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10-06-04 22:41
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      PTC imine reduction question     

Is distillation necessary in barium's PTC imine reduction method for an acceptably pure product or can the post A/B toluene solution be directly gassed? I plan on recrystallzing the final product. What yields could one expect with this method? Would a 75% molar yield be too far fetched? I have 600gms MDP2P and am wondering if this method would be prefferable over LapTops. I really don't want to make freebase MeAm nor spend countless hours gassing MeOH. It would take around 5hrs to gas 250gms into the methanol right?
(Chief Bee)
10-06-04 23:14
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      The importance of small-scale trials     

Do not react 600g at once regardless of what method you choose, first perform a trial run using 10 grams or so, to find out exactly what kind of yield you are getting with that particular procedure and particular batch of chemicals, then scale up if you are satisfied.

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