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(Hive Addict)
10-09-04 17:38
No 535055
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      FreeKey FryDaze     

Nothing like a well oiled machine to gum UP yer brake shoelaces when "Slamming on the Brakes" is there?
I just knew that MotherGoose was pulling our LEGS with that fable about the E-race...
You Know...the one about the TURD-le and the E-Bunny!blushwink
Strap IN!
We all know who's faster!

"I almost cut my Hare!"laugh
Biz: You got that Almighty BUZOBTAINIUM ARK crafted Yet???tongue
The Galactic Pi-rates3 Await!cool
"WARP 5 Checkoff"....
"Aye Aye Kept-tin"...(foil that is!)wink

RealLife Antenna Stealthshocked

Antenna Technology "Locks On" WiFi Signals

Fri Oct 8, 2:21 PM ET

Mark Hachman - ExtremeTech

InterDigital Communications Corp. has developed an antenna that "locks in" on a signal, refusing to waste power in radiating information in all directions.

Although the company is eyeing mobile cellular devices, the initial use of the technology will be used in wireless LANs. Once the antenna "learns" the source of the signal, it spends all of its power broadcasting the signal directly toward the target. InterDigital is pitching the idea to OEMs, executives at the company said this week.

InterDigital has spent several years refining the technology, said Tom Gorsuch, director of product management for the company. "The technology is at a mature stage," he said. "We've spent quite a few years in development. Basically, the technology is ready today."

Most laptops and other devices use a silicon antenna module mounted to one or more conductive strips. The InterDigital technology uses the antenna array to sense the direction of a signal, and then "concentrates" on that signal source. Since a WLAN environment typically contains either a fixed access point, receiver, or both, the signal strength can be maximized. The InterDigital technology improves the signal-to-noise ratio by between 5 to 6 dB, producing a 50-percent increase in range, Gorsuch said.

The company has tested the technology in "urban canyons" deep in the heart of big cities, where skyscrapers and other buildings can bounce signals around erratically. Future enhancements will include MIMO (multiple-in, multiple-out) antenna arrays like those being used in next-generation 802.11n deployments, and portable handsets, Gorsuch said.

Software Forms New Antenna
October 8, 2004

By Eric Griffith

This week at the Antenna Systems 2004 conference in Denver, cellular antenna maker InterDigital Communications announced a move into the Wi-Fi space, putting an emphasis on innovation on the client end with a new design that uses software algorithms to create beams for signals, rather than relying just on an omni-directional signal.

Called Adaptive Interference Management (AIM), the antenna designs are for use by chipmakers, OEMs and ODMs. 32-year-old InterDigital designs and licenses the antennas, but leaves the manufacturing to others.

"People think of smart antennas as being for infrastructure only," says Tom Gorsuch, director of product management for InterDigital, "but the innovation here is moving it to the client/handheld. "

Client systems that InterDigital has made reference designs for include handheld phones, PC cards, USB sticks and dongles. AIM will also work with 2G, 2.5G, and 3G cellular terminals. The company, based in King of Prussia, Penn., also has AIM antenna designs for Wi-Fi access points. The company's tests show AIM will increase performance at the edge of an access point's range by more than 80%.

Gorsuch describes the direction mode of an AIM antenna as being "like phased array antennas, but done cheaper." The beam forming of the antenna is all done in the InterDigital software, so new silicon doesn't have to be designed. This leads to "improved coverage by several dB, higher data rates, and improved capacity," he says. Gorsuch says a bare AIM antenna has about a 6dBi gain, but that drops a bit once incorporated into a WLAN client device.

The beam forming directive mode gives AIM a higher data rate, but the antenna's software also supports an omni-directional mode as needed, so it can perform just as well as any existing antenna. While it will continuously scan the environment to see what the best beam mode is, Gorsuch says it works with the Wi-Fi chip as it goes in and out of sleep mode, so there's little worry of it using extra power.

The reference designs and licenses for AIM antennas are available from InterDigital now.

*BEEEEP*This is a test! This has been a test of the emergency BroadCasting System!blush
WE now return you to your regularly scheduled PROGRAMMING???

Kirk: Captains log. After... visiting another half.... dozen... worlds,

where people... represe themselves.... to the rule of a....

  super...... computer, I have..... bedded three dozen of their....

  minor female.... political leaders, started various rebillions,

  and in the more desperarte cases, done my party trick

  and........ talked the said computer to death. We are now on

  our way to..... rendevous..... with the... USS... Constipated.....

which has reported seeing something.... strange.

