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(Hive Addict)
10-30-04 02:51
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      Biosynthesis of LSd
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Does anyone know where to find some information on selecting a yeast strain that could perform the task of diethlyating LSA From BHWR.  I'm prety sure it could be pulled off.  I am positve that clevis used to preoduce lsd befor e all the  uv destroyed it.  Any way any infor in that direction would be fine thank you

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(Hive Bee)
11-04-04 04:07
No 539582
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The only material I've ever seen about biosynthesis of LSD used a suspended culture of ergot (Claviceps purpura), and weighted the nutrient with precursors of ergotamine (I think, but it was def one of the lysegic acid amide alkaloids that involved amide substitution), but so that instead of the group(s) that would have been substituted into the amide, the nutrients were weighted in favour of formation of the diethylamide (i recall ut involved adding amino acids as the substrate for the diethylamide).

I can't remember any yield figures, but it was sucessful in producing LSD as an "artificial" alkaloid. I don't suppose that you have to get much of a yield to make it worthwile, but its separation from the organic soup would require a lot of time and effort

That is right, the Mascara Snake: Fast and bulbous
(Hive Bee)
11-08-04 20:50
No 540474
      FastandB :-S , refs on that if you could?     

FastandBcrazy, refs on that if you could? Sounds a bit far fetched but interesting.
11-10-04 20:09
      Hey now,
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