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10-05-04 02:18
      im wondering how could one go about creatring N2O
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10-05-04 02:26
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Post 402161 (Rhodium: "Nitrous Oxide from Urea, Nitric and Sulfuric Acid", Novel Discourse)

The Hive - Clandestine Chemists Without Borders
10-05-04 16:52
      im still learning about chemistry, but i was...
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10-05-04 19:09
      ok i think i got it, it be like HCL Gas ...
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(Hive Bee)
10-06-04 18:39
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      how about...     

taking a up 'electric/arc welding' as a hobby or have nitrous fitted to your car... legal in EU surprisingly enough

using chemicals.. may as well go back to the 19th centuary
(but it does work if you dont mind experimenting with your lungs)
10-14-04 14:38
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      making N2O     

Its a dangerous thing to da but u can also use ammoniumnitrat
to make N2O by heating on low flame an beeing careful about the ignitionpoint
10-14-04 19:12
      When you mix H2SO4 and HNO3 you get a ...
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10-15-04 16:50
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(Hive Bee)
11-12-04 22:56
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      ok, i figured it be easier to just go out and...     

ok, i figured it be easier to just go out and get tank filled with N20, but since im not able to find a reliable source, and have to go with N2O that contain Sulfer, would doing a NaOH wash get rid of all the sulfer? or what would be a better way about removing the sulfer?
11-13-04 04:19
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      generally N2O gets cleaned up with distilled...     

generally N2O gets cleaned up with distilled watter (get a flask with a 2 hole stopper,in one stopper place a glass tube to the bottem of the flask in the ohte a glass tube that runs only to the top, run your impure gas through the longer tube and collect with your shorter one, you can also use NaOH(aq) in the flask instead of d-H20. im sure you can devise a better "inline" way to accomplish this cleaning, a trip to the hardware store is definatly in order. dont try any themal decomposition of Urea as it percipitates some nasty stuff (namely fire/explostions)

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