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Law and Order  

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10-23-04 14:42
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      Ore. Doctor Loses License Over Medical Marijuana     

Ore. Doctor Loses License Over Medical Marijuana


Dr. Phillip Leveque, 81, an osteopath in Molalla, Ore., has lost his license to practice medicine after regulators determined that he was approving medical-marijuana applications without examining or reviewing patients' medical histories, the Associated Press reported Oct. 21.

In 2002, Leveque was placed on probation for failing to conduct physical exams and a medical-records review before signing medical-marijuana cards. According to investigators, in one case Leveque approved medical marijuana for a 14-year-old girl with a history of depression.

Leveque hosted a cable-access television show in which residents could call to see if their ailment qualified for a medical-marijuana card. He also held large gatherings around the state to examine patients for medical-marijuana applications, and signed medical marijuana applications for people who faxed him a description of their medical illness.

Leveque said he would appeal the Oregon Medical Board's decision. "They can't go after the patients, so they're going after the doctors," he said.

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