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Law and Order  

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10-23-04 14:36
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      DEA Removes Painkiller Guidelines from Website     

DEA Removes Painkiller Guidelines from Website


Citing misstatements, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has removed a key advisory document on its Office of Diversion Control website that provided guidelines for physicians and law enforcement regarding opioid drugs, the Copley News Service reported Oct. 20.

Pain-control advocates criticized the DEA for removing the "Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Health Care Professionals and Law Enforcement." They said the guidelines assisted physicians who feared prosecution in prescribing powerful drugs like Oxycontin and methadone.

The guidelines were developed over several years by the DEA and other organizations to provide those in the healthcare field with a balanced approach to using opioids.

The DEA is looking to further restrict opioids, while pain-control advocates want broader use of the pain medication.

"DEA wishes to emphasize that the document was not approved as an official statement of the agency and did not and does not have the force and effect of law," the agency said in a statement. "DEA recognizes that the proper use of controlled substances in the treatment of pain remains an extremely important issue. Accordingly, DEA intends to address this matter in the future."

Officials at the University of Wisconsin Pain and Policy Studies Group, which worked to develop the document, were surprised by the DEA's action.

"Our group was co-author with the DEA, and the withdrawal of it was a bit of a surprise," said Jody Garthwaite, spokeswoman for the pain study group. "We were notified by the DEA they were removing it from the website. They did not indicate to us the reasons why."

DEA officials declined to identify the misstatements in the document.

Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.
-Howard Zinn

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10-23-04 20:09
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      Every government employee, especially members...     

Every government employee, especially members of law enforcement organizations should be denied opiate painkillers if they ever need them.
I bet aspirin won't quite cut it if you're suffering from chronic debilitating pain, but that's ok, they wouldn't want it any other way, or would they? Let's see if those affected will change their opinion or not.

BUSH/CHENEY 2004! After all, it ain't my country!

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