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10-28-04 01:57
No 538227
      DXM Extraction Q's     

Hi Fellow Bees,

Disclaimer: I'm a total newb at this stuff

I extracted DXM from cough syrup using an A/B extraction. I got a yield of 62% (I think) and want to refine my process.

I started out with cough syrup containing dxm hbr, and basified using ammonia (1:1 liquid amount of syrup/ammonia), extracted using naptha. I then washed the naptha a couple times with warm water, then bubbled hcl through it and filtered and washed the preciptated dxm hcl.

Q1: Basifying - Using 1:1 ammonia makes for a lot of fluid. How can I tell how much I really need? Should I use sodium hydroxide instead?

Q2: I used the beer bottle bubbler w/sulfuric acid drain cleaner and hardware store hcl. I didn't have any way to dry the gas. Does it really matter that much? would I not see any water 'bubbles' in the np if the hcl gas introduced moisture?

Q3: Is it possible to over gas the np? I gas it until I see hcl gas coming out of the np.

I didn't cool/re-gas the np after the extraction, I'll try that next time.

Q4: Is there the same amount of dxm in an equivalent weight of dxm hbr and dxm hcl?
Thanks and sorry for my first post being a plea for help wink
10-31-04 08:11
No 538880
      thats cool     

i dont know ,sorry, trying to make agent lemon? maybee has some more information, i was getting ready to do the dxm extraction, by a step by step procedure, i may have found on rhodium, maybee not, sorry i am no help, good luck ,may your expierment bee sucessfull!!

i love the dxm trips!
10-31-04 09:27
No 538894
      SWIM has had OK results basifing wiht Ammonia...     

SWIM has had OK results basifing wiht Ammonia (1:1) then washing w/ Naptha (10% of total vol.) however after evap. of Naptha SWIM gets goop, not the powder SWIM was promised. SWIM doesnt want goop (tho it is very fun goop), SWIM wants powder. SWIM can still mix said goop w/ lemon juice and make what is essentially agent lemon, but this tastes like dick^2 (as agent lemon should SWIM guesses) SWIM's gonna attempt a NaOH/filtration method tomorrow, SWIM will let you know how that goes. keep SWIM posted so to speak and (s)he will do like-wise, between the two of you theres no reason not to bee able got this bitch up and yeilding cool

    Also SWIM wants some info about the alleged DXM>DXO reation that is supposed to make my hard earned DXM almost useless over night. SWIM is aware that DXO is the metabolite of DXM. However, SWIM does not see any reason why it would metabolize outside my body (i.e. in SWIM's freezer, or elsewhere really) Perhapse people are experianceing the phenominon w/ DXM that isnt bonded to Hbr or HCl. So SWIM needs some help on that one if any one has it. Thanks.
(Hive Bee)
11-01-04 00:38
No 538985
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MakoEyes: As I understand it, you basify the DXM.HBr in the cough syrup, extract the freed DXM with naptha, and evaporate. And you are left with the freebase.
What about washing the cough syrup wiith naptha a coouple of times, then basify with ammonia and extract with naptha, and gas with dry HCl to get DXM.HCl?

Just a thought...

Pharmboy: The salts have different weights:

dextromethorphan hydrohloride 307.86 g/mol
dextromethorphan hydrobromide 352.31 g/mol

So you get less DXM (only 0.8738x the original weight) if you convert the HBr into the HCl salt, and you have to consider the mechanical losses during A/B...

11-01-04 01:05
No 539001
      plastic dxm     

oh yeah, i enjoy delsym, if u havent heard of it, its the best cough syrup i think tastes like oranges and its chem is dextromethoraphan polystirex(is equal to 30mg of dextromethoraphan hydrobromide per 5mL tsp)better than robo
11-02-04 17:48
No 539232
      indole: So you are saying that if I started...     


So you are saying that if I started with 750mg of DXM HBR and ended up with 500mg of DXM HCL that I have even less than a 66% efficient extraction?

I was able to succesfully get DXM HCL (yay) from syrup with ammonia / naptha then bubble HCL gas and clean/dry the precipitate, but at a poor yield (62%).

Do I need to adjust the dosage of the DXM HCL to get the same effect as DXM HBR?