Spock: Sensors indicate we are entering the system the Constipated
  is supposed to be at.

Kirk: Anything...Unusual?

Spock: NO. Nothing out of the ordinary. Except of course that the
Constipated is not there and there are no signs of debri.

Kirk: Nothing unusual there. Oh well might as well inform....

  Starfleet that they might as well chalk off another starship.

  Put it down to experince.

Sulu: Captain. Theres an anomoly off the port bow.

Kirk: Hum. Seems like a usual day.

Checkov: Ve are being pulled in it Keptain.

Kirk: So far so good. Just a typical day... again.

(McCoy enters the bridge)

McCoy: What in tarnation are you up to Jim? Don't you know we
  have hardly any blah blah blah. We can't take the risk blah
  blah blah. Your going to kill us all blah blah blah. Might
  have to declare you insane blah blah blah.

Spock: The doctor does have a logical point captain.

McCoy: (taken aback, stumbles to the floor.) What, your agreeing with me?

Spock: Yes. This is a dangerous situation and we have no knoledge of where this anomoly will take us.

Kirk: But I haven't even given any orders yet.

Sulu: Captain, we are in the anomoly.

Spock: Two late.

(the ship starts shaking, people fall about in different directions, the
navigational console practicle falls apart as Sulu and Checkoff wrestle
to stay on it. lights flash, Scotty keeps calling on the intercom. Women
scream, a tribble gives birth just for the hell of it, then dissapears down
a hole in a wall. Eventually everything returns to normal.)

Kirk: (wearing Uhuras uniform) REPORT!

Spock: No damage, allthough the navigontional console prop nearly
fell over again. Minor annoyance on all decks. And your in
  Lt Uhuras uniform.

Kirk: Wha? (takes it off.) Here Lt. Now wheres my uniform?

Checkov: Look at the size of that thing.

Kirk: What? (looks down. His pants ARE still on) What are you

  babeling on about. I have my pants o- GOOD LORD!

(on the viewscreen we see a fleet of Imeprial star destroyers around the

Ice world of Hoth.)

Kirk: (looks at star destroyer) Yikes.

(run credits. "Space, the final frontier. And all that jazz.")smile
Copyright 1997 David Hopper.

If the shoethrows fits...Ware Itout
(Stoni's sexual toy)
10-09-04 22:28
No 535096
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      What the fuck are you on?     

Had your nose a little bit too deep in the baggie?

BUSH/CHENEY 2004! After all, it ain't my country!
10-17-04 05:36
(Rated as: insignificant)
(Hive Addict)
10-17-04 16:53
No 536201
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      Okay I make a better "Poster...     

Okay I make a better "Poster Child for Math"246709c53420ad6c90a942eed7289a35.gif
than I would

If you can see past my feeble attempts at humor and artificial levity,(For The Wanker Bees that can't float:)"The Hand Is Quicker Than The Eye"!'ll see some enlightening facts in the links posted!

If the shoethrows fits...Ware Itout
(Stoni's sexual toy)
10-17-04 17:22
No 536205
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      If you have something meaningful to contribute     

If you have something meaningful to contribute please do so in a way that does not distract from your message, e.g. by not using puns and jokes that nobody understands or thinks are funny. There is absolutely no need to let us know that your last batch was potent and went well by posting gibberish.

BUSH/CHENEY 2004! After all, it ain't my country!
(Hive Addict)
10-17-04 17:59
No 536207
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      Allow me to go off-topic here!     

Os: Not every bee is a tightass factmongering stuffed-shirt infomation whore and while I'm not implying you fall into that category, you're patronizing-wetblanket opinion and downrating of my posts speaks volumes about your likes and dislikes.
No hard feelings, but I, for one, enjoy seeing a little creative expression from time to time and i'm not apt to fall victim to taking myself or others too seriously any time soon.
In the more seriousness posts, I am fully capable of curbing my enthusiasm and imaginative outbursts and most times follow the curriculum format around here.
It's not your fault, I'll bet you wipe your ass with the comic section of the newspaper instead of reading it!smile
The Kidz still Luv ya Os, even if you don't share the luv!

If the shoethrows fits...Ware Itout
(Stoni's sexual toy)
10-17-04 20:44
No 536227
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      Let's not forget this is the server room, a...     

Let's not forget this is the server room, a forum which shouldn't be used for the occasionally unavoidable outbursts of creativity and sillyness.

Your posts look pretty dumb without all the smileys and gifs when using the hive light edition with [image] instead of the pics.

BUSH/CHENEY 2004! After all, it ain't my country!

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