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(Hive Bee)
10-13-04 05:56
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      DXM question, why did it change (for me)?     

I got a few DXM questions.

Recently I tried the agent lemon extraction of some Robo Max Cough. Before I have always used the HBr molecule. In the extraction technique, it mentions how the DXM will turn to DXO after only a matter of hours. I assume this is only the freebase. So the first question is: would DXM HBr dissolved in EtOH (generic vodka, to bee exact) change it's make-up over a period of say several months?

Reason I ask is I started out on the syrup (like everyone). At first the effects were SOO strong as was the BL. Of course, the effects diminished in intensity, but thankfully the BL did as well. So I switched to the powder and got pretty regular with it (don't try at home, kids). And got to some kind of plateau Sigma a few times by repeated lower plateau doses throughout the day.

Then I took a few months off and when I came back, I was now using the citrate molecule. So now I get almost NO positive effects and the BL sucks ass! So what gives? Was I really doing DXO with the vodka and DXM that had been sitting around and that's what I need to go back to? Is the HBr better in my case than the citrate? Or is it my change in drug regimen? I was on 300mg bupropion and 100mg Seroquel. Then while on hiatus from the DXM I added modafinil. Then dropped the modafinil and the Seroquel and was just on the bupropion when I took the DXM citrate. Any guidance, bees?



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(Hive Bee)
10-13-04 11:15
No 535643
      What is BL?     

What is BL?

So differently divine...
10-13-04 23:30
No 535722
      body load     

I believe marcilla is talking about body load, aka how your body feels weighed down/heavy/like total shit. tell you the truth I think at a certain point everyones body just stops accepting DXM.  Swim used to do 1g powder everyweekend and had a blast everytime.  Now swim cant even stomach 300mg without feeling totally ill and really bad bodyload.  swim just decided that (s)he simply "grew out" of the whole dxm thing.  just my 2 cents
(Hive Bee)
10-14-04 01:58
No 535736
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      I don't believe DXM turns into DXO in a few...     

I don't believe DXM turns into DXO in a few hours on its own.  It is metabolized into DXO inside the body.

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(Hive Bee)
10-16-04 22:39
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      I'm curious as to whether there's some ...     

I'm curious as to whether there's some scientific explanation as to why DXM isn't any good after you've done it enough.

So differently divine...
(PVC-Analog Taste-Tester)
10-16-04 23:25
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You can't do DXM too For me, a mixture of peracetam and 3g DXM brought back the "magick" just like with MDA and MDMA.

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(Hive Bee)
10-16-04 23:37
No 536128
      Piracetam seems to make everything about 2x-3x     

Piracetam seems to make everything about 2x-3x stronger for me (other than opiates), and you did 3g? Your brain probably looks like swiss cheese.

I'm still leary of doing PEAs with piracetam, because although piracetam protects/repairs the brain, it increases blood flow (the FAQ says not to drink alcohol with it because it increases brain damage), and no one I've asked knows whether or not it makes the damage from PEAs worse or helps, and DXM screws your brain up far worse than PEAs do.

I'd also have no idea how it would affect the dosage, and both piracetam and DXM affect about a million neurotransmitters each in about a million not fully documented ways.

So differently divine...
(Hive Bee)
10-28-04 08:20
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      Let me make this easier. . .     

Sorry, but the female mind causes me to ramble confusing the obviously greater number of male brains here. So let me try to bee more to the point:

1) Would DXM HBr dissolved in EtOH change it's molecular structure (to DXO for example)when stored at room temperature for a period of months?

2) Is there a reason that DXM citrate would cause more BL and less psychoactive effects than DXM HBr or DXO?

Thanks for your input.



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(Quick-witted Quibbler)
10-29-04 22:20
No 538622
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      "1) Would DXM HBr dissolved in EtOH ...     

"1) Would DXM HBr dissolved in EtOH change it's molecular structure"

Considering that DXM is sold OTC in ethanol solutions I don't see why would be a consideration.

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(Hive Bee)
10-30-04 09:51
No 538713
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2) Is there a reason that DXM citrate would cause more BL and less psychoactive effects than DXM HBr or DXO?

Yes. Bromide anions interfere with GABAA receptor ion currents. KBr, for example, has anxiolytic or sedative effects. Given the large dose of DXM×HBr needed, I would expect that the amount of the bromide may bee enough to have some influence on the overall effects. Especially if there is a possibility of antagonism or synergism between DXM and Br- and not only an addition of their respective effects. Therefore the body load of the DXM citrate might bee higher because you miss the anxiolytic effect of Br-. Maybe Br- can also somehow (physiologically) reduce the annoying tachycardic effect of DXM while working synergicaly at the CNS level.
I'm just guessing, but please read Post 480707 (Rhodium: "DXM·HBr induced Bromide Poisoning", General Discourse) for more on bromide and DXM.

PS: Also keep in mind that the same weight of the citrate is not equivalent to the same weight of the hydrobromide. If the stochiometry of the citrate is 2DXM×citric acid than they are nearly equipotent (by weight), but if it is DXM×citric acid than DXM×HBr is somewhat stronger. On the other hand, if it is 3DXM×citric acid than this is stronger than DXM×HBr. (I don't know which of the three possible salts it is in the formulation, neither which form are you talking about (syrup, pills) or how the amount of DXM is written on the preparation.)

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