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(Hive Bee)
10-18-04 07:23
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      THC & Tropacocaine     

Has anyone read "THC & Tropacocaine" by Otto Snow? I've seen Bees give his books bad reviews in the past. Is this one any better than his usual work? In the blurb he states the following:

"Tropacocaine was discovered as a trace alkaloid in Coca leaves from Java. It is longer acting and less toxic than cocaine. Tropacocaine is prepared from atropine obtained from nightshade plants. The synthesis of tropacocaine from nightshade is described and referenced. Reactions have been translated into English."

Tropacocaine is less toxic than Cocaine??? crazy I assume the deaths I read about with Tropacocaine had to do with Atropine contamination. The affects of Tropacocaine must be close to Atropine huh? Probably no fun. Nevertheless I would like to read his procedures and refs on this subject so if someone has this book than please PM me or post them.

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(Hive Bee)
10-23-04 01:53
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      A bit of cocaine in tropacocaine     

No, tropacocaine is actually a stimulant (DAT inhibitor) with about 10% the potency of cocaine. It's the benzoic ester of pseudotropine. With atropine etc., they are esters of tropine, which (if memory serves correctly), is the more stearically strained configuration of tropine. That means if you reduce tropinone, the majority product, by a long way is pseudotropine. Then one step to tropacocaine by esterification with benzoic acid.

I got all of that from a series entitled "The Alkaloids", but I can't remember which volume (hey, this is from 20 years ago when I was at university), but in the part that deals with the tropane alkaloids

The reason I've remembered it so well was because it was my awakening to the fact that there were a LOT more psychoactive compounds out there, other than the ones that the law had come to an opinion on (even went as far as enquiring about pricing of pseudotropine!)

I would have thought that instead if using benzoic acid, one of the 4-halobenzoic acids was esterified with the pseudotropine, you might actually get something with a usable potency (I can't remember what degree of increase in potency using 4-fluorobenzoic gave over benzoic acid - again, a long time ago).

Sorry I couldn't be more specific with the ref. but that series had marvellous stuff about natural occurance, and semisynthetic derivitives (for other groups as well: The simple alkaloids-ephedrine/mescaline; the indoles, and just about every alkaloid group you can think of).

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(Hive Bee)
10-24-04 06:45
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      Re: 10% the potency of cocaine     

10% the potency of cocaine

I guess it's really not worth the time even messing with this then as a person would have to do like a gram or more. I haven't found this book online anywhere yet, but when I do I guess I'll post the refs and procedures anyway. Thanks for the info.

Crank is part of this complete breakfast.
(Hive Bee)
10-27-04 20:24
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      DOes anyone have the references to potency on...     

DOes anyone have the references to potency on the 4-halotropacocaines? Is it only flourine which fits the bill or would the other halogens produce similar increase in activity, an dto what degree?

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