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Law and Order  

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(Hive Bee)
10-27-04 15:41
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      Drug dealer wins tax break     

Drug dealer wins tax break battle

Convicted drug dealer Frank La Rosa, who claimed a tax deduction for $220,000 he lost on an illegal drug deal, yesterday won his final battle with the taxman when the High Court refused to hear an appeal against him.

Mr La Rosa, a heroin, cocaine and amphetamines dealer in the 1990s, rose to prominence two years ago when The West Australian revealed the Administrative Appeals Tribunal approved the deduction.

The 56-year-old grandfather had earlier been hit with a tax assessment demanding he pay tax on the $440,000 it claimed he earned in the 1994-95 financial year. The assessment was made using court records, estimations and the Australian Taxation Office's own investigations.

But Mr La Rosa claimed that $220,000 was stolen from him during a drug deal that went wrong, so he should not be taxed on it. The tribunal agreed.

Appeals to the Federal Court and the Full Bench of the Federal Court by the Taxation Commissioner failed and yesterday a beaming Mr La Rosa jumped with joy and hugged lawyer Robert O'Connor QC when told the High Court had refused to hear another appeal.

Outside court, he said drug dealers should be looked at in the same way as any other wage earner. There was no reason he shouldn't be able to claim a deduction.

"The drug dealer is trying to make a living like everybody else, OK, maybe the wrong way," he said. "If the tax office wants to classify drug dealing as a business and they want a cut of their taxation money, why not?"

A spokeswoman for Treasurer Peter Costello said he was disappointed that the court ruled deductions for losses incurred in earning illegal income were allowed.

"The Government will seek to amend the legislation to prevent such losses being allowed as deductions," the spokeswoman said. Justice Minister Chris Ellison said it was unacceptable that someone could gain a benefit from drug dealing. He refused to be drawn on whether the proceeds of crime should be taxed in the first place, but said it was his job to make sure crime did not pay. He would look at legislative change.

Mr La Rosa, of Alexander Heights, said the ruling would not change his situation. He still owed more than $1 million in tax and penalties and, as a pensioner, there was no way he could pay the bill.

"The taxation department has wasted millions of dollars to get to this point for nothing," he said. "They have hounded me since 1996 and they are still hounding me."

Mr La Rosa was jailed for 12 years in 1996 for being knowingly concerned in the importation of heroin and possessing heroin, cocaine and amphetamines.

He has been a constant in the court system since then.

Littlejase       smile

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(Hive Addict)
10-28-04 13:20
No 538321
      fuck aus is cool sometimes....     

fuck aus is cool sometimes.... thats a classic.

But Mr La Rosa claimed that $220,000 was stolen from him during a drug deal that went wrong, so he should not be taxed on it. The tribunal agreed.

Hahahahahaha cool


Its just my opinion, but no-one listens to me anyway, and rightly so...

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