11-06-04 02:26
No 539952
      cince HCl has less mass than HBr you do need...     

cince HCl has less mass than HBr you do need to adjust your dose (you need less HCl than HBr to get kickin'wink) sounds like you have alot of mechanical losses... Here is what SWIM did over the weekend:

1) basify 437 ml (16 oz) with an equal ammount of ammonia (i wasnt happy with red devil) in a plastic bottle (shake for about 30-40 sec)
2) add 88 ml of Non-polar solivent (Naptha...) shake for 5 min
3) Poured mixture into ziplock plastic baggie, seperated drained off bottem and top layer setting aside top layor in a fresh bottle and poring the bottem back into the used plasic bottle (when you drain off the bottem layor do it somewhere ventelated or where noone minds the smell of cat piss)
4) repeated step 2-3 with 1/2 (44 ml) the ammount of NP and agian with 1/4 (22 ml) placed all of these fractions in the same plastic bottle  (the fresh one) then discarded the extracted red cat piss (ammonia) smelling substance
5) then add an equal ammount of DISTILLED water in the bottle with the NP shook for 5 min or so then discarded water via plastic bag method above.
6) colected NP in a beaker and set up a pseudo-ghetto style HCl generator with salt/Hydrocloric acid (muratic acid) (this was done with 2 Sobe bottles, some tubing, some caulking and some tape, 1 bottle contained the salt/HCl acid the other contained DampRid pellets, put the tubing from the salt/HCl bottle all the way in the bottem of the Damp rid bottle and ran annother tube from the top, the two bottles were then taped together for ease of use) once i got some gas commign out of my tubing i plunged it into the NP and watched it get cloudy/uncloudy/cloudy/uncloudy till it stayed cloudy.
then i poured the gassed NP into a pyrex baking dish and poped it in the oven on lowest temp for the night, when i returned the solution had evaporated and i scraped it up w/ a razor blade and caped it 175 mg ea (i got some Vcaps form the health food store)

this gave me a ~80% yeild and is suitable to get 4 people to plataeu 1-2 or 2 people to sigma plataeu (take 1 cap then take the other 45 min later, also grink some grate fruit juice before hand)
now its time to make some GHB (weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)
(give me feedback on my procedure plz)

"He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man." Dr. Johnson
11-06-04 04:02
No 539971
      DXM Extraction     

Yeah I had some mechanical losses. I was dissapointed with the  yield, but I was unsure about the weight of the salts. I got 2.9 grams of HCL powder from 6 bottles of 3mg/ml 250ml syrups. After calculating the difference in weight of the salts it is much better though.

There was a total of 4500mg of DXM HCL in the syrup. I ended up with 2900mg of powder (which I now know should be equivalent of 3932mg DXM HBR which is 87% extraction. Thats much better.

I also made a few mistakes that impacted the yield. Next time I will try to minimize those further.

My process was similar to yours, but I only extracted once from the syrup (after extraction the syrup was completely red/clear - no cloudyness so I decided I wouldn't get anything else out of it). I also washed the np twice with hot distilled water with a tablespoon of ammonia (to make sure it stayed basic).

I used sulphuric/hydrochloric acid for my bubbler, but didn't have a drying method. I'll tackle this for next time.

Do you think that makes a difference? If there was any moisture carried by the gas woudln't I see it as small bubbles in the np?
(Hive Bee)
11-06-04 16:14
No 540036
      you can     

buy 15mg pills if you look about and they arnt expensive.
11-06-04 19:51
No 540051
      yes im sure thats true, but im not interested...     

yes im sure thats true, but im not interested in other ingrediants (active or otherwise), what i am interested in is beefing up my skills and using my head, not just buying something.

"We were on Bob Hopes turf..."
(Hive Bee)
11-06-04 20:05
No 540054
      i think     

r2e3 was implying that you try extracting the pills instead of the liquid syrup. its probably a cheaper route than syrup and probably a cleaner extraction anyways.

Don't you think if I had something intelligent to say, it would bee in my post?
(Hive Bee)
11-09-04 00:38
No 540520

your reagents - or get the real thing ... easest is best in my book

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