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10-11-04 04:12
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      p-Toluenesulfonyl Hydrazide     

Is p-toluenesulfonyl hydrazide (CAS 1576-35-8) a monitored chemical within the United States? I haven't found this chemical mentioned anywhere here on the hive and only once on Rhodium's site here:

The only places that carry this are major chemical suppliers and I haven't found any practical preparations for it. So would it be suspicious ordering this from one of the major chemical suppliers?


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10-11-04 12:11
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      if you cant explain in a ligit formwhy you...     

if you cant explain in a ligit formwhy you want something even if its not on any watch lists is a bit suss...

Best is to figure out a good reason you can back up if asked.

However they may not ask... but its better to be prepared just incase.


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10-11-04 16:45
No 535365
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      Ref: P-toluenesulfonyl Hydrizide....the scavenger     

In the example of the one time mentioned at the Rhodium site , it is used as a scavenger of the aldehyde . The uses found for the compound is both a blowing agent for PVC and a scavenger for ketones and aldehydes as noted in the Rhodium article. So a good use of the compound if asked is to remove some unwanted aldehyde or ketone from your

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