK.
 No. Wally's site is promoting illegal activities.
 No. Synthesizing amphetamines can be a fire hazard, and LookSmart cannot include sites that describe unsafe activities.

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