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Law and Order  

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(Hive Bee)
10-22-04 12:01
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      Oz Bust - 125 kg Ice     

Three charged over haul of ice
17:35 AEST Fri Oct 22 2004

Australia's second largest seizure of the illegal drug ice was found hidden in candles imported from China, authorities said.

Three Chinese nationals were on Friday refused bail when they faced Sydney's Central Local Court on charges of importing and possessing the haul, estimated to be worth $100 million.

Yuk Chuen Tsang, 42, King Sun Wong, 41 and Ming Sing Simon Leung, 38, were charged on Thursday after Australian Federal Police (AFP) seized the 125kg of crystalline methylamphetamine, known as ice.

The drugs were found inside candles in a shipping container unloaded from the Maltese flagged container ship Kota Sejati at Port Botany on October 9. The vessel had arrived from China.

The haul was the second largest ice seizure in Australia, and enough for a million and a quarter street deals.

The largest - also found in a shipping container that had come from China - was seized in Sydney in May 2003 when 233kg of the drug was found hidden among cartons of rice sticks.

Two of the three men charged over the latest haul were arrested on Thursday at a storage facility in Homebush, in Sydney's west. The third was arrested at a hotel near Chinatown, the AFP said.

All three were in court on Friday to face charges of importing and possessing prohibited narcotics.

Leung was also charged with possessing a falsified foreign government passport.

Legal representative Karen Beresford did not apply for bail, which was formally refused by Magistrate Les Brennan.

Mr Brennan adjourned the case until December 15 after Crown Prosecutor Joanne Philipson told the court the prosecution needed additional time between hearings as a Cantonese translator may be required.

Outside the court, AFP officers alleged that each of the 624 candles contained 200 grams of ice.

The haul was seized as a result of a joint operation between the Australian Customs Service and the AFP.

The operation is believed to have dismantled the Australian base of an international narcotic smuggling syndicate.

Australian Customs NSW regional director David Collins said outside the court that the outcome of the operation was "very satisfying".
(Hive Bee)
10-22-04 14:18
No 537156
      If there's anything I hate...     

... it's when there aren't any fucking pictures of these large busts. It's fucking wrong.

Jizzy Jizzy Bang Bang
(Hive Bee)
10-22-04 15:54
No 537163
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      Oz Ice bust Images     

Found some good images at the Oz Customs Media images gallery

High resolution images can be found here

One of the candles cut in half, showing the hollowed out section containing the drug 'ice'(2.885 Mb) (

Candles containing the drug 'ice'
(2.541 Mb)

Cardboard boxes filled with candles which were found to have hollowed out sections containing the drug 'ice'
(2.423 Mb)

A Customs officer showing off one of the cardboard boxes filled with candles containing the drug 'ice' (0.797 Mb)

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