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Law and Order  

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10-26-04 23:59
No 537997

first off, swis hopes this is in the right forum. now would like to tell his short (almost) story.  swis is now in self imposed exile (at undisclosed home).  this comes about after meeting a friend of a long time mutual friend that has the same interest as swis (i.e. unsupervised chemistry).  after a long night of analytical talk in the woods, swis is invited to home of friends friend (hope this isnt getting too confusing yet, cause it could get worse).  anyways, swis is positive that no one else was or is privy to the acts and conversations of that night. (there was positively no conspiracy ((swis knows first hand about that)) or illegal activities).  swis told of his past history and being held hostage by the BOP for a number of yrs, when said friend(?) said he also had been held by the BOP.  to make a loooong story shorter, swis went home and went to sleep (had been up for days), and woke up with a baaaaaad feeling.  swis goes to BOP website to look for inmates past and present, punches in friends(?) name, and guess what?  friend(?) has BOP#, but no release date, and is not in BOP custody!  swis thinks maybe he might be making cases?  swis is certain he did nothing, or talked of anything illegal (except of HIS past, which he has paid for), swis also knows friend(?) uses this site, but unsure under what name.  swis question is, does anybee know what it means to have a BOP#, but not in their custody, with no release date?  in swis eyes, friends(?) house was a walking, talking, breathing lab, with no locks on doors (unless you call a bathroom door lock a lock) with a neon sign outside! (swis knows, he should not have been there, but his wife was hot, and he wanted to know how the story ended).  oh yeah, and he thinks swis slept with his wifeblush, which further concerns swis, cause he didntmad, or did hewink?  could swis have been dreaming?  swis is worried cause he always gets the girl in his dreams!cool please help!!!

may the meth godz smile upon me or i shall sleep long time
(Hive Bee)
10-27-04 14:01
No 538104
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If you think that he may be privied to some of that information that doesn't need to known.  Then I would run a background check on him.  I know it seems a little far but if he was in prison he will not have reference records(credit)possibly- from there plus it will list all his felonies for which he was in prison.  I think this would help you sleep better if you seen for yourself he does have and did do what he says he did.

# Projected Release Date: A result of "UNKNOWN" can mean several things. For instance, the inmate's sentence may not have been computed, or the inmate may not have come to trial. In addition, even if a projected release date does exist, it may indicate the date the individual is released to another jurisdiction, or to another sentence of imprisonment - not the date the inmate will be released to the community.
# Date Released: The inmate is no longer in BOP custody, but may still be on parole or some other type of correctional supervision, or in the custody of some other jurisdiction.

I took the one less traveled by,And that has made all the difference.
10-27-04 16:19
No 538117
      supervised release     

swis also kinda remembers him saying he just got off "supervised release", which swis knows all so well, since he "caught" his case in 1988.  swis cant remember exactly when "old law" i.e. parole ect.  went out, around '82 swis thinks, but with "new law",there is no parole, just "supervised release"  which is in essence another sentence tacked onto your prison time!  my point being, if he just got off supervised release, his debt should have been paid, and there should be some record there.  if swis punches in his name or BOP number, he gets the date he was released, in his case jan '95.  swis thinks he will shell out a few bucks for a background check, but doubts if he will sleep better. if you can think of anything else it would be appreciated!

may the meth godz smile upon me or i shall sleep long time

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