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Law and Order  

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10-29-04 01:15
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      France: french law about drugs and drugs-like     

in france law is very clear:

some compounds are illegal, you can go to jail for only having some.

but designer drugs are not really legal because you cannot sell or give a product which have similar properties as illegal compounds (hallucinogenic, stimulant, and/or relaxant), you can go to jail for giving or selling even non-active compounds, saying that they are active...
so: you can go to jail too for selling ephedrine in low quantities because it is stimulant whereas in france you can buy some pseudoeph at the pharmstore without medical order (non listed medication)
for the ephedrine: selling it in the caps saying that it comes from the pharmstore you can go to jail for 2years whereas selling it in powder, in same quantities you can go to jail for 10 years (in the 1st case you risk because you sell medication without being pharmacist, in the second case you risk because you sell compound which has similar properties as illegal drugs)
finally in France you wont risk anything producting and consuming ALone things like methphentermine, but if someone says you have sold or given him some, you can go to jail for 10years...

I guess in many countries there is similar law about selling drugs-like compounds
(Hive Bee)
10-29-04 06:20
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You forgot to mention that people in France usually don't care that much about the Law and the Government tongue

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(Hive Bee)
10-30-04 21:36
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      Not so in UK     

As I understand the UK law, substances have to be explicitly classified to be controlled. The classification is extremely broad so that almost everything is covered. I can see the European situation becoming more inclusive and oppressive.

The French have a refreshing attitude to authority c.f. Les Anglais. Vive la France.

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(Hive Bee)
10-31-04 02:43
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      it goes toward intent...     

even here in the US, you can bee arressted for selling soap that looks like crack. same for the "stashish" and "inda-kind" if you knowingly try to sell as marijuana. on the same line, if you get busted with pills and know what they are and tell the police what they are, thats your charge. like if someone got popped with fake MDMA pills, and they admitted they thought they were X, even after they tested negative for MDA/MDMA you would still bee charged with possession of MDMA. it might not withstand in court if you have a decent lawyer, but the public pretender isnt gonna catch that one. it has to do with intent and state of mind.


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