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(Hive Bee)
10-23-04 07:17
No 537274
      xanax/ how long in system? please help     

I took two yellow xanax wed night and i have to take a drug test monday,will it show up in the drug test?it will be urine
10-23-04 15:17
No 537303
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      use google..     

20. How long does alprazolam stay in your system once you have stopped taking it? Depending on other drugs you are taking from 24-36 hours. It can be detected in a urine test for up to a week or so depending on the test.
(Hive Bee)
10-28-04 08:41
No 538291
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      I suppose it is rather academic at this point     

Nonetheless, I will add my $2 worth. According to leading benzo researcher Heather Ashton, benzo metabolites can be detected in urine for up to 4 weeks. Alprazolam is one of the shortest acting of the lot, however. Anecdotally though, I have known someone on Ativan (also a short half-life benzo) who had it detected after 6 weeks free. Benzodiazepines are fat soluble.

All of this is probably irrelevant not just because your test should have already passed, but employment drug screens typically (and let me stress that "typically") only test for the NIDA 5. A benzo would turn up on the more expensive 10 panel test not typically used.

As an aside, I would rather someone I love had a crack habit than touch a benzo.

As for people who can't even be bothered to use the correct letter to abbreviate their drug of choice (as in "dewd, i was totally Z'd out on footballs last night"), I guess that's just natural selection.



Ask your doctor if a free sample of prescription Xyrem is right for you.
(Hive Bee)
10-29-04 00:12
No 538390
      WTF did you say?     

As an aside, I would rather someone I love had a crack habit than touch a benzo.

Please feel free to elaborate on this statement. i do beelieve i missed something. i dont ever recall xanax junkies pawning hot stereos for their next football. i do recall the 80's, crack wars, and all the new jack pookies wearing "cracked-out" like a fuckin' fashion accesory. Hypotheticly speaking, if i had to choose my sisters DOC, either 1)xanax or 2)crack... Hmm, if she runs out of xanax she can get a legal refill. if she runs outta crack, she can suck dick on the T to penn station in the afternoons till she turns enough tricks to get a cookie. i guess your right marsilly. crack is exactly what i would choose for my family!!laughlaugh

(Hive Bee)
11-03-04 22:47
No 539516
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      Rock climbers catching some Z's     

i(sic) dont(sic) ever recall xanax(sic) junkies pawning hot stereos for their next football.

Right, beecause when you are starring in "Night of the Z'd Out Dead" running around doing God knows what for God knows what reason (see Post 449568 (humidbeing: "Humid needs to tell about xanax weird shit and....", General Discourse)), you don't even have a plan that fucking coherent. My ex-roommate let some friend crash one night when he said he was drunk but apparently had swallowed a handful of Xannies. Next morning he was gone and had no memory of stealing all kinds of shit from the house. And I mean fucked up shit like a dish drying rack and a broken plastic clock.

And what if you can't or don't want to get that next script? Discontinuation of crack is not considered life-threatening or requiring a long term recovery. Benzo w/d will kill you about as likely as other GABAergics and some benzo users NEVER recover physically from the physical changes caused by dependency.

I'll stop short of saying it would be easier to knock the dick out of your crackhead sister's mouth than it would bee to stabilise a person suffering severe benzo w/d since after all, we are talking about your sister.[she says with a grin which says "just kidding, buddy", but with a bat of the eyelashes that leaves little doubt what a snobby, conceited, stuck-up, spoiled brat, rich bitch, trans-princess she is]



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(Hive Bee)
11-04-04 05:19
No 539595
      im glad you replied...     

cause i thought whatever you said would bee funny as fuck!
i dont deny that xannys make you do some fucked up shit. i done things after eatin a handful of bars that i heard about later that made me wonder why i was still alive. it didnt make me want to steal anything. i think that may bee a disposition independant of the xanax.
that post.. if that shit is real then thats the most fucked up anyone in history has ever been on 3mgs of xanax. i think there are a few inconsistancies (a fucking shitload!) with the story. how many pharms in 2003 keep the oxycontins on the shelf where anyone could find them? fuckin fat chance of that.
I then found a couple of bottles of 80mg oxys And ate about 25 of them.
fuckin right, you were so fucked up on xanax you broke in the pharmacy and found the oxys in the dark, took off the child-proof lid, the foil, and just dry swallowed 25 of em. you could have embellished a little there. you should have said you grabbed the pills and then walked over and got a snapple, even while they were still aiming guns at you, and washed em down after thoughly chewing each one to a fine powder...laugh the lucid-ness of this "adventure" humidbeing says he went on is not consistant with the effects of xanax or any other benzo for that matter. there is more in the mix than a football. id start with some counsiling first. this bee had issues. these are the just afew of the things that lead me to beelieve that this bee is full of horseshit. and another thing, when your a convicted felon facing life, the court system doesnt tend to grant you bail. sorry, this guy is pullin your antenne...
withdrawls i wont deny that benzo withdrawls are the most dangerous and life threating, even more so than severe alcohol withdrawls. i have had benzo withdrawls myself, after a couple years of self induced xanax abuse. i ate them like candy because i used to do lots of coke, literly every night a few bars...frown for a solid year. then i slacked out onthe coke but still liked the xanax. gave me several seziures and really bummed when i lost the connect! so i know first hand what its like. but still, a crackhead? a xanax addiction can be treated by gradualy reducing a dosage to avoid a withdrawl. crack, onthe otherhand, has no physicaly addictive properties whatsoever. that means that if a person wants to quit coke/crack, its totaly up to them. and by the time your a crackhead there is slim to no chance youll ever change, statisticly speaking. it can bee done i suppose.
so without arguing apples and oranges ill say thank you for a good laugh at the expense of this "humidbeing" character and your interesting interpetation on the issue.
so still stick with my original thought that i would choose xanax for my sis, because shell never suck a dick for a bar. or two or three. laugh
i hope humidbeing's fake ass disinformation story is not what you use to defend your decision to choose crack over xanax. that would bee ridiculous. that story is missing a few important details.

Don't you think if I had something intelligent to say, it would bee in my post?
(Hive Bee)
11-06-04 16:01
No 540034
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      ok, I think?     

Glad you enjoyed it. You've convinced me not to become a crackhead. Glad to hear your sis has decided to have cock-sucking standards.



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