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(Hive Addict)
10-26-04 14:08
No 537917
      Cannabis, driving and oral fluid samples     

A step to legal cannabis?

Cannabis and driving: the use of LC–MS to detect Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ9-THC) in oral fluid samples
Forensic Science International
Helena Teixeiraa, b, , , Paula Proençaa, Alice Castanheiraa, Sónia Santosa, Manuel López-Rivadullac, Francisco Corte-Reala, Estela P. Marquesa, and Duarte Nuno Vieiraa,

Cannabis is the most widely used illicit drug in the world. There is strong evidence from performance studies that Δ9-THC has significant effects on the cognitive and psychomotor tasks associated with driving. New, easy and sensitive methods to detect impaired drivers are needed. Therefore, it is necessary the use of alternative biological samples which may be accurate, precise and with trustfully interpretation results. This article presents an LC–MS methodology for detecting Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ9-THC) in oral fluid samples. The mean recovery was 79%, coefficients of variations were between 2.9% and 6.9% and the limits of detection (LOD) and quantitation (LOQ) were 1.0 ng/ml and 2.0 ng/ml, respectively. The method is sensitive, accurate and reproducible and may be utilized in ongoing controlled cannabinoid administration studies and in roadside studies and thus, important for the fields of forensic toxicology.

(Stoni's sexual toy)
10-26-04 20:01
No 537960
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      > A step to legal cannabis? Please explain.     

> A step to legal cannabis?

Please explain.

BUSH/CHENEY 2004! After all, it ain't my country!
(Of Counsel)
10-26-04 21:58
No 537973
      how it helps     

If a standardized test that measured the level of THC in the bloodstream were available, the problems with people driving while stoned could be addressed the same way that people driving while intoxicated on alochol are handled. The justification for criminalizing the substance itself is eroded by the ability to punish the offending conduct its use might present society, thus overcoming some of the objections to decriminalization.

I do not favor decriminalization or legalization of marijuana. I believe that its use should be made legally mandantory. wink

mostly harmless
10-26-04 22:00
No 537976
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      this might be....     

...what jsorex is driving at.'s turtles all the way down!
10-28-04 01:59
No 538228
      Yeah, I know that feeling, after a small hit,...     

Yeah, I know that feeling, after a small hit, you're just floating, I can drive like that no problems, but I've been so stoned that I couldn't take a step without falling, and I probably wouldn't have been able to start a car much less drive it.  Nonetheless this study shows that there should be a threshold just like for DUI.  I agree that this would be a great step towards decriminalization of marijuana because it would alleviate the objections to driving while high, because it would be prosecuted much like DUI.

Trogdor was a man.  A dragon man.  Or maybe just a dragon...
(Hive Bee)
10-28-04 02:05
No 538229
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      Not so simple     

Alcohol causes increased confidence but reduced motor control. Cannabis causes reduced confidence: stoners drive more slowly. Besides, flu causes worse impairment of driving than driving over the UK limit and that isn't illegal. The matter won't be resolved until cars drive themselves.

Are you, or have you ever been a Liberal? YES / NO
(Hive Bee)
10-28-04 13:56
No 538326
      What worries me...     

What worries me is persisting levels of THC in the serum of heavy marijuana smokers. If Swim smokes pot every day, but only drives when acute effects that cause motor impairment are gone, he would still likely test positive on a road side test. 

A test like this would only demonstrate if someone is a marijuana user, not if they are intoxicated at the time of driving. It would definately have to be linked to other road side sobriety tests as well in order to be fair. Still, even if you showed a +ve on the test but could pass a road side sobriety test, you've just let LE know that your a pot smoker.
(Stoni's sexual toy)
10-29-04 07:36
No 538481
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      Correct. That's why this is just another tool...     

Correct. That's why this is just another tool to find and punish pot smokers.

BUSH/CHENEY 2004! After all, it ain't my country!

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