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10-23-04 14:27
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      Hooray for Hemp     

Increase in Hemp Products Expected


With the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) deciding not to pursue a case against hemp products, hemp advocates are expecting a boom in the production of consumable products made from the plant, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported Oct. 17.

Hemp is a member of the cannabis family, but doesn't contain enough of the active ingredient THC to get smokers high. Recently, the DEA allowed a deadline to pass in a case appealing a ban on consumable hemp products. The decision marks a significant change to hemp's legal status in the country.

"We were within two days of having to pull our 10 lines of hemp products," said Nancy Casady, general manager of the Ocean Beach People's Market in California. "It took a lot of money and effort to get the government to finally realize we are talking about something quite different from marijuana."

Casady now expects an industry boom in consumable hemp products like cereals, breads, frozen waffles, and other food items. "I predict a big boom in the use of hemp oil and hemp seeds," she said. "Hemp is impervious to pests and doesn't require harmful pesticides. It can grow just about anywhere. It's good for the soil and incredibly useful. Hemp is really a miracle plant when you learn about it."

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