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10-14-04 05:26
No 535765
      Fake opium going around? (not red rock)     

Swims wondering if any otherbee has come across this "fake opium"?  It was first encountered at this years Bonnaroo (huge hippy music festival in USA).  Looks and smells exactly like real opium, its a tar but not super sticky like real opium. doent get a bee high.  If it werent for the non-highnessness swim would consider it opium.  Possibly even some scandalous person is milking non-papaver somniferum plants and selling as true opium? anybees info or experiences welcome :)
(Hive Bee)
10-14-04 05:50
No 535767
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      Could it possibly be that fake opium shit they     

Could it possibly be that fake opium shit they sell in advertisements in High Times magazine??? blushblushblushlaughsmilewinkwinkcool

Better loving through chemistry.
10-14-04 06:37
No 535778
      the smell     

Anyone whos ever smelled opium before knows it has an extremely distinct "flowery" or as i call "heavenly" smell to it.  This stuff smells the EXACT same, which leads me to believe its either non-opium poppy extract, or those hightimes guys really figured out how to make an opium smelling/tasting tar
(Hive Bee)
10-21-04 00:03
No 536914
      Re: Anyone whos ever smelled opium before...     

Anyone whos ever smelled opium before knows it has an extremely distinct "flowery" or as i call "heavenly" smell to it.

Sure, if by opium you mean the incense crap sold in High Times that sleazebags sell as fake opium. Real opium absolutely does not smell "flowery"... even opium flowers don't smell flowery. Poppies tend to either have no smell or have a smell that reminds me of rotting beef. Opium doesn't have a very strong smell, and what smell it does have isn't very much like flowers or perfume. Opium's got to be one of the most faked drugs I can think of.

10-21-04 01:12
No 536916
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      Does the smoke have a blue tinge to it ?     

Does the smoke have a blue tinge to it ?

meat is YUMMY....
10-21-04 05:51
No 536934
      blue tinge..smell     

The smoke is noticeably thicker than normal herb smoke, i suppose it has a blueish tint to it. 

Murple - are you sure real opium doesnt have a really nice flowery smell to it?  i trust your drug knowledge based on all the things on erowid youve posted..but swim coulda sworn years ago he smoked some real opium that got him real fucked up that tasted like flowers

anyone else have ideas on how to recognize real opium?  Besides the obvious.. extraction and whatnot..?
(Hive Addict)
10-21-04 10:11
No 536941
      Grow some poppies and look at it your self,...     

Grow some poppies and look at it your self, after that you'll know what opiul is and what it is not.

(Hive Bee)
10-21-04 13:55
No 536961
      smoking opium     

for folks that are used to strong drugs, smoking REAL opium is going to bee a let down. you almost need to smoke it all day to get a nod.
pretty low-key stuff.
(Hive Bee)
10-23-04 02:19
No 537243
      If you need to smoke it all day to get a nod,...     

If you need to smoke it all day to get a nod, you didn't have opium. Not surprising since I'd be willing to bet virtually all opium on the US market is fake. Like someone said up there, grow/harvest some poppies yourself, see what it looks, smells, tastes and feels like, then you'll know what its supposed to be like. Its not flowery. If you get something flowery smelling, you probably smoked incense... I've seen both the notorious red rock and various black tar incenses sold as opium. Plenty of people will report getting high off those, but if you ask most of them smoked the stuff with marijuana and most don't have much opiate experience to compare it with.

While opium latex is virtually nonexistent on the black market in the US, its damn easy to get dried opium poppy pods. If you want to try opium, and cant grow it, thats the way to go.

Be careful though, the stuff is pretty damn addictive and the withdrawal is not pleasant.
(Hive Bee)
10-24-04 21:35
No 537521
      not my experience     

swim grows his own; good breed; easy enough to get a nod from a strong cup  of dried-pod tea..not so smoking the tar, at least for me. takes a decent size blob; a pleasant smoke, to bee sure, but quite time consuming. not like smoking a joint of pot.
never met a smack junky who could get off on opium.
but that's just one bee's experience.
(Hive Bee)
10-26-04 19:35
No 537954
      myrrh resin and opiate effect     

I can attest to the mild but nevertheless present effects that smoking/snorting eating myrrh resin can create. I have actually seen a 5x extract of myrrh being sold on the street as a new type of opium. a couple came to me with this extract wanting to know my opinion was to order the stuff from a company and not pay 50$ for a gram of the material again. smoking myrrh with salvia divinorum can cause some very interesting effects as well.


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